Think & Become Rich by John Assaraf [Learn How to Build Wealth At Any Age]

think-and-become-rich-by-john-assaraf 01.11.2022

What’s the biggest thing standing between you and greater wealth & success? It’s typically you! After working with over 100,000 entrepreneurs, John Assaraf discovered that there are 3 “secrets” to achieve any goal faster – with a lot less stress. Do you want to know these secrets?   Do you want the confidence to finally … Read more

Manifesting Weight Loss [Learn How to Do It Effectively]

how to manifest weight loss

Article at a Glance The article focuses on the concept of manifesting weight loss, the idea that one can achieve their desired weight through positive thinking and visualization. It discusses the power of the mind and how manifestation can be used to achieve weight loss goals. The article offers tips and strategies for successfully manifesting … Read more

Biblical Meaning of Numbers in Dreams [Numerology]


Article at a Glance The article discusses the use of numerology in dreams from a Biblical standpoint. It states that one in every five Bible verses contains a number, and numerology is a reflection of the universal language of mathematics. The article explains that numbers can appear in dreams in different ways and that if … Read more

Tapping World Summit 2023 [Here’s Why You Should Attend]


If you’ve never tried EFT before but you’ve heard that it is a very effective self-help technique that can help you improve your life on the mental and physical levels, then it’s a great time to start learning it now during the Tapping World Summit. And if you already know EFT and have been using … Read more

59 Positive Affirmations For Mental Health That Will Make You Feel Better


Mental health encompasses many aspects of our lives, including our emotional, psychological and social well-being. When our mental health is good, we make healthy decisions, cultivate positive relationships and have the ability to weather challenges. When we are experiencing imbalances in our mental health, the opposite is true. Mental health disorders can cause problems in … Read more

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Rats [Christian Rat Symbolism]


Article at a Glance The article discusses the Biblical meaning of rats in dreams, which has evolved over the centuries. Rats were previously associated with disease and were responsible for the Black Death. The article also provides possible interpretations of dreams about rats for Christians, such as killing rats representing victory over enemies, dreaming of … Read more

Full Moon Meditation Script [12-minute Guided Meditation]

full moon Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Full Moon Meditation Script Welcome to this full moon meditation… This session can be done at any time you wish, even under the full moon itself… if the moon is not full, simply imagine it as so… First, if the moon is full tonight, find a location where you can see the moon while lying … Read more

The Foot Chakra [How to Activate the Chakras in Your Feet]

energy centers of the body

Article at a Glance The article discusses the foot chakras, which are energy points located in the soles of the feet that connect us with the earth. The qualities of the foot chakras are closely connected with those of the root chakra, and they work alongside each other to harness earthly energy and create a … Read more

Grounding Meditation Script [15-minute Guided Meditation]

grounding meditation script image

Grounding Meditation Script Welcome to this grounding meditation. Today you focus on connecting to mother earth below. So make sure you are in a very comfortable position, in a place where you can fully enjoy your time. It is best if you have your feet planted on the floor without shoes or socks for this … Read more

Gratitude Meditation Script [20-minute Guided Meditation]


  Gratitude Meditation Script Welcome to this relaxing session focusing on gratitude. Get into a very comfortable, seated position either on a chair or on the floor. Sit so that you are completely at ease and pain free for the duration of this session… Take your time getting comfortable… and when you are ready elongate … Read more

36 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety & Social Anxiety

affirmations for anxiety

Article at a Glance The article discusses the benefits of affirmations in controlling anxiety levels. The article provides examples of affirmation practices, such as repeating affirmations every morning or night, writing them down, saying them out loud, or recording them. The benefits of affirmations include increasing awareness of negative thought patterns, enhancing feelings of confidence … Read more

Brainwave Entrainment Programs For Relaxation & Meditation


Below you will read about 6 brainwave entrainment products that may help you in meditation, sleep, relaxation and more. 1. Brain Evolution System 2. Zen12 & Brain Salon 3. Profound Meditation Program 3.0 4. Deep Delta and Deep Recovery Brainwave entrainment is one of the easiest ways to gain a better focus on the task … Read more

Hypnosis Scripts [Anxiety, Insomnia, Weight Loss, Relaxation]


​Hypnosis Programs You Might Want to Try Out ​Hypnosis Bootcamp – Law of Attraction/Brain Power/Weight Loss/Health/Confidence To learn more about Hypnosis Bootcamp click here. ​​Hypnosis Live – Browse over 200 self-hypnosis MP3 audio downloads ​To learn more about Hypnosis Live click here. ​Hypnosis For Anxiety ​Hypnosis Script For Anxiety Welcome to this relaxing session to … Read more

Self-Love Journey [How to Love Yourself More]


Cultivating self-love is crucial for leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Though, embarking on a self-love journey can be challenging, it is an essential step towards living a meaningful life. It is vital to understand that self-love is a gradual process that requires time, effort, and perseverance. It cannot be attained overnight and necessitates dedication, … Read more

Self-Love Poems To Remind You About Loving Yourself More


A person learns how to love himself through the simple acts of loving and being loved by someone else. Haruki Murakami I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. Brené Brown If we want to lead a healthy and fulfilling life … Read more

Chakra Meditation Script [19-minute Guided Meditation]

7 chakras of human body

A Trauma-sensitive Online Course to Build Resilience and Thrive During Stress You may also be interested in: 1. Gratitude Meditation Script 2. Guided Morning Meditation 3. Grounding Meditation Script 4. Self-Love Meditation Script   7 Chakra Balancing Meditation Script Crown Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra), Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root … Read more

1444 Angel Number Meaning [What Angels Are Telling You?]

1444 angel number meaning

Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe. – Eileen Elias Freeman Article at a Glance Angel number 1444 is a message from the divine realm urging you to stay positive in life. This combination of two powerful numbers (1 and 4) represents growth, optimism, and insight. Seeing 1444 frequently … Read more

955 Angel Number [What Does It Mean When You See It?]

955 angel number meaning symbolism love twin flames

The more that you trust and believe in angels, the more they will pour their blessings upon you. – Denise Linn To find your angels… Start trusting your inner voice and intuition – Melanie Beckler Have you ever wondered if certain numbers have a symbolic meaning? Well, the truth is that they do. Angels use … Read more

How to Use a Planner Effectively [Tips For Beginners]


A planner is a great way to get organized, manage your time and make sure you’re on track for long-term goals. For those who feel overwhelmed by the idea of tracking their to-dos, a planner can provide structure, guidance, and an easy-to-follow path to accomplishing tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the basics … Read more


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