EFT for Self-Worth [Tapping to Release Limiting Beliefs]

eft tapping script for self worth

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also known as Tapping, is a mind-body practice that combines elements of cognitive restructuring and exposure treatment with acupressure. It can be an effective tool for addressing negative emotions, beliefs, and experiences that may be impacting your sense of self-worth.

The tapping process involves stimulating specific meridian points on the body by tapping them with the fingertips, while simultaneously verbalizing the issues you want to overcome.

This unique mind-body approach works to disrupt the mind’s conditioned negative patterns and allows you to work through and release limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and self-criticisms that contribute to low self-worth.

As you repeat the tapping sequences along with positive affirmations, it can help reprogram negative mental patterns, providing psychological and physiological relief.

The tapping helps calm the amygdala (the brain’s fear center), while the positive affirmations reinforce new, empowering beliefs about your self-worth.

By engaging both mentally and physically through EFT, you can address the root psychological causes of low self-esteem and lack of self-worth in a gentle yet powerful way.

The following scripts will guide you through tapping sequences specifically designed to release feelings of unworthiness and affirm your inherent self-worth.

eft tapping script for self worth
Setup Statement: Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the karate chop point: "Even though I struggle with feelings of unworthiness, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Tapping Sequence: Go through the following tapping points while saying the reminder phrase out loud:

Eyebrow: "I don't feel good enough" 
Side of eye: "I have this lack of self-worth"
Under eye: "Feeling unworthy"
Under nose: "Not deserving of love and happiness"
Chin: "I'm not worthy"
Collarbone: "This unworthiness"
Under arm: "Feeling inadequate and not enough"
Top of head: "All these feelings of unworthiness"

Take a deep breath.

Repeat the sequence, this time using the reminder phrase: "I release all these feelings of unworthiness"

Affirmations: Now run through the tapping points once more while saying each of these empowering affirmations:

Eyebrow: "I am inherently worthy" 
Side of eye: "I deserve love and happiness"
Under eye: "I am enough exactly as I am"
Under nose: "My self-worth is infinite"
Chin: "I approve of myself"
Collarbone: "I nurture and support myself"
Under arm: "I am capable and deserving"
Top of head: "I am worthy of all that is good"

Take another deep breath and relax. Notice how you feel.

Short summary:

Start with the Setup Statement while tapping the karate chop point. This acknowledges the issue of unworthiness.

Then go through the Tapping Sequence on the various points while saying the Negative Reminder Phrases like “I don’t feel good enough”, “Feeling unworthy”, etc. This tunes you into the negative feelings.

Next, Repeat the Tapping Sequence, but this time using the Releasing Reminder Phrase: “I release all these feelings of unworthiness.”

Finally, go through the Tapping Sequence one more time using the Positive Affirmation Statements like “I am worthy”, “I deserve happiness”, etc.

eft tapping scripts for self worth

Version 2:

Setup Statement: Repeat this 3 times while tapping the karate chop point: "Even though I don't feel worthy or deserving, I choose to accept myself completely."
Tapping Sequence: 

Eyebrow: "This feeling of not being enough"
Side of Eye: "Doubting my self-worth"
Under Eye: "I'm so hard on myself"
Under Nose: "Harsh self-criticism"
Chin: "Putting myself down"
Collarbone: "Never feeling good enough"
Under Arm: "Feelings of inadequacy"
Top of Head: "This lack of self-worth"

Take a deep breath

Now repeat the sequence, using the reminder: "I release these beliefs, they no longer serve me"

Affirmations: Now go through the points again, tapping on each one while saying:

Eyebrow: "I am worthy of love" 
Side of Eye: "I approve of myself"
Under Eye: "My mistakes don't define me"
Under Nose: "I am more than enough"
Chin: "I treat myself with compassion"
Collarbone: "My self-worth is infinite"
Under Arm: "I am capable and deserving"
Top of Head: "I embrace my inherent worth"

Take a few deep breaths and notice how you feel.

You can repeat this sequence as needed. Additional practices like journaling about acts of self-care can further reinforce self-worth.

eft for self worth
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