Astral Projection Guide for Beginners [Tips & Techniques]

astral projection guide

​​Everything is a state of mind. Astral travel is the ability to wander through different states of mind and develop psychic perceptions. – Frederick Lenz

Astral projection occurs when an out-of-body experience happens to an individual. 

Some people consider it to be spiritual in nature, while others liken it more to lucid dreaming.

Many people claim to have had an experience where they could separate the essence of their consciousness from their physical body.

Is there any truth to their claims?

Up to 20% of people claim to have experienced an out-of-body moment at some point in their life.

Most of the experiences involve moments when people are sleeping. 

​Some individuals report that their moment with astral projection happened during hypnosis.

A few say that it is possible to experience astral projection while consciously relaxing.

Because this concept has become the subject of mainstream business opportunities, it is essential to separate fact from fiction.This guide will discuss the scientific foundations for out-of-body experiences.

It will take a look at the specific techniques you can try to achieve astral projection.

Then you will go through the astral projection steps that you can start today to see if these techniques can work for you.


What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is the conscious act of separating your consciousness from your physical body.

​Several different terms receive interchangeable use when examining this activity.

If someone has had a near-death experience or an out-of-body experience where that person can watch their body or travel beyond it, then that is also astral projection.

Most astral projection opportunities occur at or near a stage of sleep.

Meditation can also be a trigger for them, as can an attempt to achieve a lucid dream.

Traumatic experiences can trigger an out-of-body experience as well.

Automobile accidents are a common way for people to experience astral projection for the first time.

The stories are almost always the same with this triggering experience as well.

There is first a moment of darkness. Then the sensation of floating begins to receive recognition from that person’s consciousness.

The individual eventually gets high enough where they can survey the entire scene below them.

It feels peaceful and calm, although a loud, high-pitched sound is sometimes heard during the experience.

Some people say that they float there for several minutes, while others report that it feels like only seconds.

There are sometimes detailed descriptions offered of the emergency responders who come to the scene during these experiences even though the physical body does not regain consciousness.

Even conversations can be heard while experiencing astral projection in this way.

If you can have more control over the out-of-body experience, then you have an opportunity to enjoy the unlimited exploration.

Distance, time, and matter have no bearing on what you can accomplish in this state.

You can arrive at a destination in seconds, even if it is thousands of miles away.

If you have never experienced this situation, then it can be difficult to believe the stories that you read.

That’s why it is vital to take a look at what researchers and scientists have discovered about this phenomenon.

Scientific Support for Astral Projection

astral projection science

When you search for astral projection advice online, several websites suggest the experience is nothing but a mind trip.

This perspective is due to the fact that there is no way to record a person’s consciousness when it exists outside of the mind.

What we can do is record the physical mind when astral projection does happen, and the results are quite surprising. 

Dr. Charles Tart would disagree with that sentiment. His team invited a young astral projector to their sleep laboratory at UC-Davis in 1966 to study this phenomenon.

Numerous controls were put in place during this four-night experiment.

The goal was to have the projector identify a randomly-generated five-digit number that was not physically observable by the participant.

During the first three nights of the experiment, the projector reported being able to see the time on the clock.

During this exact moment, the devices connected to the participant recorded unusual brainwave patterns and an absence of REM sleep.

On the fourth night, the projector identified the target number.

In another series of experiences, Robert Monroe used his projection skills at the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia to correctly identify a female technician and her husband in a different room.

Monroe’s brainwave pattern went immediately into the stage where natural sleep with dreams occurs instead of taking 90 minutes to achieve it.

Ingo Swann, a surrealist painter and writer, correctly identified eight target observations during a research study conducted by Janet Mitchell and Karlis Osis for the American Society of Psychical Research.

The odds of this event occurring at random were calculated as being 1 in 40,000.

Osis conducted another experiment with about 100 astral projectors where they were asked to target a small office in their building to inspect four specific objects.

Although only 15% were able to enter the room, a man named Alexander Tanous had a particular observation.

He correctly observed from a different state that there was a teacup on the table with the objects, unintentionally left there by someone on the research team.

