The Foot Chakra [How to Activate the Chakras in Your Feet]

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The article discusses the foot chakras, which are energy points located in the soles of the feet that connect us with the earth. 

The qualities of the foot chakras are closely connected with those of the root chakra, and they work alongside each other to harness earthly energy and create a sense of safety and security. 

The article provides various techniques to activate the chakras in our feet, including dance, nature walks, earthing practices, standing meditation, walking meditation, yoga practice, affirmation repetition, and foot chakra massage. 

The article also includes a foot chakra meditation to activate the energy in the feet.

You might be wondering: how many chakras are there in the human body?

Most often, when we think about energy in the form of chakras, we consider there to be 7 major centers.

From the base of the spine to the crown of our head, this region of the body is home to the chakras we most commonly refer to.

However, while these 7 major chakras are key in understanding the energetic body, they do not represent the entirety of us.

Beyond this center line, chakras exist in other body parts as well, such as in the hands and feet.

The foot chakras, which we’ll explore here, hold great wisdom and potential.

As we explore them, we begin to uncover exactly what they have to offer us.


What Are Foot Chakras?

The foot chakras are energy points located in the soles of the feet that connect us with the earth.

When standing, these are the first energy points in the human body that make contact with the planet that sustains us.

As such, they are deeply grounding, stabilizing, and supportive.

The foot chakras exist outside of the standard 7-point chakra system – and they’re not the only ones.

In fact, it is said that there are actually 114 chakras in the human body, which is understandable given the complexity of the human organism.

So, the chakras in the soles of our feet are just one of the many energy centers of the body that contribute to our sense of health, wellness, and vitality.

As the gateway between the earth and our human form, these chakras are worth taking a deeper look into.


The Power of Your Chakras

foot chakra

Before we dive into the subtle power of our foot chakras, it is important to understand what chakras are and how they can help us in general.

Since everything is made up of energy, our wellbeing depends upon how well this energy flows within and around us.

Our chakras represent key areas within (or just outside of) the physical body through which energy is known to flow.

When there is too little flow into any particular chakra, this can lead to underactivity.

Likewise, too much flow can lead to overactivity.

Depending upon the chakra in question, this can lead to various emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical imbalances.

As we develop our knowledge of the chakras, tuning into where they are and how we can nurture them, we start to clear up any overflow and/or stimulate greater movement into these areas.

Through meditation and other balancing activities, we encourage healthy chakra energy flow.

When this happens, the innate power and qualities of each balanced chakra is free to arise.

For example, healthy flow within the solar plexus brings our inner strength, courage, and confidence to the forefront in balanced ways.

Stable flow into and out of the crown chakra, on the other hand, grants us the gift of deeper insights, connection to the universe, and a heightened understanding of who we are.

The chakras in our feet are associated with more earthly energies as you might imagine. Let’s explore…

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Qualities of the Foot Chakra

The qualities of our foot chakras are closely connected with those of our root chakra.

In fact, they work alongside one another to reach the same goals.

Since the root chakra is the lowest energy point of the 7-point chakra system, it and the chakra in our feet share powers related to harnessing earthly energy and creating a sense of safety and security.

Some of the qualities of these energy centers in our feet include:

Chakra color: Unlike the 7 most common chakras, the foot chakra color is not entirely agreed upon. However, it is commonly described that the color of this energy point is a darker one, ranging from brown tones to deep red and other earthly colours.

Chakra location: These chakras are located in the soles of each feet.

Themes: Stability, safety, support, connection to the earth, vitality, life force, and natural rhythms

Messages: Tune into the world around and beneath you; Seek clarity in opening to the natural rhythms of life; Find strength and support in the earth; Ground yourself

Affirmations: I am deeply connected with the earth; I honor earthly rhythms; I am open to vital life energy; I live in harmony with the world around me; I am grounded, stable, and supported

When balanced, our foot chakras help us to feel in divine alignment with the natural rhythms of life.

We feel confident in where we are and trust that we will be supported by the world’s tangible energies.

We feel aligned with our purpose for this human life and we take conscious steps in the direction of fulfilling that.

When these chakras are underactive, it might lead to feelings of being ungrounded, unsure of one’s place, disconnected from one’s purpose, or out of touch with the natural cycles of life.

Since this energy point is a gateway for us to take in earthly energies, underactivity can also lead to fatigue and lack of vitality.

When the foot chakras are overactive, we might feel resistance to change, be unwilling to move from a current situation that needs to change, or feel fearful of the flow of life.

Energy should be free flowing through this point, rather than being hoarded here. Why?

Because in order for the other chakras to take in the energy they require, earthly energy must be free to move higher than the feet.

hara chakra symbol meaning

How to Activate the Foot Chakra

There are many ways to activate the chakra points in feet.

As we practice this, we start to unleash the potential of these energy points.

The associated affirmations and qualities begin to engrain themselves more deeply in our understanding of life, and so we begin to feel more aligned with the flow of things.

Mindful practices that have a strong link to our feet can help us to activate these points.

