How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality: 6 Helpful Tips for Everybody

how to manifest your dreams into reality

Within all of us is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire. Wayne Dyer

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How would life change for you if you had the power to manifest your dreams?

Would you find more happiness? Have more wealth? Work at the job you’ve always wanted?

We may all have different dreams to chase, but how we turn them into reality is a common process.

Each of us has the power to achieve our own potential.

We have the power to turn dreams into reality.

There are two generic steps everyone must follow to achieve their dreams.

You must visualize what you wish to achieve, then look for ways to make that vision come true.

Both are necessary. You can visualize a dream coming true, but if you fail to work toward it, you are stuck waiting for the universe to do the job for you.

If you keep working towards something better, then fail to have a vision for where you wish to be, then your efforts will be aimless.

It would be like hopping into your car for a drive, not knowing where your destination will be, then expecting to find your perfect vacation destination spot when you arrive.

You must decide to act by following the helpful tips below.

Allow yourself to maintain a positive mindset, even if the world around you seems negative sometimes.

When you start to believe that you can do something, then you can begin to achieve something.

Manifesting Rituals dreams into reality

#1. Be specific with your intentions.

Before you can begin the pursuit of your dream, you must set some personal definitions for yourself.Some might say that if you shoot for the moon and miss, then you’ll still be in the stars. The other side of that thought is that you’ll become lost and not know what to do about it.

You must be specific about what it is that you wish to achieve. Don’t use generics when setting your definition.

Think about the exact things that you want in life.

Instead of setting an intention to be wealthy, let your dream be that you’ll become a millionaire before the age of 30 (or 40, or 55, and so on).

Instead of creating a goal to lose weight, let your dream be that you’ll lose 50 pounds before the end of the year.

Instead of trying to manifest your dream job, set the goal of the exact position you want at the exact company where you wish to work.

Be elaborate with your definitions. Spend time crafting your intentions, so they will be as specific as possible.

Make every step be measurable in some way.

Then think about why these are the definitions you’ve chosen.

The reason why many dreams fail before the first few steps are taken is that people start chasing their dreams without understanding how important (or unimportant) they are.

If you begin to chase monetary wealth, only to discover that your definition of being rich means spending extra time with your family, then you’ve pursued the wrong intentions and wasted your time.

Ask yourself the “why questions” before completing this step. Those questions might look something like this.

  • Why do I want to be wealthy, and what would that mean to me?
  • Why do I want to lose weight, and will it be a priority?
  • Why do I want my dream job over the work I currently do?

​Once you can answer these questions about yourself, it becomes possible to understand why certain dreams hold a higher level of importance to you.

When you have that knowledge, you’ll be ready to move forward to the next step of turning your dreams into a reality.

#2. Move toward your vision deliberately.

how to manifest my desires

When you understand the complexity of your intentions toward a specific vision, then you are ready to take deliberate steps forward to achieve it.

You may have a journey of 1,000 steps to take. That journey doesn’t begin until you take the first step.

You will not complete the journey until you have taken all 1,000 steps.

Many quests to achieve a specific vision end after the first few steps because there are no plans in place to take more.

You may have been inspired by others to take those first steps.

You must find the inspiration within yourself to keep going.​

​Your dreams will never turn into reality if you are unwilling or unable to take the next step forward.

In this step, unwillingness cannot be solved, but you will be able to create a plan that allows you to press forward if there is an obstacle in your way.

The best way to move forward deliberately is to fuel your journey with positive attention.

You will want to speak about your vision. Dream about your vision. Talk about it, think about it, and even incorporate them into your positive affirmations, if you wish.

You must also begin to visualize your vision.

An easy way to do this is to create a vision board. Some may refer to it as a dream board.

Think of a vision board as a collage which helps you picture what the outcome of your dreams will be.

You could place images of your family on this board, favorite inspirational quotes, or photos of people you admire who are already where you want to be.

Use wood, cork, picture frames, or even basic cards to begin the creation process. Then affix the items which are important to you onto the board.

There is no right or wrong way to complete a vision board. The only requirement is that each item you add to it must contribute to the vision you wish to achieve in some way.

Once you’ve completed the board, place it somewhere that you will see it multiple times per day. This last step cannot be ignored.

You will discover that when you begin to be self-motivated on this journey toward your definition of success, there will be a lot of self-doubt that begins to appear.

#3. Let go of your limiting beliefs and inner resistance.

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when pursuing their dreams is to confuse a “belief” with “truth.”

Believing in something may create individual truths, but not universal truths.

You were not born with any specific beliefs already inside of you. The beliefs you hold are based on your personal experiences, the thoughts of others, and what others may have taught you.

Every belief you hold was something you acquired.

That means whatever self-doubt, inner resistance, or other type of limiting belief you hold is based on a decision to keep it relevant.

You can make your limiting believes and inner resistance become irrelevant.

To do so, you can follow the I ESCAPE method.

This method was developed by Cornell University as a way to deal with crisis situations in others.

It has been adapted here because inner resistance is a crisis situation in yourself.

It is almost impossible to achieve dreams if you allow self-doubt to play an important role in your life.

