Wake Up! 10 Efficient Ways To Fight Low Motivation At Work

fight low motivation at work

It’s not a secret that majority of people don’t feel the same level of motivation at the workplace all the time.

Reasons can be different, from the type of work to personal ones.

What most people don’t know is that motivation can be managed, at least to a certain degree.

Here are 10 efficient ways to fight low motivation at work.

1. Get quality sleep

Lack of quality sleep can interfere with one’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

When you are deprived of sleep, you not only feel stressed and irritable but also tired and lethargic.

It is unlikely you will look forward to doing anything in this state. On the other side, enough sleep allows your body and mind to rest, thus enabling you to wake up rejuvenated and ready to face the day’s activities.

There are various ways you can improve your sleep such as by going to bed early, adopting a bedtime routine, and having clean bedding.

However, the level of comfort in your bed can determine the quality of your sleep.

For this reason, it can be helpful to consider an ergonomic mattress design that conforms to your body structure and movement giving it proper support for maximum comfort in your sleep.

2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

You can boost your motivation by making sure you are always feeling good about yourself.

If you are comfortable with your body and are not fighting diseases, it can be easy to stay motivated.

This you can achieve by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Some healthy habits include exercising, adopting a proper diet, drinking a lot of water, and so forth.

The above healthy habits have various benefits. You will keep your weight in check, reduce chances of lifestyle diseases, and help boost your energy levels.

Have in mind that it’s difficult to stay motivated if your energy levels are low.

3. Don’t skip meals

how not to skip meals

Your body needs enough fuel to keep it moving.

At work, people are tempted to skip meals so that they can push a project further.

Unfortunately, an empty stomach can be a recipe for several problems including low energy levels, mood swings, and others. In such a state, it’s hard to stay motivated and productive.

You can avoid this situation by taking your lunch or breakfast breaks.

This gives you time to refuel, interact with colleagues and relax your mind.

For the select few days when you must stay at your desk, carry or order a healthy snack and enjoy in between your work to keep your energy levels in check.

4. Create an inspiring environment

Decorate your workspace in a way that it will compel you to wake up and come to work.

Let it be somewhere you long to be.

Also, consider creating it to make it more functional so that it can boost productivity.

When you always achieve more at work, you will be looking forward to your next assignment.

5. Set small short-term goals

Inability to see results for your work can be demoralizing.

This is what happens when working on long projects.

If possible, divide such projects into small measurable tasks that can be completed within a few days.

Seeing results will give you a sense of accomplishment which in its own way is a sure motivation to get more done.

6. Let co-workers motivate you

You can draw motivation from the kind of people around you.

These could be co-workers or inspirational speakers whom you read or listen to their audio books.

Make sure you keep motivated people around you who affirm you and discuss positive or uplifting subjects.

Also, listening to something positive in the morning or during your free time could fuel your desire to get things accomplished.

7. Take a break(s)

how to take a break at work

It could be possible that your lack of motivation is related to a burnout.

If you have been pushing harder for long, it could be about time you took a break.

Take some time off for a vacation or so. Use the time to relax and reflect on your achievements, challenges and so forth.

In fact, do not neglect your social life for work.

Embracing a work-life balance can enable you to remain rejuvenated, creative and motivated at work.

During work, don’t stick to your desk throughout. Use those tea or lunch breaks to relax your mind.

8. Have a strong reason for doing something

Reminding yourself the reason you are doing something can be a good way to push you to ditch your comfort and get to work.

However, the reason must be strong enough to push you to get going even amidst serious challenges.

This could be the need for money, a personal goal, or so.

Outline such reasons and always refer to them anytime you feel like not moving a muscle.

9. Be a team-player

how to increase energy levels

Other than enjoying the company of colleagues at work, seeing your contribution to a project and how others appreciate it is fulfilling.

Besides, working with others on a task ensures that you have emotional support for when your motivation flags.

The other team members help by pushing the assignment to the next level which serves as motivation too.

According to a 2014 TINYpulse employee engagement and organizational culture report, the number 1 factor that influences employees to go an extra mile is their peers. How they interact with each other can motivate them to surpass expectations.

10. Love your work

If you work on something you do not love, chances are sooner or later you will lose interest and motivation.

In fact, in a work/life balance study by Philips North America, it was found that 68% of Americans were “willing to take a pay cut for more personally meaningful careers.”

If such a person doesn’t find something that makes them tick in a job, they are likely to feel demoralized most of the times.

The results correlate with those of a report by Gallup, looking at the State of the American Workplace.

The report indicated that “52% of employees were not excited about their work”, while only “30% of employees were engaged and inspired at work.”

Finding something you love to do can play a large role in keeping you motivated during work.


In order to stay creative, productive and happy, you need motivation.

This is what will get you moving and acting on things that can bring change and growth.

Furthermore, once you accomplish something you feel significant and powerful.

The above tips can help you stay motivated so that you can lead a life of purpose and happiness.

What other ways do you use to stay motivated?


About the author

Lisa Reed is an interior designer, DIYer, and promoter of quality sleeping. With years of experience in sleep ergonomics and biomechanics, she writes about latest trends in the mattress industry for Somtex Sleep Lab.

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2 thoughts on “Wake Up! 10 Efficient Ways To Fight Low Motivation At Work”

  1. Great post and it’s a timely post that I am glad I came across. I have just recently started a part time job with long hours on the weekends. I am going to follow all these points. I think making sure you’re in the right frame of mind before work is key as well!

  2. I agree that all these are helpful to motivating us towards a greater end. These are things that I have learned over the years, only even knowing these I didn’t love my job or even like it. I didn’t even try to take breaks, I couldn’t sleep well, and I didn’t want to be motivated. I just wanted to leave my job.

    I also realize that mediocracy can take root any job if these rules are not practiced. The one I have been working on recently is setting short term goals and following them daily, I write them down on a piece of paper as reminder.

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