Is Astral Projection Real or Just Fantasy?

Is Astral Projection Real

Is astral projection real? That’s a question that is on the minds of many these days because of the desire to explore more of the hidden world.

We all live and breathe together, but part of the human condition is to ask if there is more to this life. The promise of astral projection is that there really is more to explore.

The only problem is that many people discuss the fears of astral projection instead of the benefits. Many people are actually using astral projection on a regular basis, even if they don’t realize it.

The first experience with it might be a little unnerving, but over time, it becomes something that is just as comfortable as the silence between two good friends.

If you’re wondering if astral projection is real, and if you asked me this kind of question, I would say: it is (probably).

Astral Projection Is Not a Rare Event

In survey after survey, a consistent percentage of people report that they have had at least one conscious experience where they felt like they were out of the body.

About 1 in 10 people report this experience, which means out of a population of 7 billion people, around 700 million people have experienced astral projection.

700 million astral projection experiences is far from rare.

Here’s something else to consider: just about every religion on the planet incorporates some version of the soul into their philosophies, teachings, and doctrine.

The soul is part of the physical body, but also independent of it. In some believes, the soul is the true incarnation of who an individual happens to be.

What does that sound like? The foundation of astral projection, passed on through history.

Astral Projection Is Something You Can Learn

Astral Projection Stories

For many people, their first experience with astral projection is something that happens spontaneously.

It often occurs during times of intense pleasure or intense stress. This is because the body needs a trigger to release the mechanism that allows for the out of body experience to be achieved.

Because a trigger is required, we can identify the triggers that we have and learn to use them to our advantage.

It’s the same concept with our emotions. If we know that something will make us happy, then we take the necessary action [the trigger] to start the happiness. We can also start astral projection by purposely triggering them.

With practice, it is possible to experience astral projection, just like it is possible to trigger whatever emotions you wish to experience during the day.

Astral Projection Is For Everyone

The mind is a person’s own worst enemy when it comes to astral projection. Anyone can astral project, but many people are actively choosing not to do so for their own personal reasons.

Some might consider the practice to be evil or “sinful” in nature. Others might be scared about the thought of their consciousness leaving their body.

Someone’s faith is their own. It is not anyone’s place to criticize a personal belief that doesn’t include astral projection.

Having an open mind, however, helps to trigger the process for the first time. With consistent practice, it can become a skill that can be used for a wide variety of benefits.

Could We Have Lost Our Skill to Astral Project?

There’s one primary difference between adults and children: adults are pessimistic and children are optimistic. This is especially true with younger children.

Their innocence helps them see the world in a very different way. They believe aliens exist, that commercials speak the truth 100% of the time, and that the spiritual world is very, very real.

Because of this, children typically practice astral projection more often than adults. Many kids don’t even realize that this is happening.

It’s just part of their life. When they tell stories about their out of body experiences, what is our reaction as adults? We laugh, call it an impossible feat, and then dismiss the story entirely.

What if those stories were 100% true? Would that change your perspective of astral projection today?

Astral Projection Is Safe

is astral projection dangerous

For the average person, the practice of astral projection is 100% safe. No demons are going to come inhabit your body while you are having this type of experience.

You aren’t going to float away because it is windy outside. You can’t get “stuck” outside of your body.

It is a natural experience that helps your inner being, your soul, to be able to flex its muscles and enjoy the outdoors for a little while.

With that being said, there are a few people who shouldn’t practice astral projection.

  • Anyone being treated for a mental illness should avoid practicing astral projection until their illness is under control.
  • Those who have specific schedules that must be followed should wait until they have enough time to fully explore this process.
  • People who don’t believe in astral projection should not experiment with finding triggers.

This is because more harm than good can come from an astral projection event. People with mental illness concerns may experience psychological breaks because the world looks very different from an astral projection view.

Those with specific schedules to meet may find themselves running late as they enjoy astral projection.

As for belief structures, astral projection can destroy a personal belief system if it happens to someone who doesn’t agree with its practice or finds it to be sinful.

Faith, no matter what type it is, holds an important part in the life of every person on this planet. Destroying it can literally destroy a person at their very core.

There Is No Defined Limit To What You Can Achieve

When you are encountering astral projection, your energies are physically tied to your body. This is why it is a completely safe practice.

