Infinity: Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System


The ability to focus is what changes a good performance into a great performance. We all strive to give 100% every day so that we can be the very best at what we do, but what if we could enhance that concentration?

What if, through the efforts of meditation, we could smallergrasp a higher level of concentration that lets us each see the fine details that others miss? That’s what Infinity, Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System, is designed to help the listener do.

An Ocean Soundscape Provides the Backdrop For Success 

The Brain Evolution System uses a highly specialized audio process to create sounds that assist in achieving advanced states of meditation. Via

As you progress through the Brain Evolution System, you have first taught your mind the importance of being able to meditate, relax, and find more energy in the first month. In the second month, you taught it to be able to eliminate distractions that may be going on around you. Now you’re ready to enhance your focus and the frequencies that are included with this recording are specifically designed to help your brain enhance its own ability to perceive details it normally would just ignore.

As with Level 2, listeners of Infinity are going to find that a deep state of meditation is going to be difficult to achieve. That’s because Level 3 focuses on a different aspect of meditation so that your mind can enhance its focus. It’s more like a trance that you’ll experience in this level than a traditional meditative state and this can sometimes be disconcerting.

Lower Frequencies Create Deeper Concentration Levels 

What you will find, however, is that after a few days of using Infinity, your concentration levels are going to be better.

You’re going to be more creative because your focus isn’t going to be separated between multiple thoughts that are racing through your head.

You can grasp a thought, concentrate on it solely, create a viable outcome from that thought, and then repeat that process for every single thought that you have!

The ultimate goal of Infinity is to help your mind become more lucid in every state it happens to be in at any given moment.

This includes the restorative state of sleeping, as many people report that dreams they have become more vivid and memorable as they progress through Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System.

Because your mind is more lucid, you’ll also remember more, be able to think quickly on your feet, and experience the world in a completely different way.

Are You Tired of Your Mind Drifting? 

With this recording, you’ll be preparing your mind to be able to focus instead of drift. That doesn’t mean you won’t stop daydreaming… it just means that your thoughts during a daydream will have a greater purpose than distracting you from the stresses of a day! With a greater focus, you can accomplish more, create more, and have a greater ability to cope with stress every single day. That’s why Infinity is such a critical component of the Brain Evolution System!


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