Some forms worth exploring include:

  • Dance: Conscious dancing helps us to align with the energy that flows through our feet, as well as with the general concept of life’s rhythms. As we practice moving the body in any way it feels called to move, we harness the vital life energy that fuels movement in all living things. Foot chakra clearing begins as this vital energy begins to flow freely.
  • Nature walks: Taking time to mindfully walk in nature can help us to feel grounded into and connected with the earth at large. During these walks, we can open ourselves to wisdom and insights that stem from the earth. We might consciously inquire: Where is the earth’s energy present? How do we connect with it when observing trees, plants, and other creatures?
  • Earthing practices: Earthing (or ground) practices involve barefoot walking or standing outdoors. By consciously and carefully allowing our steps to trace the bare earth, it is said that we tap into the Earth’s surface electrons and healing potential. In fact, scientific research has found that earthing can help with chronic stress, pain, poor sleep, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, and many other health conditions.
  • Standing meditation: A standing meditation can be used as a foot chakra meditation if we open up our full attention to the feet. This can be done barefoot or with socks or shoes on (depending upon the setting). In any case, the focus should be on holding our awareness on the feet and seeing if we can visualize earth’s energy entering in through our soles.
  • Walking meditation: Walking meditations are a common practice for many. Unlike a standing meditation, a walking meditation welcomes slow and steady movement. You can do this inside or outside, simply observing the entire foot and associated sensations with every second of each step you take. For foot chakra activation, this might be best paired with a standing meditation at the end.
  • Yoga practice: Various yoga poses can assist with balancing the root chakra. When we balance the root chakra, we activate the qualities that the chakras in our feet also hold. Poses to consider include tree pose, goddess pose, and standing forward fold.
  • Affirmation repetition: You can also help to reaffirm the messages of this chakra through repeating affirmations such as “I am open to vital life energy,” or “I am grounded, stable, and supported.” Incorporate grounding affirmations into any of your routine meditation practices if you feel called to do so.
  • Foot chakra massage: One last soothing technique you can explore is a foot massage. This is something you can do on your own as a soothing act of self-care and rebalancing. Take five minutes to massage each foot, allowing your intuition to guide you. During this time, offer thanks to your feet for the weight that they carry.

Foot Chakra Meditation

foot chakra meditation

While you can explore any of the above techniques in your own way and time, this foot chakra meditation is a guide for activating the energy in your feet.

Practice it as often as you like to reconnect with the earthly energies that move through you.

You might like to read through this before you practice.

1.Begin by finding a comfortable place to stand for five to ten minutes where you won’t be disturbed. This might be indoors or outdoors. If it is safe and comfortable to do so, you may practice this barefooted.

2.Come into a comfortable standing position with your feet about hip-distance apart. Your legs should be straight and your knees unlocked. Bring your hips forward ever so slightly if your backside is pushed out.

3.Let your arms fall comfortably by your side and pull your shoulders back gently. Your neck should be aligned with the spine so you are gazing straight ahead. Above all, you should be comfortable in this position. There shouldn’t be too much of a pull anywhere.

4.When you are feeling grounded, close your eyes and take a few moments to ground yourself through the breath. As you breathe in, visualize the incoming air moving into the heart space… and then release. On your next breath, see if you can draw it deeper, perhaps into the belly… and then release.

5.Continue this deepening of the breath until you are able to visualize each inhale moving all the way down through your legs. When you have reached the feet, gently soften your attention on the breath as you increase your awareness of the soles of your feet.

6.See if you can now begin to visualize the energy that comes from the earth. You might first notice this simply as the feeling of your feet in direct contact with the floor.

7.Then, begin to visualize that there are thin roots beginning to develop beneath your feet and into the surface beneath you. Take your time with this, slowly witnessing these roots expanding and strengthening. Continue to breathe slowly and steadily through this process.

8.Once you have visualized the roots beneath you, observe energy moving upwards and into the soles of your feet. Spend 30 seconds just witnessing this upward moving energy.

9.When you are ready to let the energy continue on from the feet, visualize it moving up your legs, through your abdomen, up the chest and neck, and into the entirety of your head space. Soften your shoulders and release any tension that you may come across. Feel into the presence of life’s energetic force in your still, standing posture.

10.Spend as long as you like practicing this, perhaps moving a few times from toes to head. When you are ready to come out of this meditation, bring your hands to your heart and thank both yourself and the earth for supporting this practice. Come back to it as often as you feel called to.

Opening, balancing, and activating our foot chakras is a process that can take time.

However, every moment we practice any of these techniques provides us with an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with the earth’s energies.

As you practice grounding yourself through earthing practices, dance, meditation, or any other exercise, allow each practice to be whole and complete as it is.

Without having to achieve anything, you are already deeply connected to the entire earth community.

Let these practices deepen, expand, and grow this wisdom within you.

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What chakra is associated with the feet? 

The root chakra, also known as the Muladhara chakra, is connected with the feet. 

It is situated at the base of the spine and is linked to the earth element, providing a sense of stability, grounding, and connection to the physical world.

This chakra is also associated with primal needs, such as food, shelter, and safety, and influences our sense of security and survival instincts. 

Maintaining balance and openness in this chakra can result in the feelings of being grounded, secure, and connected to the physical self and surroundings.


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