Dangers of Lucid Dreaming: Is There Anything to Be Afraid Of?

How to Practice Lucid Dreaming Safely


The potential dangers of lucid dreaming are minimal. This state of rest can help you to process stressful situations, create new worlds to explore, or follow whatever journey it is that you wish to take.

There can be some adverse effects that some people experience after a lucid dream. Your body can have a physical response to an idea or event which occurs that might cause your pulse to race, blood pressure to rise, or have a powerful emotional reaction to the events in the dream.

As you begin the process of creating a lucid dream of your own to enjoy, there are some ways to focus on having a positive result.


1. Remember that you are having a dream.

It is essential to remember that anything which occurs during a lucid dream is a fictional event. Even though your creativity or consciousness creates the world you inhabit during this time, it is not realism. You will wake back up in your bed.


2. Practice lucid dreaming in moderation.

Moderation must be a consideration when lucid dreaming. If you can get to a state where you can control every dream, then it can be quite stimulating. The thrill can make some people want to spend more time in bed than enjoying life, so think about this issue if you struggle with other addictions in life.


3. Don’t fight the process.

If you have fears about the dangers of lucid dreaming, then don’t fight those feelings. You may experience more nightmares or the events that you wish to avoid while sleeping because of this emotional state. When someone is afraid of something, then the brain hardwires itself to guard against that issue.


4. Take some time to practice mindfulness every day.

Mindfulness allows you to stay in each moment to experience its perfection. Try to incorporate at least 10 minutes of time each day to focus on your dreaming experiences each day. If you can approach your thoughts or feelings without judgment, then it becomes easier to reduce any lingering fears you might have about lucid dreaming.


Knowing how to lucid dream safely will help you to make the most of this invaluable tool. Follow your regular bedtime routine, perform your reality checks, and be patient with the process. Most people experience their first lucid dream in 3 weeks or less.


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Dangers of Lucid Dreaming: Is There Anything to Be Afraid Of?


Is it dangerous to have a lucid dream?

Many people believe the myth that if you die in a dream, then that happens in real life as well. Although you can wake up from a state of dreaming with an emotional reaction to what occurred, a lucid dream puts you in control.

That is why this practice is absolutely safe. Any dangers that come about because of lucid dreaming are due to a lack of preparation or awareness.

There are some scary situations that can occur when creating your own dreams.


1. Sleep Paralysis

This physical experience causes you to be awake while your body is still in a state of sleep. We stay in a state of temporary paralysis when dreaming to prevent us from acting out a dream. When you bridge the conscious and unconscious mind with this practice, you can sometimes slip into this state.


2. Caught in a Dream

It can feel like you get trapped in a dream sometimes if you enter into a deep state of sleep. You might fall asleep in your dream, and then start dreaming about something else there. Waking up from the secondary dream is called a false awakening. You will eventually cycle back to a state of reality.


3. Nightmares

Lucid dreaming can help you to stop nightmares. It can also be a dream state that you create. Because it is easier to remind yourself that you are in a dream, there can be less fear associated with the event. You can even use the disturbing images or emotions as a way to process stressful events.


4. Unable to Determine Reality

One of the most significant reasons why people fear lucid dreaming is because they are afraid that it might become impossible to determine what is real and what is not. If you use this process as a form of self-discovery, then it is almost always an exciting and informative experience.

When you are lucid dreaming, it is essential to remember that you are still resting. Most dreamers wake up feeling refreshed and energetic after their experience.

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? No. It is an effective practice that allows you to create your own adventure.

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