63 Affirmations For Letting Go of Fear, Anger, Your Past & More

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The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. ― Steve Maraboli

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t. ― Steve Maraboli

Most people have a really hard time with letting go of anything be it emotions or material things. Some people love to hoard stuff and others love to hoard emotions, usually negative emotions such as resentment, jealousy, anger, regrets.

For some reason it’s easier for us to hold on to things than to release them. Why do we do it? Probably because we feel that if we forget about something it will mean that what happened was unimportant, it had no meaning to us.

For example you may not want to forget about an old relationship and start a new one because it might mean for you that the old relationship was nothing serious, was unimportant and you don’t want to lessen this experience. Of course it doesn’t have to be true, but this is how people see it and that’s why they’re reluctant to let go and move on. 

Another thing that stops us from letting go and moving on is fear. We’re afraid of change. People quickly get used to what they have, e.g. a job and don’t want to change it out of fear that they may regret it later.  

A lot of times however holding on to something causes greater pain than letting go of it. Does it make sense to be angry with someone for a long time? Who is hurting more when you’re angry with someone: you or the person you’re angry with?

Letting go and moving on is liberating because you give yourself a chance to start again.

What can you try to let go of? Past experiences which are not serving you now, control over something, emotional pain, vision for the future, old relationships, job etc.

There are many different methods which can help you let go of everything that you no longer need in your life such as old emotions, negative behaviors, habits and thoughts.

I’m sure EFT and hypnosis would be helpful here but we’re going to focus on affirmations which have the power to change your mindset, reshape the way you think and feel.    


How can you use the affirmations below?

Pick a few affirmations which you like and write them down in a notebook or in a journal. 

Each day rewrite the affirmations that you’ve chosen. (Some people prefer saying them aloud rather than writing, but it’s best to do both.) 

Read them out loud to yourself at least twice a day or more often if you wish.

As you are writing or saying the affirmations aloud make sure that you feel that what you are saying or writing is true. You should believe that whatever you want to let go of – you can do it! 

Alternatively, create your own letting go affirmations. It’s a great idea because you yourself know best what is going to work for you.   

Affirmations For Letting Go

1. I accept the failures of the past and live in the present free of their burden. 

2. I let go of my worries.

3. I let go of my guilt.

4. I let go of my negativity. 

5. I let go of my regrets.

6. I let go of my frustration.

7. I let go of my helplessness.

8. I let go of my sadness.

9. I let go of my jealousy.

10. I let go of my anger.  

11. I let go of my resentment 

Affirmations For Letting Go of Someone

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It’s not easy to let go of some people to whom we still feel attached be it a friend or a loved one, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do in order to move forward in life.

12. I am grateful that he/she appeared in my life, but now it’s time to move on. 

13. I say goodbye to old relationships that didn’t serve me and I’m open to new relationships. 

14. Letting go of people who I don’t want in my life any more is easy for me. 

15. I’m ready to move on my own.  

16. I am ready to invite a new person into my life. 

17. I’m not afraid to let him/her go and start a new relationship. 

18. I’m going to start a new chapter in my life but with different people. 

19. If he/she doesn’t want me in their lives it’s better to let them go. 

20. I can let go of anyone and anything that is a threat to my well-being. 

21. I am no longer attached to people from my past. 

22. I erase from my mind all bad relationships.

Affirmations For Letting Go of Control

let go of control affirmations

We’re too often trying to be perfectionists and want to have control over everything that is going on in our lives. This leads to stress, frustration, self-hatred and anger. You need to understand that you’re not always able to fully control everything all the time. Sometimes you need to let go. 

23. I don’t have to control everything. It’s gonna be fine. 

24. Nothing bad will happen when I let go of control.

25. It’s the right thing to rely on others and delegate tasks. 

26. I’m calm and happy even if not everything is under my control. 

27. It’s OK to let other people do some things for me.

28. By choosing to release the need to control everything in my life, I choose peace of mind. 

29. I’m certain that things will work out even if I don’t control everything.

30. I accept the fact that I cannot change some things.  

Affirmations For Letting Go of the Past

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Who is not attached to the past? I think we’re all living in the past to some degree and we can’t or don’t want to release that past. We either made some mistakes in our past and would love to fix them now somehow or we regret that we didn’t do something better when we had a chance.

31. I won’t change anything that happened in the past. Today is what counts. 

32. I don’t care about the past because I have a great future ahead of me. 

33. The past is the past. I’m letting go of it. 

34. I dropped old habits and ways of thinking. My past has no influence on me. 

35. I leave behind the old and embrace the new. 

36. The past has no power over me. 

37. My past mistakes belong to the past. 

38. I am ready to release the past and move on with my life. 

39. I’m ready to let go of the past and forget all my mistakes. 

40. I refuse to live in the past and that’s why I look only into the future. 

41. I set myself free from the burden of my past.  

42. I forgive myself all my past mistakes. I start again with a clean slate. 

43. I close this chapter of my life and I start a new one.   

Affirmations For Letting Go of Anger

We harbor anger much too long, sometimes for years. And we often don’t even stop for a moment to notice that by hating or feeling anger we’re doing a disservice to ourselves, we’re destroying ourselves. So, isn’t it better to try to release anger once and for all? I know it may be difficult, but if you care about your own well-being this is exactly what you should do.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

44. I am calm and peaceful now. What a great feeling!

45. My anger has no control over me. 

46. Even though I feel anger sometimes I refuse to act on it. 

47. Whenever I feel anger I start to breathe deeply and release it.  

48. I don’t let anger influence my actions and behavior. 

49. I let go of anger by thinking about something pleasant and counting from 20 to 1.  

50. I remain unaffected by anger as I am a very peaceful person. 

51. I mastered the art of letting go of anger.

52. I remain calm in every situation and let anger melt away. 

53. I release all anger and destructive thoughts.  

Affirmations For Letting Go of Fear

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It is fear that is holding us back from making important decisions in life. We could achieve a lot more, but we’re afraid that something may go wrong and as a result most often we do nothing. We need to work on suppressing our fears so that they don’t have such a big influence on our lives. 

54. I don’t let fear control my decisions. 

55. I release all my fears. I feel safe. 

56. I let go of all the fears that were stopping my progress in the past. 

57. I am strong and won’t let fear decide about my future.

58. Fear can’t stop me from moving forward in life. 

59. I let go of fear and anxiety and do what is necessary in order to achieve my goal.

60. I make my fears burst like a soap bubble. 

61. I say no to my fears because I deserve to be free from them. 

62. I observe the fear but don’t react to it. I let it flow through me. 

63. I overcome fear by acknowledging it and still doing what needs to be done.  

Before you go …

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