What is Remote Viewing and Is It Dangerous?

What is Remote Viewing

Have you ever had a dream or a vision where you were some place that you never visited before? This is the basic definition of what remote viewing happens to be. As a perceiver, which is often called a “viewer,” individuals are given specific details about a physical location that is some place in the … Read more

Is Astral Projection Real or Just Fantasy?

Is Astral Projection Real

Is astral projection real? That’s a question that is on the minds of many these days because of the desire to explore more of the hidden world. We all live and breathe together, but part of the human condition is to ask if there is more to this life. The promise of astral projection is … Read more

What Is Levitation: Go Beyond the Cables and Camera Tricks

How to Levitate

What is levitation? Levitation has been a popular illusion for Hollywood and street magicians for generations. From Criss Angel to that famous scene in Ghostbusters when Sigourney Weaver is levitating in bed, there isn’t anything paranormal involved. Most of the time there are just good camera angles, some video editing, and a planted audience to … Read more


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