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There are many methods and therefore book reviews on how to meditate. Daily meditation is an excellent activity to add to one’s routine, and it doesn’t take up too much time. A daily meditation ritual can take less than five minutes and works best in the morning, after a hot shower or after ten to fifteen minutes of in home physical exercise.

In a world that seems to be spinning out of control, daily meditation techniques can help keep people sane. There are many books on how to meditate, and no one method is so-called better than the other. Rather, each person does what is best for their daily routine and bodily needs.

One of many books on meditation is How to Meditate: a Practical Guide by Kathleen McDonald. I recommend this work as a natural way to treat your body to healthy mental and emotional habits. While this book is not brand new, it is very relevant to the one who wants to practice meditation techniques. How to Meditate has been reviewed by other sources, like Buddhist Studies Review  as “an excellent introduction…refreshingly readable…clarity without oversimplification.”

Essentially, How to Meditate covers what meditation is exactly, and how it can best be practiced in one’s busy life of nonstop noise and activity. The author reveals different techniques, allowing the reader to practice them on their own, and choose which practices are best to integrate into their daily life. In addition to practical steps, the author offers mental advice for times when one feels too groggy to meditate or encounters mental roadblocks while meditating.

Kathleen McDonald takes the time to answer these important questions in her down-to-earth approach. As a Western Buddhist nun, she has real life experience in both the practice and teaching of meditation techniques.

How to Meditate works for real people, as one student from Iowa said, “After purchasing five books on meditation this is the first book that actually teaches you how to meditate step by step.”

I recommend How to Meditate as a primer text to soothing the mind and healing the inner body from the discouragements of the outside world. It is a perfect read for those who suffer from depression, lack of self-confidence or for those who just want to have a holistic and healthy state of mind.



True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness


by Adyashanti






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