Does EFT Tapping Really Work? What are Emotional Freedom Techniques?

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Although Gary Craig is credited with the invention of Emotional Freedom Techniques, the ideas that are behind the process of EFT tapping have been around for centuries.

It’s a form of accessing the body’s energy, similar to what you’d find with acupuncture, but you won’t find any needles here!

You’ll instead find the time-honored method of talking about difficult situations, combined with EFT tapping on your body’s meridian points, working to your advantage.

If you’re struggling to find healing right now, then Emotional Freedom Techniques could be the answer to the problems you’re facing!

Did You Know There Is Subtle Energy All Around You? 

does eft tapping really work

There is a cycle to life that occurs on the largest of scales, but also on the smallest of scales.

Take a look around you right now where you are. There is a cycle of life occurring all around you and subtle energies are pouring in and out of your environment.

There is also subtle energy that can be found within you.

These subtle energies can be considered essential to life in many ways.

Although food, shelter, clothing, and even sunlight are sometimes considered to be human needs, there is also emotional fulfillment which must be found in order for everyone to truly find happiness and success.

When the energy system of your body is flowing naturally, then you have a chance for good health.

It is when the negative emotions that can creep up on a person and stay there begin to interfere with the subtle energies that are within that trouble can be found.

For Gary Craig, this means that the body has been short-circuited. It is still functioning and it can still work, but it won’t work efficiently.

That’s where EFT tapping comes in. It really does work because it helps to remove the negative emotions that are causing the subtle energies to short-circuit within the body.

Why Do Emotional Freedom Techniques Work? 

Just like a city has main streets and highways that a majority of commuters use to get to their preferred destination, the human body has highways where the subtle energies flow from Point A to Point B.

Sometimes there are places where these main streets cross each other, but instead of installing a stoplight there within your body, you have constant energy flow through the intersection.

These intersections are your major meridians. There are points where your three main energy channels will meet and according to ancient Chinese theory, these first come into existence when a soul is still being formed within the womb.

Negative emotions put stoplights up at these major meridians when the energy should be free to flow naturally.

EFT tapping helps to remove them so your energies can begin to flow once again. 

Imagine being able to control your various fears that occur every day.

Some fears are pretty common, such as a fear of heights, a fear of water, or even a fear of flying. We won’t discuss the fear of spiders!

There are also fears that occur on a very emotional level, such as dreading what a supervisor might say about a job that was recently finished or the negative emotions caused by a significant other when a promise remains unfulfilled.

EFT tapping helps to remove the negative so that your subtle energies can flow once again, restoring balance to the human body. 

If you are suffering from fear or anxiety right now, then there is a good chance that you’re putting up a lot of stoplights at your meridian points.

This is causing your energies to stop flowing properly and it is making you become unbalanced!

Emotional Freedom Techniques will help you create more harmony in your life and that will help you feel happier, healthier, and even spiritually free. 

What Issue Do You Have That Is Holding You Back? 

In the typical EFT tapping session, you will be able to focus on a specific issue that is bothering you deeply.

As you are focusing on this issue, the end points of the meridian points, the intersections of your energy, will be tapped in a way that is similar to an acupuncturist placing needles in specific locations.

This helps to free up the energy, remove the negative blockages, and ultimately reduce stress in correlation to the specific subject that was being focused upon.

This brings up a very common question: isn’t EFT tapping a scam?

It is true that the science behind meridian points has not yet been proven.

Yet there is evidence for the value of utilizing acupuncture for a wide variety of physical and mental ailments, from nausea to pain to even depression.

There is also a non-invasive series of acupuncture techniques that were developed in Japan, called shōnishin, that replicate the treatment effects without the insertion of needles.

The flow of energy has been manipulated for centuries encompassing multiple generations.

It is easy to declare that something is a scam when it doesn’t work. If a surgery is unsuccessful, is medical science a scam? If tomatoes don’t grow in a garden, is gardening a scam?

EFT tapping works in combination with the skill it is delivered, the openness of someone’s mind to the process, and individual biology.

In medical science, you must sign a waiver that states the treatment you are about to receive may not work for you or even be a cure.

For EFT tapping, you may find that it won’t work for you, but there are tens of thousands of people who have benefited from Emotional Freedom Techniques over the last two decades too.

The choice is ultimately yours.

How Do You Get Started With Emotional Freedom Techniques? 

The place to get started to see if it will work for you is to define the negativity that could be holding you back.

What issues are causing you problems?

Make a list of them and then give these negative items a value. Make 1 the lowest, or least amount of issue, while 10 is reserved for the most severely negative items that occur to you on a daily basis.

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready for your setup phrases.

Take a look at each negative issue and describe how the negative blocks to your meridian points are installed.

Then give yourself a positive response – even if you get angry, for example, you will still forgive yourself and love others.

Now that you’ve got your setup phrases, take the most severely negative thing that’s on your list.

Tap the point on your hand that would be impacted if you were to make a Karate chop and then repeat the setup phrase that you’ve given yourself.

There’s really no set limit to how long you should do this, but do it repetitively for some time – not just once or twice.

Now give yourself a phrase that reminds you of your setup phrase.

It’s a brief, four or five word phrase, that will remind you of your positive outcomes.

This reminder phrase is then used as you tap through the various meridian points that exist throughout the body.

Once you’ve completed the entire process, evaluate where you happen to be on that item of severe stress. Has it gone down any? Are you still really stressed out about what is going to happen?

You can repeat this process again and again until you can almost completely remove the stress from the situation you are encountering.

How Come There Are So Many Different Sequences?

EFT tapping can take a number of different forms because each person on this planet is unique.

There are some places of common ground in humanity, but there are also things that make each person truly unique.

Experiences, family environments, and even the foods that are eaten every day all have an effect on the human body and the amount of energy that flows.

Different people need different things to find success and that’s why Emotional Freedom Techniques are so effective: they are forgiving enough that they can be tailored to the individual experience.

Make sure to drink lots of water as you prepare for your first EFT tapping experience.

You’ll also want to have some extra water on hand not because you’re thirsty, but because the water helps the subtle energies to flow better.

It’s also important to be as specific as possible about the negative issues that you are facing.

If you can put in a lot of the elements that are creating negative roadblocks to your energy, you can begin taking the stress, anxiety, and fear out of the situation.

Don’t give up after just one EFT tapping cycle either because there can be a lot of built-up stress within your body that you never even realized!

Be persistent and be willing to do numerous cycles.

If the roadblocks won’t clear, then it may be time to look for a local practitioner of EFT.

You may be asked some specific questions that will help to uncover other hidden issues that are holding you back.

It will then be tapped away and it often takes just one session to make this happen.

Emotional Freedom Techniques are a way to help you find personal success through being able to overcome fear!

So, does EFT tapping really work? It can, but always stick with what feels right for you.

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