How to Meditate [Why 6 Phase Meditation Can Transform Your Life]

Meditation is a proven practice that can melt away stress, inspire creativity, and help to locate the perfection present in every moment.

There are different ways to meditate, but each method has something in common: 6 phases of progression.

By understanding how each phase works and what the desired outcome of the phase happens to be, it becomes easier to achieve personal growth.

If you’re ready to take your meditation time to the next level, no matter how long you spend meditating daily, then the infographic below will introduce you to the 6 phases to focus upon.

The 6 Phase Meditation (Infographic)


Where Can You Meditate? 

Although meditation is often pictured in the lotus position, you can encounter the 6 phases of meditation in whatever way works best for you.

The lotus position does work to allow the feelings of relaxation to flow out from the body, but maybe you have a method that works well for you that doesn’t need to be changed.

Don’t change it. Maybe you meditate in the morning while you take a shower. You might find a dark corner at work during a break. Some people even meditate while they take a walk.

Meditation is about you. Encountering the 6 phases of meditation is about your connection. Harness it.

Forgiveness Isn’t Just About Others 

Forgiveness is an important part of meditation.

Forgiving others is a critical component to the loving kindness we feel for one another.

Our harshest critic, however, tends to be ourselves. In our effort to forgive others as we meditate, it is also important that we begin to learn how to forgive ourselves.

We all have regrets because of lost opportunities, poor choices, or mistakes that have been made. Our forgetfulness, anger, and resentment can cause unintended harm that creates guilt.

This guilt can get in the way of the benefits that meditation will provide. As you forgive others, make an effort to also forgive yourself.

You may experience an amazing release of negative energy when you do.

Intention Is Not the Same As Completion 

Good intentions are wonderful to have.

We often intend to do many great things throughout the day, but then the business of life gets in the way and we don’t accomplish what we intend.

Intending to meditate on a daily basis is the first step on a journey toward the establishment of meditation as a habit. Just don’t stop that journey after you take that first step.

Take the second step. Then the third step. Implement your plans to meditate through the 6 phases of meditation so that you can experience the way life was meant to be lived.

Your dreams will seem to be closer than ever before.

Meditation can improve your days, but understanding the process of meditation can transform your life.

Try to use these phases for your next meditation session and see what happens. It could be a life altering experience.

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13 thoughts on “How to Meditate [Why 6 Phase Meditation Can Transform Your Life]”

  1. Hello
    thanks for a very informative post, l learned to meditate some years back when l was having issues found it to be so calming and my stress and worries kind of melted away.

    l like the points you have pointed in the 6-way phase meditation, l have never thought of my daily intention but now that you mention it, makes alot of sense.
    Thanks for a very informative read.

  2. Interesting insights! I personally prefer to pray for Jesus to help me in every situations I face and guide me His ways. I believe in Biblical meditation but then we can’t find the answers of life inside of ourselves but we need to rely on God. Meanwhile I trust in God I also want to take the full responsibility of my life and not to complain God or someone else of the problems. Like you talk, forgiveness is very important 🙂

    • Taking full responsibility for your life is very important.

      I’m happy that you liked it, thanks.

  3. You have a really wonderful website here. The visuals make reading so easy. I agree that daily meditation has so many benefits when done properly. So many people don’t realize the power of relaxation and how much of difference it can be in your life. I like how there’s a set six step program as well.

    How long do you recommend practicing each stage?
    Thanks for reading

    • How long? As long as you wish. That’s an individual matter, I would say 🙂

      good luck 🙂

  4. Hey there,

    I stumbled upon your site, which is amazing I must say! Such useful and quality content.

    Very well written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.

    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.

    Kind regards


  5. I have really enjoyed reading your article. It is very educational. I meditate sometimes but would like to integrate it as an everyday habit. Meditation can help us to better understand some situation in our life and give us a new perspective on that. What do you think when is the best time for meditation? In the morning or before bedtime?

  6. Wow this was an awesome post! I really like the infographic on the 6 phases of meditation.

    And I think you’re right to start with gratitude as well.
    I will definitely try this out.

    And forgiving ourselves is always tough to understand, so thanks for summing it up in a succinct manner. 🙂

  7. Hi Luke,

    Great post. I think the infographic is a great way to get the message over to your audience. I only recently got into meditation but i must say I went through this process rigorously and particularly liked the section on Forgiveness; that is not something I normally bring in to my mantra, but it felt good. Thanks.

    • Yeah, infographics are great. I’m going to use them on my blog more often in the future. 🙂

  8. These are some fantastic tips for meditating.

    I hadn’t heard of the 6 phase meditation. I used to meditate but haven’t for some time. I used to use audio technology and found it was effective but stopped doing it some time ago.

    This has inspired me to get back into it. I might try the audio and also going through these 6 phases as I listen to it.

    I think maybe the biggest reason I stopped was that the audio I was using would take 1 hour and it was difficult to find this much time. Do you think meditation needs to take this long or would I still see benefits from doing it for less time?

    • Hi

      No, you don’t need to meditate for an hour especially if you’re just a beginner.

      It’s better to practice, say, 2 x 20-30 mins a day. However, after some time, when you gain more experience, you can definitely meditate for an hour once or twice a day – that depends on how much time you have.

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