When given paper to draw what he saw, Tanous could identify a small sculpture, a painting, and the location of a specific plant in the room.

If there are documented examples of successful astral projection experiences, then why is it such a controversial subject?

The answer to that question might involve the power that someone could wield with their abilities as a projector.


Is Astral Projection Safe?

There are several myths that you will hear about an out-of-body experience.

Astral projection is not like a dream. Your consciousness understands that you are in a different state of reality.

If you have ever become suddenly awake after a nightmare and felt your heart pounding, that experience is a physical reaction to what your consciousness thought was your reality while dreaming.

During astral projection experiences, your body disconnects from what happens even though you stay tied to your real world existence.

No one can enter your body if you are outside of it because of the paired nature of existence.

Some people become afraid that they might get lost during an out-of-body experience.

If you find yourself among strangers or in an unknown place, then all you need to do is think about returning to your body.

The cord that keeps you connected to your physical body cannot be severed either.

It is an energetic connection that exists on different planes. Can you cut the light from the sun with a knife?

The U.S. Army and the Consciousness Energy Grid

astral plane

During the 1970s and 80s, the United States began experimenting with psychic approaches.

Intelligence officers were given week-long assignments to attempt astral project so that control mechanisms over out-of-body experiences could develop.

The goal was to use psycho-energetic phenomena as a way to enhance the security of the country.

Officers who were accepted into the program would undergo hypnosis.

Then they would work on reaching the astral plane to control habits and learn foreign languages.

Over 250 candidates went through the program during its first year.

About half of them were given an interview about their experience, and then around 30 were selected for the final training.

During one of the sessions, a subject was given the assignment to view Mars over 1 million years ago.

As the interviewer provided verbal cues to guide the process, descriptions of an ancient race began to emerge from the astral projection session.

Additional efforts were made to heighten the sensory experiences of program participants.

The goal was to solve real-world problems without being restrained by the limitations of the human body. 

The operational group responsible for this training existed for over 20 years, finally disbanding in 1995.

Several of the intensive military training experiences show that positive results are possible.

We do not know what the outcomes are because many of the documents are still under a classified status.

That means that information is not available to Freedom of Information Act requests.

It does lead us to one crucial question: if astral projection is not possible, then why did the U.S. military spend so long experimenting with the practice?

What Are the Possibilities of Astral Projection?

how to have an out of body experience

The U.S. military looked into astral projection as an intelligence-gathering opportunity to keep their country safe.

Most of the clinical research approaches were intended to prove the existence of this separation more than to test what someone was capable of achieving while in this state.

What can you do during astral projection?

That is up to you. One of the most enjoyable aspects of an out-of-body experience is that you can experiment with what is possible.

You could try to turn something on, like a light switch or your television.

Projectors often enjoy the experience of flying around as they leave their physical body. Some people report that they can go through windows or mirrors during this experience.

You can even see your reflection while in an out-of-body state.

You might find yourself transported to a specific place for no discernible reason, only to discover that the events you witnessed were meaningful in some way to your life.

Nothing can hurt you when you have an astral projection experience. Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of the moment.

There are some things that are a struggle for almost anyone who has a successful astral projection moment.

Reading is virtually impossible because words or phrases get blurred out.

If you are looking into the future, then there might be moments of confusion because you see something that your current consciousness does not understand.

Imagine being someone in the Roman Empire having a vision about the events of today.

Would that individual understand what an airplane was? Could they identify an automobile?

Of course not. That technology did not exist.

What that person’s consciousness would do is put that information into a format that could be understood.

A car would be easier to know as a “metal beast” than something human-made.

You can experience a similar situation during astral projection.

It is a moment that can be compelling, exciting, or disturbing based on what you encounter.

Can You Predict the Future with Astral Projection?

how to astral travel

There are many extravagant stories that you can find online today that talk about all of the possibilities that astral projection can offer.

One of the unique traits is the ability to tell of future events.

Some famous prophets in human history seemed to have an ability to warn others of future events.

Whether the emphasis is spiritual or more like the work of Nostradamus, there is an element of realism in place that makes the information believable.

I cannot say that I have ever experienced astral projection personally.

