7 Lucid Dreaming Tips To Help You Find Success

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Lucid dreaming is one of the most powerful ways for your mind to process difficult information, release stress, and even provide higher levels of enjoyment during your resting time. It isn’t always easy to establish a lucid dream, however, because when we dream, those dreams seem just as real as real life does!

These 7 lucid dreaming tips will help you work toward the success you’re seeking so that you can have a powerful lucid dream yourself.

Lucid Dreaming Tip #1: Utilize Brainwave Entrainment

[quote]Brainwave Entrainment is any practice that aims to cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce sleep), usually attempted with the use of specialized software. Via Wikipedia[/quote]

Your mind is like a tuning fork. It stays in tune once its struck, but it is its own tune. Brainwave entrainment is like adding a second tuning fork to the mental mix! Because your mind will tune itself to the frequencies that are around it, these entrainment tools will help your mind create the necessary conditions for a lucid dream to begin. There are several great brainwave entrainment products out on the market today, but one of the best is the Brain Evolution System.

[quote]The Brain Evolution System uses a highly specialized audio process to create sounds that assist in achieving advanced states of meditation. Via brainev.com[/quote]

Lucid Dreaming Tip #2: Take Time To Daydream

When you were a kid, did you ever sit at your desk in school and imagine that you were anywhere but there? Did you conjure up an imaginative world where you could do what you wanted, whenever you wanted to do it, and it was all geared toward having fun? I used to do that all the time in school because I was bored… to… death! I’d be done before everyone else, so I’d daydream about being in the story of a book I’d recently read.

As adults, we haven’t lost the ability to daydream… we just don’t take the time to do it any more, do we? That’s why this is one of the most powerful lucid dreaming tips there is! Set aside 20 minutes during a break in the day, find a quiet place, and simply let your mind imagine a brand new world. If nothing else, you’re giving yourself a quiet, stress-free break that will let you wind down some from a tough day.

Lucid Dreaming Tip #3: Take Time to Record Your Dreams In Some Way

One of the biggest obstacles that people face about dreams is that they don’t often remember them. It’s like trying to take a digital photograph of a ghost. You might get a few whispers of an image here and there, but most of what you get is just a fleeting reminder of the dream instead of the specific details and sensations that you encountered.

The more you journal and record your dreams in some way, the more you’ll condition your mind to remember dream details so that you can record them later. This is one of the lucid dream tips you just can’t ignore – the more you journal, the more you’ll condition your mind to remember. It can be through video blogging, a diary by your bed, or any other method that helps you get the information down somewhere.

Lucid Dreaming Tip #4: Imagine Entering a Dream You’ve Had Previously

When I was 6 years old, I had an incredible dream that involved Smurfs, vampires, and an unlimited supply of Skittles. I woke up from that dream and thought it was the coolest thing ever! It was so vivid, so detailed, and so unique that to this day, I still visualize that dream sometimes… and can have it again occasionally. When you imagine entering a dream you’ve had before, what you’re doing is combining visualization exercises with affirmation exercises. You are believing that you can have this dream again and you are picturing yourself having it. It doesn’t have to involve Smurfs and Skittles either!

Lucid Dreaming Tip #5: Eat Strange Foods Outside of Your Routine

Some of the most vivid dreams I’ve had came because of either a change in medication or because I ate something I normally wouldn’t eat. Now taking meds unless you get them from your doctor is not the best idea, but eating unusual foods is something that can be done every day! If you don’t like spicy food, try eating a powerful curry or pad thai for dinner. If you like Cajun food, eat some Southern soul food for a change.

Why make changes in the diet? Foods are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can have a powerful effect on the body. When you eat something you’re not used to eating, you get a different combination of nutrients and this change can cause vivid, powerful dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Tip #6: Focus on the Small Details of Life

There are so many things that we ignore in our daily lives because we’ve developed tunnel vision. We’ve got to get to work on time, or we’ve got to get dinner cooked by a specific time, or we’ve got company coming over and we need to get the house cleaned. We hurry and rush around and only take in the macro details of the life that we have! That’s why taking the time to focus on the small details of life, the micro moments that make life special, is so important.

Why is this one of the top lucid dreaming tips? By focusing on these small details, what you’re really doing is creating a reality check for yourself. You’re seeing the very “realness” of a specific item as you closely examine it. As you develop the habit of doing this, you’ll notice that you can begin doing this in your dreams as well. Once you recognize that the “realness” of an object in your dream doesn’t match reality, you’ll be dreaming lucidly!

Lucid Dreaming Tip #7: When All Else Fails, Set Your Alarm For an Odd Hour

The whole point of a lucid dream is to engage your conscious mind and encourage it to have a fruitful relationship with your subconscious mind. If you’re struggling to have a lucid dream, it could be that your conscious mind just isn’t fully aware as you’re sleeping. To engage your mind, set your alarm for a strange hour to force yourself awake. You’ll be tired, but make sure you get out of bed for at least a few minutes to engage your mind. Then head back to bed, let yourself get back to sleep, and see what happens!

These lucid dreaming tips can help you engage your subconscious mind and have the most vivid, intense, and fruitful dreams you’ve ever had! Try them today to see what your next lucid dream could be!

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