Chakras and Their Meanings: A Guide to the Colors of Life

chakras and their meanings

Spiritual Energy Centers
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Many are interested today in Chakras and their meanings.

These centers of spiritual energy are named after the Sanskrit word for “wheel” because that is essentially how they work.

The spiritual energy we all have in 7 specific areas will spin to provide a vital component of good health.

When the wheel slows down, then we don’t get as much energy, and that often leads to lethargy, sickness, and disease.

Your 7 Chakras are placed along the spine.

This is because your energy can radiate most effectively from this control center of the central body.

It is a rainbow of balance that, when properly aligned, can give anyone the power to chase any dream.

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What Are the Chakra Colors and Meanings? 

balancing your chakras

The idea of assigning colors to each Chakra works just as the psychology of color works.

Have you ever felt instantly calm just because you looked at a deep green patch of grass?

Or did you feel energetic and creative when you stepped into a room that was painted red?

The Chakra colors follow this type of path as well.

By recognizing what is blocking you in life through recognition of the color emphasis, you are able to focus on the proper Chakra to get it spinning properly.

It is true that modern medical science doesn’t always support the existence of Chakras.

That’s also because most modern medical science simply concentrates on the physical aspect of life.

Every human being has a spiritual center.

Some choose to pursue science to fill this center, while others look to the supernatural.

The Chakras simply feed the spiritual energy that helps everyone express themselves in their own unique way!


Violet Is the Color of Creativity in the Crown Chakra

Chakra Meditation

Starting from the crown, even though it is considered the final Chakra, violet is the one that controls your inspiration, creativity, and beauty.

It’s located at the very top of your Chakra chain and relates to self-knowledge.

When this wheel is spinning as it should, then idealism is strong and the goal is to work with others to create a highly beneficial path that everyone can walk.

When it isn’t spinning as it should, a lack of empathy is often the first symptom that is seen.

This may then proceed to any number of mental disorders.

If you find that this energy is blocked, then healing becomes a #1 priority.

This Chakra is centered off of the body, so healing becomes a quest to find your place once again in the mutual energy that flows through everyone and everything.

Bring some Chakra stones with you that work specifically with this Chakra color, such as calcite or amethyst, and you will be able to find your enlightenment once again.


Indigo Is the Source of Understanding 

Chakra symbols

The sixth Chakra has an indigo color and is the source of energy that drives our intelligence.

When you feel like your mind is properly ordered and that you are clear-sighted, then this wheel is spinning appropriately.

If you’re looking to pursue intelligence at the sake of your own ego or you simply can’t trust your gut feeling any more, then you may have a blockage that needs to be removed.

This is the connection to your unconscious self, so finding a way to heal is critically important.

This Chakra is also considered to be your third “eye” if you prefer because it is sensitive to light.

If you live in a dark environment, then bring light into it to find healing.

Light doesn’t have to be physical light!

Bringing knowledge or a deeper spiritual understanding is also light.

Azurite is a powerful healing stone for this Chakra too.


Blue Brings About Decisiveness 

Chakra meditations

The fifth Chakra is centered by your throat and it is the source of how you express yourself.

The confidence you have in speech and your quest for truth and purpose come from here.

It is a color that will relax you and inspire loyalty to those who you keep close.

It inspires inventiveness and affection, but when this source of energy is blocked, people become untrustworthy and cold almost immediately.

If you have trouble sleeping, then this Chakra might be blocked as well.

This Chakra responds well to sound.

What is your favorite sound in the world?

Crashing waves… or perhaps the gentle sound of nature?

Even rush hour traffic can be used in a relaxing way if that is how your mind responds!

It’s all about guided stability with this Chakra.

Using brainwave entrainment products, Baroque music, or even white noise can help with the use of Chakra crystals.

Turqouise and angelite are particularly powerful in their healing ways.


Green Is Your Heart Chakra 

Balance your chakras

Much of the advice that is given today is to heal your heart Chakra.

This fourth Chakra relates to love and since 88% of people today get married because of this emotion, healing the heart makes good sense.

This Chakra provides the energy behind your compassion and generosity.

It’s the true balance of life just as it is the true balance of your Chakra energies.

Being humble, romantic, and generous are natural outcomes of good energy flows from this wheel.

Because love is so strongly associated with this Chakra, sometimes it is called the “pink” Chakra instead.

What happens when this Chakra becomes blocked?

Jealousy is the #1 side effect of a blockage.

Some choose to isolate themselves from anyone else because they are ashamed of having the heart Chakra blocked.

If you’re looking for healing help from a Chakra crystal, then I recommend using a red quartz.

Tourmaline is also a powerful healing agent, especially when it is combined with the touch of a loved one or with the gentle kiss of air on your skin.


Yellow Gives You Wisdom 

Third eye chakra

The third Chakra is the source of your clarity and wisdom in any given subject.

Now you might not have the wisdom of King Solomon, but you will be confident in your choices and have an excellent sense of humor when this wheel is spinning as it should.

When it is blocked, however, you may feel inferior.

You may become overly sarcastic.

You will begin to analyze everything and you will stop having faith in yourself.

Although sight stimulation can help to bring healing to this Chakra that is centered around your solar plexus, the exposure to fire is much more liberating.

Fire is the ultimate cleanser and changer of things.

It creates alloys, provides warmth, and can even be used for communication.

It can also purify this center of wisdom to restore your spiritual sight.


Orange Is the Source of Happiness 

chakra candles

Your second Chakra is unique in that it relates to your confidence and happiness, just as it relates to your sex drive.

If you find that you don’t have the same drive you once had, then this orange sacral Chakra could very well be blocked.

You are independent and joyous when this wheel is spinning to give you energy, but you are withdrawn, destructive, and too dependent on others when you don’t have enough of this sacral energy.

To heal this Chakra, baptizing it in water is critical.

Cold water, warm water, salt water – it doesn’t matter.

Carnelian is a powerful healing Chakra crystal that can be used to provide more energy or clear a blockage as well.

This Chakra is unique because it also responds to taste as well as water.

If you have a favorite food that you haven’t had in awhile and you’re feeling blocked, then go get it. Enjoy it.

Ever wonder why someone eats a certain ice cream or enjoys a certain food in excess when they are extremely stressed out or depressed?

It is because there is an intuitive knowledge that the distress has originated from this Chakra being blocked!


Red Is Your Root Chakra 

root chakra




The first Chakra, your root Chakra, is red and provides the stability you need to get through any day.

It is the firm foundation that you’re building your life upon.

When this spiritual energy is present, then you are building your foundation on a firm, rocky surface.

When this Chakra is blocked, however, then you’re building a foundation that sits on sifting sand!

Your physical energy and willpower also originate from this energy source.

If you find yourself unusually fearful, then this Chakra might be blocked.

Severe aggression also comes from a lack of this energy.

What is unique about this root Chakra, however, is that it responds dramatically to the scent of the Earth itself.

By surrounding yourself with nature, either by hiking or through an outdoor meditation session, you can quickly remove this blockage and restore your vitality once again.

The best way to better health is to proactively maintain your 7 Chakras.

By taking time to use healing techniques before a blockage occurs, you can give these energy wheels better strength, just like you can gain more strength with regular workouts at the gym.

Balancing your own Chakras with this guide may take some time, but when you know chakras and their meanings, it is time that is invested well.

Why not invest in yourself today?

Spiritual Energy Centers
Discover How to Heal & Align Your 7 Chakras
Click Here to Realign Your Chakras Check Out Some of the Best Chakra Books
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.




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