5 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Mindset & Make Lasting Change in Your Life

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Are you feeling stuck and desperate for change in your life?

Maybe you’ve tried to implement change but it never seems to stick and go back to old habits that do not serve you.

Here are 5 amazing ways to change your mindset positively to be able to make permanent and lasting change in your life.

Although, I want to stress to you that your mindset alone will not change your life.

It is what you do with your new found mindset, the actions you choose to take and how you can use your mindset for change.

A mindset isn’t a recipe for success nor is it going to magically create the life you always wanted.

However, maintaining a better and more positive mentality can introduce a new perspective and motivation.

Your mindset can be the fuel and resilience you need to create your dream and change you life completely.

A negative mindset can often lead to lack of motivation and even physical fatigue due to our mind-body connection.

It can stop you in your tracks and halting any change you want to make. Enable you to continue with bad habits that do not support you

Additionally, even a strong mindset can need continual work when new challenges occur or chaos ensues.

Sometimes the most unexpected things can happen.

It is your mindset that gets you through tough times and onto better days.

Therefore, it is important to nurture and support your mindset in order to progress and grow.

5 ways to improve your mindset to make lasting change

Your mindset is what motivates an inspires you every day.

Building a positive mindset can promote the biggest changes in your life and a big reason to invest in your mind.


CANI is a term created by Tony Robbins from the Japanese word kaizen.

CANI stands for Constant and Never-ending Improvement and is a mindset you can adopt to motivate you everyday for change.

The concept is that even the smallest improvements, every single day, lead to compound enhancements.

Improvements snowball into significant change over time and therefore, contribute to the creation of your dream life.

You can use CANI as a mantra for life.

Considering each day and ways that you can make constant improvement on yourself and your life.

This is an amazing motivator for self-development and opens your mind to your personal ability for change.

Applying CANI to your daily life can also be effective when reflecting on the day before.

Ask questions such as:

  • What was a negative experience I had?
  • Was I avoiding a challenge or indulging in habits that don’t serve me?
  • What positive events happened?
  • Was I happy with my actions, thoughts and emotions?
  • What have I learned from yesterday?

When you reflect, you may notice small things that you didn’t like about your day.

Take that information, learn from it and improve upon it.

When you choose to take on even the smallest of challenges, you will also enforce positive, empowering beliefs in yourself.

This again snowballs into tackling bigger challenges and seeing bigger results.

​Ultimately, contributing to lasting change as you continually learn and improve.

2. Leverage Pain and Pleasure

This kind of mindset outlook can change the way you see everything in your life and make lasting change.

Our brains are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

The unconscious wants to protect us from harm and danger and will steer us toward pleasure instead.

Therefore, this can make it difficult to consciously change when our brains are hard wired this way.

Choosing pleasure can also create feelings of unfulfillment and stagnancy because you are not taking painful risks or progress.

Additionally, short term pleasure can lead to long term pain.

One of the best examples of this is dieting.

The short term pleasure being chocolate or bad food and the long term pain being struggling at weight loss or even weight gain!

Therefore, you have to use the pain and pleasure to your advantage.

This can mean painting the most pleasurable life you want to create in the future.

A life so amazing and pleasurable that you do not want to do anything else than get to that ultimate pleasure.

You also need to make it as though your current life is the most painful experience.

So painful, difficult and harming that even the action that used to cause pain is pleasurable.

These actions become easier because you know you are on the way to long term pleasure.

mindfulness and meditation

3. Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation is not a mindset in itself, it is what the activity can do to your mindset.

The more you practice and participate in meditation and mindfulness the better you become at it too.

Studies have shown so many benefits to meditation.

Including changing the chemistry of the brain and body, reducing stress and anxiety and changing the size and shape of parts of the brain.

Being able to manage stress more effectively and think more positively can hugely improve your mindset.

Meditation has shown to increase activity in the brain including when our conscious mind is at rest. ​

As we all, encouraging increased self-awareness, improving the ability to form and recall memories, and boosting creativity.

In addition, mindfulness has also shown to lead to better self-awareness as well as cognitive and behavioral transformations.

Therefore, making you more conscious and present in everything you do and possibly even motivating you to change your course.

When thinking more positively and being more aware of yourself, you are then aware of your actions and opportunities to learn.

Although mindfulness and meditation are activities to integrate into your everyday life rather than a mindset, they are powerful.

The way that these activities can alter your brain activity can lead you to come up with new, spontaneous ideas.

New ideas can generate an all new motivation to pursue your dreams, change your life and be your best self.

4. Focus on Growth

It is often failure that can stop you in your tracks however, replacing the word failure with feedback completely transforms your experience.

Any time you feel you are not successful it is feedback you are receiving from what you have done.

What can you learn from this opportunity?

How can you change your approach in the future? What can you do better next time?

This is what is called a growth mindset.

Knowing that you might not be there yet but you are learning and growing in the process is an excellent mindset to hold.

Rather than feeling restricted by limited talent or ability, you know that with growth and learning you are limitless.

Therefore, focusing on growth will result in an improved mindset and changed behaviour.

You’ll be more prepared and motivated to take on challenges and see your potential in the results.

Whatever result you obtain, you can learn from them and continually improve on them.

This kind of mindset opens you up to a new perspective in experiences and the opportunities around you.

You may find that you even seek out new opportunities as you see the potential of expanding your knowledge and growing into your best self.

5. Personal Responsibility

Accountability is something that most people struggle with.

This is because it is so easy to blame others.

Other people are to blame for poor circumstances, or making us feel terrible or causing problems in your life.

This is often felt as though life is happening to you.

But this is not the case. We are the only ones responsible for our emotions and actions.

Someone else’s actions do not make you feel certain ways, you choose to feel negatively about them.

Yes, other people can be the cause of poor situations but it is how you react to them that is within your control.

Taking accountability and understanding your personal responsibility for your emotions and actions is a great mindset to adopt.

This positions you as the creator of your life and proactively taking charge of yourself and your circumstances.

​Take the lead on your life and know that every action you take is pushing you forward to the life you want to live.

Also take control of your emotions, you are the only one capable of that and therefore, have the ability to change your mindset in an instant.

improve your mindset

Apply these improvements to your mindset now

If you are feeling stuck in your life, you now know you are the one with the power to change it.

Take control and implement these ideas into your every day life to improve your mindset and make lasting change.

Include meditation and mindfulness practice to help you manage stress and become more self aware.

Additionally, becoming aware of your accountability, also encourages you into a new realm of self consciousness of your emotions, actions, and thoughts.

​Use the mantra of CANI to adopt new habits that serve you and the life you want to create.

Small improvements and challenges every day lead to great advancements in your every day life.

When employing a growth mindset, you’ll be prepared to take on any challenge and learn from each experience too.

Lasting change doesn’t just come with an improved mindset.

It is how you use it and apply it to your life that change is brought about.

How will you use your improved mindset to change your life?

​About the author

Brittany is the co-creator of Mind Medicine, where holistic health and wellbeing are the focus. Changing your mindset, consuming healthy nutrition and undertaking fitness to encourage health, happiness, and fulfilment in everyday life. Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/mindmedicine1/

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