I ESCAPE is an acronym. Here are the steps to follow.

I – Isolate the thought. Find the thoughts of self-doubt, then prevent them from spreading.

E – Explore your point of view. Why do you feel internal resistance at the thought of success?

S – Summarize your thinking. Look for reasons why you think and feel the way you do.

C – Connect your thoughts. When you think and feel negatively, you will act accordingly.

A – Alternatives considered. How can you turn self-doubt into self-encouragement?

P – Plan developed. Begin practicing positive thinking patterns to replace the negative ones.

E – Enter back into your routine. Now you’re ready to take the next step forward.

Whenever you encounter a negative thought when attempting to manifest your dreams, come back to these steps.

Go through the process as many times as it takes.

In time, you will be able to escape from the negativity which may be holding you back.

#4. Create an achievable action plan.

how law of attraction works

At this stage, you are ready to set some specific goals to turn your dreams into reality. That means you’re ready to create a plan of action.

Once you reach this step, do not procrastinate. Begin the process of taking the next step forward immediately.

If you procrastinate here, avoidance tends to appear.

It only takes a few days of avoidance to create a habit where you avoid trying to manifest your dreams.

Here are some ways you can begin to achieve your goals.

Develop supportive habits. Push beyond what you feel are your personal limits. Do the work that others are unwilling to do. If your habits keep you in your comfort zone, then you’ll only achieve what you’ve already achieved.

Get excited. People tend to pursue what they are passionate about. Excitement over dream manifestation will make this process a top priority.

Be willing to forgive yourself. It is important to remember that success is a process. Although some people may achieve instant success, it takes persistence for most to keep going. If you fail, forgive yourself, then keep pressing forward.

Be stubborn. You may encounter people who tell you to give up. Some might say that your dreams are worthless. Don’t accept the negative energies. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Eliminate the excuses. Once you allow an excuse to enter into the picture, you’re justifying failure. You’re visualizing a back door that you can take, which limits your chances for success. Give your dreams everything you have by doing whatever it takes.

Manifestation Techniques ways to achieve your dreams

#5. Act as if you already have what you want.

There are two ways to act “as if” you are living out your dreams.

The first involves pretending to have your dream achieved without any desire to put in the work to achieve it.

If wealth were a dream of yours, for example, you might go to Aspen, Colorado regularly.

You might pretend to have a lot of money. You might even go into stores, pretending that you just moved there.

That type of “as if” is based on instant gratification. By pretending you have wealth, you settle for the interactions which others are willing to give you.

The second option is think, feel, speak, and act as if you are currently living your dream.

Instead of pretending to be wealthy, you would attempt to make decisions as if you were already wealthy.

For some, the difference between the two is subtle. Think about it like this.

You go to a grocery store where only wealthy people tend to shop.

In the first way of acting as if you have achieved your dreams, you are going to the store to have other people see you.

In the second option, you are going there because it is part of the definition you have created for wealth on a personal level.

During this step, it is important that your choices be closer to the second option than the first.

When you are acting as if you have achieved your dreams because you wish to live out your definition of what will happen, then your energy and emotions begin to align with that vision.

You will begin to embody the signs and signals which are necessary for you to eventually find success.

That will allow you to begin believing more and more that you can achieve your dreams.

It feels good knowing that what you want is on its way.

If all you do is pretend for the sake of others, you will never go beyond the emotional gratification which occurs when someone believes your act.

Click here to learn more about the As If technique.

#6. Allow the universe to move with you.

how to manifest desires

Distrust is often at the root of failure.

We distrust the universe to offer opportunities that we can recognize.

We distrust our ability to create plans or follow-through with them.

Some may even distrust the closest people in our lives, thinking that they are trying to hold them back from their dreams.

Distrust creates three things: obsessions, deadlines, and demands.

You may begin to obsess about your “bad luck” and how others are getting to achieve their dreams, but not you.

You might begin to doubt your ability to be persistent.

These issues may cause you to doubt the validity of your dream in the first place.

When that occurs, your mind is no longer open to the possibility of success.

You’ve given up.

The universe, fate, God, or whatever higher power you believe is influential in our world today (including the power of your own mind) will move at its own speed.

For some, this speed is quite fast.

For others, the movement can feel very slow.

If you allow the universe to move with you, however, the end of the journey provides a unique realization.

When you look back at the steps you took to arrive at your destination, you will find that every step helped you become more prepared for the outcome you wanted to achieve.There is a purpose to find in every step you take during a journey to manifest your dreams.

Find that purpose and you will be able to see that the timing of the universe is perfect in its own way.

A Final Thought About Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting your dreams goes beyond the laws of attraction.

They go beyond a desire to manifest abundance in your life.

Dream manifestation will be as big or as small as you want it to be.

If you think openly and expansively, then you have the potential to achieve almost anything.

Even though there is no way to know how to manifest your desires quickly, you can begin the process of manifestation today.

Follow the ideas mentioned here. Stay in a positive mindset. Act accordingly if you feel negative energy coming your way.

The universe is not going to do the job for you. It is up to you to choose to act – only this will encourage you to begin seeing the signs that your dreams are manifesting. ​

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