You are not calling someone into your physical body to come possess it, as other spiritual practices may allow. You are simply letting your consciousness explore the world in a different way.

Because of this, there is no defined limit about what you can do or where you can go during an astral projection event. The universe has several different planes of existence and even these can be visited when you are astral projecting.

It isn’t easy to access the different layers, but it is possible. This means people can access a higher level of truth that can be extremely fulfilling to all aspects of that person’s life.

Can Harm Come From Astral Projection?

This is where the biggest fears against the practice of astral projection are focused. It is possible to find harm from astral projection, but only if you allow that harm to happen to you.

There are many negative entities that inhabit the astral plane. They only have an impact on you, however, if you choose to have that impact happen.

When you are astral projecting, then your thoughts are what control every encounter or experience. If you don’t want something to happen, then just change it. You can literally use the power of thought to push all negativity away from you.

Even if you cannot push the negativity away, the survival instincts that we all have will kick in to help. Fear often causes someone to stop their astral projection experience and return to their physical form.

This negativity is also one of the biggest barriers that people face when trying astral projection for the first time. Any inkling of fear or doubt can cause someone to not astral project at all.

Sometimes people may receive a partial experience, but feel like they are stuck to their physical form in some way.

Here’s the bottom line: if you project joy, then you will receive positive, loving thoughts during your astral projection experience.

If you project negativity, then you will attract the negative elements in the astral plane if you are able to even achieve astral projection.

Isn’t Astral Projection Just a Dream?

In some ways, you can control a dream like you can control an astral projection experience.

A lucid dream allows you to be conscious while you create a specific dream state that helps you explore life in unique ways.

Astral projection, on the other hand, doesn’t require an altered state of existence to start an experience.

For many people, astral projection occurs during the sleep process, so it is understandable to believe that dreaming and projection are linked.

For some people, it is very possible that the two states are linked. Most people, however, have two very distinct states. The dream plane is different than the astral plane for them.

The encounters that we have during astral projection are also very different than our dream encounters.

People appear in our dreams because we are placing them there, whether consciously or unconsciously. While astral projecting, it is possible to meet people who are in the same state.

If you are conscious of this experience and they are not, then it is impossible to interact with them.

Yet these people who you encounter will recognize your life force when they encounter it again.

This is why we experience deja vu with people we don’t ever remember meeting before. We may not have met them physically, but we have encountered them on a different plane of existence at some point in the past.

Can Astral Projection Predict the Future?

astral projection techniques

Here is the most exciting component of astral projection: time travel.

We often consider time to be linear, but that is only in our physical plane and even then time can be manipulated.

When gravity is removed from the equation and speed is added to a physical entity, then time literally slows down.

Now add the non-linear components of time from the astral plane and you can literally experience the future or engage the past.

Have you ever had an experience that seemed very real where you were doing something very specific?

Maybe you were sitting at your desk at work, completing a task. You could have been driving somewhere. Maybe you were just sitting on your couch, watching a favorite television show.

Astral projection allows you to explore your future self. The experiences that you encounter are the real experiences that you will have in the future.

Sometimes the memories from these encounters are so specific that you can actually predict what will happen in your physical life because you’ve already encountered the experience in the astral plane.

Religions support this, including the Bible. Look at the Book of Revelations. The author is taken into the future, in an implied resurrected body, looking at a perfected world where evil has been fully conquered.

Many Christians take the Bible literally, which means the “vision,” or the astral projection of consciousness into the far future of the author, must have actually happened.

Are You Ready To Explore the Benefits of Astral Projection?

If you want to experience everything that this life has to offer, then you’re ready to give astral projection a try today.

It will take some practice to find your triggers and achieve control during an event, but it is a skill that can be learned. You can literally experience this world with all of your senses, giving you a new perspective of what this world is all about.

Astral projection seems to be very real. Those who experienced astral projection have no doubts that it really happened, that it wasn’t just fantasy.

Your thoughts are what will keep you in control. If you think about joy, then you will experience joy. Although some people may not wish to attempt astral projection right now, this practice is for virtually everyone who wants to experience more out of life.

What is astral projection? I would say it is something that will let you see the world for what it really is (but it is just my opinion of course, your experiences may be different).

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