37 Affirmations For Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance That You Should Start Using Today

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Affirmations are short sentences repeated regularly whose goal is to increase positivity and strengthen a particular belief. They are supposed to improve certain aspects of our lives.

Affirmations can be based around many different themes such as prosperity, family, anxiety, love, inner strength and many more.

We repeat affirmations in order to reprogram our subconscious mind and create a desired reality for ourselves. They help us to consciously be in control of our thoughts.

By repeating what we want to believe we train our mind to look for evidence in the world around us that what we’re saying is actually true, this way making the desired belief true.

How to Use Affirmations So That They Have a Potential to Change Your Life?

It’s best to repeat affirmations daily. Probably the most suitable time for saying affirmations is the morning and then anytime during the day when you feel that saying them either aloud or in your mind may be helpful to you.  

In order to remember about repeating your affirmations you can use sticky notes and place them in different spots in the house: on the refrigerator, on the computer screen, on the mirror in the bathroom or living room … just anywhere that you will see them often.

You can probably also use your smartphone for reminding you about repeating affirmations.

Do you know that affirmations can work well with subliminal messages? Check out this article about how subliminals work.

Should You Repeat All These Affirmations Daily?

Of course not. Maybe you shouldn’t even repeat any of the affirmations presented below. Why?

Because they may not work for you, they may not resonate with you. You may even think that some of them are ridiculous given your current situation.

If now you can hardly make ends meet then probably you don’t want to say “I am wealthy and share my money with others”. However “I deserve to be prosperous and have a lot of money” might be a better choice in such a case.  

I encourage you to create your own affirmations that mean something to you and carry an emotional weight, then they are the most effective.

Prosperity, wealth and abundance are something that we all want.  However just muttering affirmations is not effective. First you have to believe in them and then you need to maintain the right attitude.

Remember to be grateful, don’t be ashamed to ask for more, dream big, don’t make excuses and be certain that you deserve it!

1. There’s nothing wrong in being wealthy and successful. 

2. I dream big and always receive what I desire. 

3. I’m certain there is enough money in the world for everyone to be wealthy. 

4. Prosperity that I’m experiencing has a big and positive impact on my life. 

5. It’s easy to attract money. 

6. I earn good money doing what I love. 

7. I am wealthy and share my money with others.  

8. I’m changing my scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. 

9. I am grateful for all abundance in my life and ask for more. 

10. Life offers me a lot of wealth. I am always open to receiving it. 

11. It feels really great to know that I’m financially secure.   

12. I am well paid for the work that I do. 

13. I am experiencing financial abundance and prosperity. 

14. Money comes to me with ease, I don’t even have to try hard. 

15. I am living a life of prosperity and abundance.  

16. All my current actions are creating prosperity for me.  

17. Prosperity is drawn to me every day. 

18. Thank you Universe for abundant gifts you’re sending my way every day. 

19. Thanks to abundance I change not only my own life but also the lives of those around me. 

20. I am grateful for all that life is giving me every day. 

21. I am a money magnet. 

22. I’m releasing all limiting beliefs that I have about money and being wealthy. 

23. My everyday life is filled with the energy of abundance, wealth and prosperity. 

24. I’m able to achieve any financial goal I set my mind to. 

25. My dreams about prosperity and abundance are becoming reality in front of my eyes. 

26. I am generous knowing that I have enough money and will never suffer from a lack of it! 

27. I deserve to be prosperous and have a lot of money. 

28. Being prosperous and successful is easy and natural to me. 

29. I have many opportunities to bring more abundance into my life. 

30. I allow prosperity to enter my life and stay there! 

31. I release all resistance to wealth and abundance. 

32. Abundance and prosperity like a fast moving river are flowing into my life.  

33. I am able to create wealth. 

34. Good things providing me with wealth and abundance happen to me every day. 

35. I attract abundance to my life. 

36. Everything that I desire in life including prosperity is on its way to me. 

37. I attract opportunities that fill my life with prosperity. 

Positive thinking and positive attitude attracts prosperity, peace, and happiness. It also exposes us towards the path of achievements and success. Anurag Prakash Ray

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