Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? Find Out If It’s Safe For You!

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous

One may not really think twice about the effects of dreaming, but what happens when you attempt to control your dreams?

Lucid dreaming is the practice of dreaming while maintaining consciousness so as to control your dreams. 

This means you have the freedom to create worlds, do anything you can imagine doing, go where you want to go and do it all from the comfort of your bed. 

While this sounds exciting and wondrous, many wonder if there are any dangers associated with such practices.

In other words: is lucid dreaming dangerous for us?

Lets take a look at the answers to this question.

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Effects of Lucid Dreaming

For most individuals, at some point, they are likely to experience a type of lucid dream. 

While dreaming you may find yourself saying something like ‘this is just a dream’ or ‘I must be dreaming’. 

For the most part, this is basically a lucid dream. 

You are aware of the fact that you are indeed asleep and what you are experiencing is not real. 

Those who experience conscious dreams and employ the use of supplements or tricks to help initiate the process feel as though they benefit. 

Most claim to have deeper, more restful sleep. 

Others who have fears, phobias or persistent nightmares find that through controlling their dreams, they can conquer these things. 

Physically, there are no real documented changes, just that participants felt less stress.

Having a good night’s sleep is important as it helps the brain and body to rebuild, repair and prepare for the next day. 

Dreaming is a part of that function. 

Lucid dreaming may seem harmless. 

The question is however, if this is truly the case.

Dangers of Lucid Dreaming? Is it really dangerous?

There are a few things to watch out for if you decide to go ahead and lucid dream. 

Here are a few of the more common potential “dangers”:

Dream paralysis:  When a person sleeps and then dreams, the body locks large muscle groups so as to prevent too much movement while sleeping and especially during dreams.  At this time the dreamer may feel the paralysis

This can be quite scary, especially if you have never experienced it before. It is recommended to try and move a small muscle to gently wake the body out of the paralysis.  By wiggling the toes or a finger, you can slowly bring your body to a regular state.

This is not particularly dangerous, but it can be frightening.  Knowing what to do or what to expect can help.

Psychological Effects:  Some wonder as to the psychological effects that lucid dreaming can bring about.  As already mentioned, certain fears can be overcome, memory and creativity can improve.  Nightmares can be lessened.  A word of caution, in some cases, the reverse is true, people have experienced more nightmares. 

Lucid dreaming provides a life-like experience. The effects do have the potential for a person to seek out in real life, what they felt or experienced in a lucid dream. 

The matter of psychological effects of lucid dreaming continues to be debated and investigated.  In the meantime, use good sense, and be balanced.

Addiction:  This is a possibility for those who lucid dream. But remember that you can become addicted to anything! 

Some say that lucid dreaming can lead to a type of unrealistic view of what life should be and that the lines between what is real and what is not can become blurred. But take it easy, it doesn’t have to be that way and it probably won’t be that way.

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? Is drinking coffee dangerous? Is playing computer games dangerous? Moderation is the key.

Is lucid Dreaming Dangerous

There are those who practice lucid dreaming in order to take control of their dreams and create a world of fantasy for themselves. 

The unconscious mind is a storehouse of information, memories, inspiration and limitless imagination. 

Delving into the unconscious mind can yield some beneficial results, but we always have to be careful. 

Like anything else in life, it is important to use good sense. 

Maintaining balance and making wise decisions in this regard is the best way to approach lucid dreaming. 

Don’t let all these things scare you away from practicing lucid dreaming.

Many have turned to lucid dreaming to enrich themselves and tap into their unconscious mind.

Just know your limits and keep focused on what is really important ‒ the real life.

What is your opinion about lucid dreaming? Do you find it dangerous? What are your experiences?

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