How to Clean a Lululemon Yoga Mat [Do’s & Don’ts]

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How to Clean Your Lululemon Mat

You finally made that oh-so-important investment that every yogi eventually makes when they decide to get serious about their practice. You bought a Lululemon mat.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, made out of natural rubber, environmentally friendly and reversible so you get just the right amount of stickiness and support you’re looking for depending on your practice that day, Lululemon is any yogi’s dream mat.

We know you plan to perform a lot of Vinyasas on the mat. But what about cleaning it off afterwards?

If you’re used to the typical PVC mats that seem to disintegrate when you try to wipe them down, you might be apprehensive about cleaning your Lululemon mat.

Not to worry. Lululemon has you covered. They offer specific care instructions on their website and sell a spray that’s specially designed to clean and deodorize their mats.

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Cleaning Your Lululemon Mat

Cleaning your Lululemon mat is simple and easy. They suggest using Lululemon Yoga Mat Spray Cleanser which you can buy at stores or online for $14 (it also makes a great gift if you have a yoga buddy with a Lululemon mat).

Their plant-based spray contains no harsh chemicals, so it’s safe for your skin and won’t disintegrate or discolor your mat like some commercial cleaning products would. Also, Lululemon mats are famous for their grip due to their natural rubber composition.

Other cleansers or soaps could break down the mat’s material and eventually destroy that coveted grippy-ness. The Lululemon Yoga Mat Spray Cleanser is made of plant-based surfactants, vegan probiotics and 100% natural essential oils. These high-quality cleaning ingredients will not only clean and disinfect your mat but will help preserve it, so it lasts longer.

Also, their environmentally safe spray is divine smelling with notes of bergamot, juniper and sandalwood, the perfect combination of grounding and energizing scents to complement your practice.

To clean your Lululemon mat:

  • Spray a few pumps worth of Lululemon spray onto your mat
  • Wipe it down with a lint-free, microfiber cloth (no need to let the spray sit, you can wipe it down right away)
  • Let your mat air-dry someplace away from direct sunlight
  • Once dry, roll it up with the top layer on the outside
  • Store it, making sure you don’t put anything heavy on top of it that could misshape or damage your mat

See how easy that is?

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Why Should You Clean Your Mat

There are a lot of reasons why it’s important to keep your Lululemon yoga mat clean. First of all, the dirt and oil that accumulates with regular yoga practice can affect the grip of your mat, causing it to be more slippery, which defeats the purpose of buying a grippy mat.

Also, those same elements can disintegrate the mat’s quality, meaning you’ll have to replace it sooner than you expected due to lack of proper care.

Second, mats can store germs that can cause allergies or even make you sick. If you’re practicing in a studio, you definitely need to wipe your mat down after every practice. Practicing proper mat cleaning hygiene can ensure that you can enjoy your practice without compromising your health.

Fourth, if you don’t clean your mat, it will start to stink. Depositing dirt, oil and sweat onto it on a regular basis will create unpleasant odors. You don’t want to practice yoga on a stinky mat and nobody wants a neighbor in their yoga class with a smelly mat, so do yourself and your yoga classmates a favor and clean your mat, with Lululemon spray of course.

Third, if you wear tank tops, sports bras or if you’re a man and go shirtless when you practice, all those germs and dirt and oil will get onto your skin and can give you an unsightly flareup of back acne. When you’re practicing so many chaturanga’s, you want people to notice how ripped your back and arms are, not how red and irritated your skin is.

What You Definitely Shouldn’t Do

Now that I’ve told you how to clean your mat, I’ll delve into things you should never, ever do to clean your mat:

  • Don’t use store-bought disinfectants like Lysol or Clorox wipes on your mat. These chemicals will disintegrate the composition of your mat and destroy its grip. They may also lead to discoloring. Also, these aren’t recommended products to come into contact with your skin.
  • Don’t use soap, dish soap or laundry detergent on your mat. These products will strip the mat’s sticky top layer and damage your mat.
  • Don’t hang your Lululemon mat out in the sun. It might be tempting if it’s a bright sunny day and you just wiped down your mat with the yummy Lululemon spray. But direct sunlight is destructive to the mat’s material and can also fade its color.
  • Do not put your Lululemon yoga mat in the washing machine. There are some mats that are designed to withstand a washing machine, but Lululemon’s is not one of them. Putting it in the washing machine can damage your mat and it will also be difficult to impossible to wring the water out of it afterwards.
  • Do not use a harsh or abrasive scrub on your Lululemon mat. If you do, you will scratch your mat and damage it’s surface.
  • Don’t use another yoga mat spray on your Lululemon mat or try to create your own natural spray. Lululemon specifically designed their yoga mat spray to take care of their mats. Another spray may contain components that could damage your Lululemon mat.

Steer clear of these Lululemon mat cleaning no-no’s and follow the instructions outlined above or on their website, and you’ll be able to care for you mat optimally.


Cleaning your Lululemon yoga mat is very simple especially since they designed their own mat cleaning spray to help preserve your mat and keep it clean and fresh-smelling. Enjoy your mat for longer, avoid skin irritations or stinky-mat syndrome by cleaning your Lululemon mat after each practice. Namaste!

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