How to Astral Project?

Images_astral-projectionDo you want to learn how to astral project?

Have you always thought of yourself as more of a physical being?

Have you always wondered what life is like outside of the physical realm?

If so, then you’ve already taken the first step toward the benefits of astral projection.

When learning how to astral project, you’re also learning how to tap into your spiritual side.

You’re empowering yourself to enhance your personal development.

In a sense, you’re working toward tapping into what the world truly is instead of accepting the world for what is just seen through the eyes.

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Learning HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT Isn’t About Becoming a New Being

Many people think of astral projection as a pseudo-science.

In other words, it might be possible to separate the consciousness from the body, but since the experience is difficult to study from a clinical standpoint, it does not become a verifiable fact.

If you look back into history, however, you can find documented instances of the Egyptians and the Greeks utilizing concepts of astral projection to experience more than just what the physical realm has to offer.

What holds many people back when learning how to astral project is the same thing that hold people back in other aspects of spirituality: a limited view.

Humans tend to want to understand everything and so we create little mental boxes to place large concepts into because in our view, that brings it down to our level and makes it easier to understand.

We place God into a box. We place faith into a box. We place spirituality into a box.

When we do this, what we are doing is limiting our own personal potential for success.

If God is placed into a box that we try to understand, then we are limiting the power of God in our lives.

If we are learning how to astral project and place those concepts into a box in an attempt to understand the process, then we are limiting our ability to understand the spiritual realm better.

Learning HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT Helps Every Aspect of Life

When we better understand our spiritual side, then we have a better grip on life in general.

As much as we might try to deny it, our spiritual side is a component of many aspects of life.

By becoming more mature in our spiritual walk, we have the ability to do more, see more, and take advantage of more opportunities.

In order to achieve astral projection, you must have an open mind to the possibility of its existence.

Some people might call the process “prayer” or “meditation,” but what matters the most is that you are willing to embrace the concept.

If you can, then you are opening the doors to a much wider and exciting world than what just the physical realm has to offer you.

Here’s How To Try Your First ASTRAL PROJECTION

Are you ready to attempt astral projection for the first time?

As with any new skill, it will take practice to fully achieve the results you are seeking.

With any new skill, everyone also has to start at the very beginning to kickstart the learning process.

So if you’re interested in learning how to astral project, here’s a good place to start.

1) Relax. Find a place that is quiet and comfortable for you. The environment should be as distraction free as possible so that you can focus on your concentration. Let your muscles relax and focus on becoming comfortable.

Eliminate distracting thoughts. For many people, once relaxation begins, so do the racing thoughts. Put them to bed one by one by making plans to solve problems that you think up and allow yourself to have these moments of relaxation and reflection instead of worrying about what is upcoming on your personal calendar.

Push everything out of your mind. Is it cold inside the room? Push that thought and experience away. Is there a funky taste in your mouth? Push that physical sense away. This is one of the most difficult steps to fully achieve – don’t worry about not being able to completely ignore everything right away.

2)  Focus on an object. Many people choose a body part to move with their mind, but not physically move, like their hand. Other people choose to focus on a favorite physical object to see it with clarity inside their mind with their eyes closed. As you find success in this concept, try focusing on other objects or other body parts.

Move through your room with your mind. Take a walk around the room with your mind. See the artwork that’s hanging on the wall. Try having a seat on the chair, couch, or bed. Imagine what the room looks like now without physically looking at it yourself.

Try to look at yourself. Wherever you happen to be in the room, turn around and attempt to see yourself in the room. Are you lying on the bed? Sitting in a comfortable chair? This is the final resolution of learning how to astral project because once you can achieve this step, you’ve been able to separate your consciousness from your physical body.

Re-enter the physical realm. You’ve accomplished your first attempt at astral projection. Take stock of how you feel, what you saw through your mind, and what improvements you may be able to make for the next session.

There Are Many Different ASTRAL PROJECTION Techniques

Humans are wholly unique, which means that some people need different methods to achieve true success in their attempts at astral projection.

For some people, a deep meditative state is the only thing that is needed to achieve results.

For others, astral projection techniques like the rope technique, where you imagine your consciousness climbing up a spiritual rope, is quite helpful.

Don’t be afraid to try different techniques!

Technique is less important than achieving results.

Learning how to astral project may take some time to truly master, but from the first session, you’ll experience the results of what working on your spiritual life can do for your physical life.

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