How to Have a Lucid Dream: Follow These 5 Steps to Wake Up in Your Dreams

Insights on How to Have a Lucid Dream Tonight


It can be fun to have a lucid dream. Trying to have your first one can be a frustrating experience.Even when you use the best practices and techniques to create the foundation for a state of awareness when you dream, a conscious level of control is challenging to master.

Some people can experience a brief moment of clarity in their dream, and then they immediately wake up. Then you read about the people who have been lucid dreaming for years and talk about all of their rich experiences.

These insights on how to implement the best practices of lucid dreaming will hopefully bring you another step closer to your goal.


Insight #1: Focus on Mindfulness

Always question your reality. Observe the smallest details of the environments that surround you every day. When you start looking for little moments of positive perfection, then it is much easier to recognize when you begin to dream.


Insight #2: Your Brain Duplicates Reality

Your brain can replicate the exact sensations from your five senses in a dream state as if they were real. If something does not feel right when you are dreaming, then shifting states occur to prevent premature waking. The easiest way to trigger a conscious experience is to look at something, look away, and then look back at it again. If it changes, then you’re probably dreaming.


Insight #3: Embrace the Nightmares

Nightmares are a way for us to work on the things that scare us in reality. It works as a protective mechanism for our mental health. If you are willing to embrace them, then the information they can provide you (especially lucid ones) can help you to become a better person in real life.


Insight #4: Dreams Are Unpredictable

The toughest challenge that lucid dreamers face is the difference between the strict rules of reality and the no-rules environment of a dreaming fantasy. Try to let go of any preconceived notions that you might have about what happens.


Insight #5: Keep Reminding Yourself

Your consciousness might become aware during a dream, but your body is still sleeping. It is normal to feel like your thinking is slower than it should be. If you do recognize the fact that you’re in a lucid dream, then remind yourself to stay there. It is okay to tell yourself that you are dreaming.


Insight #6: Every Dream Is Unique

Some people have “story dreams” where a continuing narrative takes place over a series of different rest periods. If you are lucid during this state, you will still find differences in each dream to enjoy as well. Don’t fall for the idea that you must pursue the same experience every time. Let your brain explore while you enjoy the experience.

Lucid dreaming can be an incredible experience if you allow the positive energy from these insights to combine with your preferred triggering methods. You can start this practice as soon as tonight. What do you think that you’ll dream about first?


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​Video transcription

Do you want to experience lucid dreaming? Then you could experience this exciting event as soon as tonight.

Waking up in a dream might seem like an impossible task, but your conscious mind can distinguish fiction from reality. Once you reach this stage, then you become the director of your dreaming.

These are the steps you will want to take to wake up while dreaming tonight.


1. Recognize that you are dreaming.

Most people have at least three dreams every night. Some can go as high as 7. The reason why it might feel like you’re not dreaming is that the memories from the experience don’t transfer quickly enough to the correct part of the brain. Try to keep a journal about the memories that you do have because this will help future transfers occur.


2. Do reality checks in your dreams and real life.

Get into the habit of seeing if you are in a real or fictional world throughout the day. You can count your fingers, check the time, or even try to read a book. Dreams can change this information, but it will be consistent in reality. If you notice alterations that shouldn’t occur, then this process triggers the brain to recognize that you are dreaming.


3. Use the MILD method of lucid dreaming.

MILD stands for “mnemonically-induced lucid dreams.” When you go to sleep tonight, think about a recent dream you had in past days. Then imagine what you would do if you could control the sequence of events. Keep your mind focused on these events, and it can help you to achieve a lucid state later on.


4. Maintain your awareness while falling asleep.

Let’s practice this option right now. Close your eyes, and then listen to this video. There is nothing that you can see at first. Now let your mind relax. Look for shadows, flickers of light, or whole images to appear before you. Follow them to wherever they might go.

Now open your eyes again. If you practice that series of events as you start falling asleep, you can trigger a lucid dream almost instantly.


5. Set your alarm two hours earlier.

If these options are not helping you to create the results you want, then set an early alarm. When you wake up, try to move around your bedroom for a little while. Settle back toward a state of sleep when you feel tired. This process creates a state of awareness with your environment that can lead toward your first lucid dream.


Knowing how to have a lucid dream means following these five steps each day to the best of your ability. It can take some time to experience it for the first time. When you have your first one, this practice is something that you will want to try over and over again.


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