I have no idea whether it is real, like a lucid dream, or something entirely different.

Some people claim that they really travel somewhere during their astral projection experience.

Others argue that it isn’t true, and anything that does happen in something else.

Could it be like a vivid dream? Do people believe that their consciousness travels somewhere beyond the physical body?

In all honesty, I was hesitant to put this guide together because of the uncertainties that exist in this realm.

There are clinical research studies and papers which document this experience, but it could also be easily manufactured since most of the work involves a single projector.

Then I spoke with a friend who has worked with me on various projects for almost a decade.

He practices meditation regularly, and we have talked from time-to-time about topics like lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences.

He told me of an experience he had a couple of weeks before Christmas.

His wife was putting the kids to bed, and then they were going to do some yoga together.

He decided to do some meditation since everyone was being a little restless.

As my friend went through his steps, he immediately found himself standing in a store somewhere in a first-person perspective.

There were people speaking in a foreign language he didn’t understand.

Then he heard a rushing sound. My friend said that he turned around and saw a massive wave of water headed in his direction.

He yelled for everyone to get to high ground as quickly as possible. Then the water surged into the building.

There was a moment of absolute fear, he said, because it felt like the entire experience was happening in real time.

Then he realized that while it seemed like he was under the water, it was still possible to breathe.

And then he felt something on his shoulder that felt like a hand gripping him. Thinking it was probably his wife, he returned to his body.

Over the next week, he told several people about the experience. He described the store in great detail, drawing pictures of the language that he saw on some of the items.

It turned out that what he saw was Indonesian.

Then a tsunami struck Indonesia on December 22, twelve days after my friend had this experience.

It struck without warning because the Anak Krakatau volcano collapsed into the ocean instead of being caused by an earthquake.

As news agencies made their way into the communities impacted by this natural disaster, there was a moment where a camera panned into a destroyed store.

My friend said it was the exact place where he had been in that moment days before.

At the 1:28 minute of this video, one of the people in this experience that my friend says that he saw was interviewed by The Guardian.

Is it a coincidence? Possibly.

Could it be an astral projection? Perhaps.

The point of the story is that every experience is different.

Some people seemed to be tuned to the exact brainwaves that may be necessary to trigger an out-of-body experience.

There are several stories that offer many different outcomes to an astral projection effort.

The only way to determine if one is possible for you is to try to achieve an out-of-body experience in a place where you feel comfortable.

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How to Try Astral Projection at Home

mindvalley lifebook online spiritual life

If you are ready to explore the capabilities of your consciousness, then astral projection can help you to experience the various planes of existence from the comfort of your home.

One of the easiest ways to achieve an out-of-body experience is to use the Rope Technique.

There are several hypnotherapists who use variations of the following steps to create results in this field.

You can practice them with full control at home safely.

Whenever you are ready to go back into your body, then let your conscious mind think about that outcome, and it will happen.

Are you ready to begin?

1. Prepare your environment.

There should be nothing that can disturb you when attempting astral projection. You’ll want to make sure your phone, computer, and tablet are all turned off. Any alarms that might sound need to be silenced before beginning. Then add items of comfort that you enjoy, such as incense, moon candles, or succulents.

2. Relax your body.

You must be in a complete state of relaxation. That means your mind must release stress and anxiety as your body becomes less tense. You can choose to take some deep breaths, moving the air in-and-out of your lungs very slowly. Meditation is helpful in preparation for astral projection as well. Try to limit intrusions so that an unintentional disturbance doesn’t occur.

3. Allow your mind to enter a hypnotic state.

You don’t need to follow a pendulum or listen to someone’s voice to enter a hypnotic state. It is possible to accomplish this step when you are alone at home. Lie down in a comfortable position, and then stare at an object until you can visualize it without error while your eyes remained closed.

4. Progress deeper into your relaxed state.

Keep your eyes closed as you visualize your selected object. Now begin to look around your environment without opening your eyes. The goal of this step is to peer into the darkness to see if you can find something. If you see light patterns, ignore them because this reaction is a resistance point. Continue your exploration efforts until they disappear entirely.

