How to Start a Blog and Make Money With It

how to start a blog and make money with it

There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving a nice payday for your hard work.

When your passion is writing, photography, or selling products for others, it can be difficult to bring in that chingle chingle to help pay the bills.

Difficult – yes. Impossible… no.

This journey toward earning an income with a blog is different for everyone.

Some people hit a home run their very first time and start earning a full-time income within 6-12 months.

Others slowly build their blog to become a moneymaker over 12-24 months.

You won’t find out what your journey has waiting for you until you take the first step.

It’s time to know how to start a blog and make money with it.


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How To Start Your Own Blog Right Now

There are four steps you need to take to create your own blog:

  1. You need to buy a domain name
  2. You need to find a hosting provider
  3. You need to install WordPress blog
  4. You need to make it look nice (although it’s not the most important thing)


  1. Buying a domain name

Namecheap is one of the most popular places where people go to buy a new domain.

how to make money blogging

Just check whether your domain is available and purchase it. It’s really not expensive. The process is incredibly easy.

You’ll save on your startup costs when compared to registering your preferred domain name through brand-name providers.


  1. Web hosting provider

There are different hosting providers which have varying strengths and weaknesses.

Some are cheaper and some are more expensive. You’re going to need one if you want your blog to exist on the internet.

I encourage you to try out one of the two below.


Siteground: Just pick the plan which suits you most.

how to make money online


Another good option is BlueHost




  1. Setting up a WordPress blog


It’s usually very simple. You can do it with a few clicks of the mouse.

Login to BlueHost and look for the Website Builders section.

how to create a blog














how to start a blog for free


build a blog on wordpress


how to create a website


how to start making money online



4. Installing a Theme

There are thousands of themes to choose from.

Don’t spend too much time on choosing the right theme though – it’s not so important.

You can always change it later.

The most important thing on your blog is the content that you’re going to create.


If you want to find some nice themes for your blog you can go to:


Studio Press



… or try out the Thesis theme.


best wordpress themes




And Now We’re Making Money… Right?

Well, actually we’re not quite there yet.

If you’re just starting out online, you’ll need a helping hand to start bringing in some cash.

You need proper tools, services, training, and support.

Of course you can do everything on your own and learn the hard way, but imagine how much easier it would be to listen to people who already achieved what you want to achieve now?

This is why I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate when you want to start blogging for cash.

Instead of being forced to learn things the hard way, you receive real mentorship and support from people who share your passions.

For me, there’s no better way to begin finding success.

Wealthy Affiliate Is One of the Best Online Learning Platforms (especially for newbies).

I’ll admit that I’m probably a little biased when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate.

After all, I’ve been with them for over 2 years now.

The community is very active and I’ve found them to be very helpful as I’ve been working to grow my own online presence.

Now you don’t need to have a premium membership to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s make that clear right here. If you do like the opportunities that Wealthy Affiliate is providing you after you’ve tried it out, however, a premium membership could take your blogging efforts to the next level.

Premium members are given the chance to host their blog on the hosting platform Wealthy Affiliate provides.

There is no need to pay additional hosting costs with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

You will just need to pay for your preferred domain name. That makes the start-up process for your blog simple and easy.

ways to make money online

How Easy Is It To Start Blogging?

If you create a blog on Wealthy Affiliate platform using Siterubix, then you can do it in less than 60 seconds.

You read that right!

In less than one minute, you will have a fully functional blog on WordPress that you can use for any purpose.

You can even watch a video about building your blog with Siterubix.

The best part about starting your blog with Siterubix and Wealthy Affiliate is that the program adjusts to suit your specific needs.

Courses, webinars, discussions, and other forms of assistance are always available if you have a question which needs an answer.

Blogging is a pretty easy way to supplement your current income, although it usually takes a lot of hard work at the beginning.

How long will it take you before you manage to establish your blog so that it can begin earning some cash?

You won’t know until you take the first step of your journey (but I would say it may take 1-2 years before you start seeing results).

Will you take that first step today?

If you want to see how you could benefit from Wealthy Affiliate then this video walkthrough is for you.



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