How to Lucid Dream – Part II


 Do you want to learn how to lucid dream and explore your dream worlds? I’m sure you do. Having control over your dreams means you are able to create worlds and are free to explore anything your imagination allows you to.  Quite literally, your imagination sets the limit on worlds and experiences you can create inside your own mind. 

Techniques used to achieve lucid dreams vary as do the products that claim to help individuals achieve this kind of consciousness during sleep.  Basic techniques, proposed benefits and the like were discussed previously.  Here is a further look at how one can lucid dream.  Described below are other tips, tricks, products and aids to learning how to induce a lucid dream

Using what is already known and well established on brain patterns and function has helped marketers develop products that can help induce sleep, and more specifically, dreams.  Theta brain waves are large, low frequency currents produced by the brain during deep relaxation and they are associated with sleep. 

Not only is the mind and body in a sleep state, it is also in dream mode.  By helping the brain naturally fall into this state, one can begin to learn how to lucid dream.  Theta waves also increase creativity and inspiration – things that will come in handy when planning out your next dream-scape. 

There are a couple products out on the market that claim to help the brain relax into this theta/sleep state.  One is a binaural beats program and the other is called isochronic tones. 

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How to Lucid Dream Using Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

First off, the binaural beats program is simply two differing sound waves that make the brain fall into a theta pattern.  How is this accomplished?  A sine wave generator gives off two different frequencies.  One in one ear and one in the other. 

The brain takes the difference between these frequencies and creates a third wave – a theta wave.  By listening to CDs or downloads with specific theta programed binaural beats, you can  put yourself into a deep relaxed and ready to dream state.

The second, isochronic tones, works on a similar principle as the binaural beats.  However, these tones are of equal frequency and are at higher rates.  As the user listens, the brain synchronizes itself to the rhythm of the tones. 

Again, this is for the purpose of lulling the brain into a natural state of sleep and gets the brain ready to dream.  Either of these products can be purchased and downloaded.  Samples too are usually available so that you can find the product that works best for you. 

Some lucid dreamers feel that listening to binaural beats in both the alpha and delta ranges can increase relaxation and help you fall even quicker into a sleepy state.  You will need to experiment to see for yourself what works best.

More Ways to Help You Lucid Dream

There are other techniques that you can do on your own.  One such technique involves drawing the letter A on the palm of your hand.  Whenever you see this mark or letter, determine whether you are awake or dreaming.  The A stands for ‘awake’.  Eventually making a habit of this will help you to become conscious when you dream.  Once you dream, you may find yourself looking at your hand. This in turn will signal you to wake up, but not in real life but in the dream.

Another suggestion is to try to sleep a few hours after you have gotten yourself out of bed.  This morning ‘nap’ is conducive to dreaming and may help you start to lucid dream.  Many have found this and other tips and tricks useful in getting themselves to lucid dream.

Other aids to lucid dreaming include supplements and certain vitamins.  Amino acids and certain B vitamins can help increase dream potential.  Other supplements such as melatonin not only help certain ones to fall asleep easier, but can increase the vividness of a dream.  Fish oils are part of a healthy diet, but they are noted to have similar effects on dreams as melatonin.  Be sure to check with your healthcare provider in the matter of starting on any type of supplement.

Dreaming is a natural part of our existence.  Some have found it beneficial to explore this little thought-of function.  A few specialists feel that those who suffer from nightmares may find relief when lucid dreaming.  They are able to face their fear in a controlled environment. 

A word of caution, however for those looking into how to lucid dream.  Dreams may be creative and fun,  but they can be very vivid and life-like.  Remember that there is still a real world, this is the world you want to enrich and experience things in.  Living in a fantasy will only lead to disappointment.  Balance and wisdom is needed. 

Some may find lucid dreaming creates nightmares, in which case, you may need to take a break from this practice.  Balance, control and a grasp of what is real will enable those who want to learn how to lucid dream benefit from their dreams.

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