5. Embrace the universal vibrations.

This step is where most people fail with their effort at achieving astral projection. You must open your mind to the possibility that there are planes of existence beyond what your regular senses perceive. Continue in your state of deep relaxation until you start to feel or recognize vibrations occurring. It is during this moment that the separation between your two body states occurs.

6. Start to control the vibrations.

It takes a little time to develop the skills necessary for this step. Once you begin to feel the vibrations, the goal is to control the frequencies of the waves around you. Over time, some people can initiate or stop specific waves from generating specific out-of-body experiences.

7. Visualize the rope.

The Rope Technique is a willpower-based control mechanism that allows you to embrace the final stages of an astral projection session. Visualize a long rope hanging in front of you, no matter where your spiritual essence might be at that moment. Grab it with your physical hands without opening your eyes. Then pull yourself out by starting to climb.

8. Concentrate on the climbing experience.

Now grasp the rope with both hands. Focus on climbing it, feeling your essence separate from your physical body. Concentrate on moving one hand over the other. Do not stop until you find yourself free of your previous confines.

The results of a successful astral projection experience are different for everyone.

Some people say that they can see their physical body beneath them as they float in mid-air.

There are reports of traveling through time, both forward and backward, to see the universe in different stages.

When you are ready to return to your body, then think about regaining your physical state.

Then allow your consciousness to be fully alert in this plane of existence once again.

Other Techniques to Try with Astral Projection

how to do astral projection

If you find that the Rope Technique does not work for you, then another option to try is called the Swing Method.

Imagine that you are sitting on a swing like the ones at your local playground. As you sit or lay down, imagine that your body is swinging back and forth gently.

Focus on small movements. It’s like sitting in a swing that is still while pumping your legs back and forth to generate momentum.

Visualize your entire body moving as you keep gaining momentum. Continue with this effort until you float away from your physical state.

Some people can “jump” off of the swing to begin their astral projection experience as kids do at the playground too.

The Monroe Technique is another option to consider too. His clinically studied process encourages you to enter a deep state of relaxation.Your goal is to try going to sleep, but not falling asleep. If you can achieve a hypnagogic state, then simply roll over and out of your physical body when you begin to feel the vibrations.

Some people can achieve an out-of-body experience by visualizing the experience of watching themselves fall asleep.

This technique requires more discipline from your consciousness because you can feel what happens in your body as the separation occurs.

If none of these methods are successful, then the displaced-awareness technique might work for you.

Close your eyes, and then work toward a trance-like state using whatever method you prefer.

As you approach a successful result, try to sense everything in the room simultaneously.Then feel yourself just above the shoulders, looking around the space through visualization as you keep your eyes closed.

Stay as passive as possible during this experience.

Now try to look around the room by rotating your body 180 degrees.

Keep your physical body still as your consciousness attempts this process.

You can move your head toward your feet with this attempt or try to rotate so that you are facing the opposite direction of your body.

All of these astral projection techniques may cause feelings of dizziness and disorientation.

These side effects are normal if you are unfamiliar with the separation process.

The first time you feel vibrations can be scary as well.

Do your best not to panic because that may cause the experience to stop.

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer here.

Choose the technique that you think will work best to serve your needs.

Then keep practicing until you have a successful projection experience.


Are You Ready to Try Astral Projection Techniques?

Astral projection might be an experience that everyone could have with enough practice.It might also be something that only a select group of people can enjoy because of their brain structure, physical genetics, or attunement to the universe.

What we do know is that there is enough evidence to concede that astral projection is a possibility.

Some people don’t like to talk about their experiences because it can trigger teasing, bullying, or embarrassment.If you know someone who has vivid dreams and discusses them occasionally, then ask them if they have had an out-of-body experience in the past.

There is an excellent chance that they have had at least one such encounter with astral projection.

Ask that trusted friend or family member for advice. You can also follow the tips and techniques found here or share them with a friend to trigger a possible experience.

It can be a spiritual experience. You could enjoy this opportunity like a dream.

Astral projection could even become part of your meditation experience.

It might also unlock your full potential in this world and beyond.

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