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One of the biggest obstacles to having a very first lucid dream is discovering how your body and mind will best create the conditions to utilize one. For many, lucid dreaming techniques are simply trial and error and it takes time to discover what works the best for them. If you’re just getting started with your lucid dreaming techniques, there are two fundamental techniques that commonly work for many lucid dreamers: mnemonic induction and wake back to bed.

Combining these techniques with an effective brainwave entrainment product could help you get the results you’ve been seeking to achieve. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look! Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams – the MILD Method

If you were born before the 1990’s, the first thing that probably comes to mind when the term “mnemonic” comes up is the movie Johnny Mnemonic that starred Keanu Reeves. You might even remember Gibson’s original short story in Omni. The plot is pretty simple: Johnny is a mnemonic carrier of data in a world filled with big corporations. Information is extremely valuable and the only way to transport it reliably is through the brains of couriers.

The reality is that your brain, right now, already has a dataport installed and it is always on! You don’t need to connect a USB port to your head in order to access this data… you simply need to set the conditions for your mind to be able to access the data while you sleep.

To access the world of lucid dreaming with this technique, there are four basic steps that you’ll need to start doing daily:

Step #1: Recall Your Dreams

Have you ever noticed that the more you try to remember a specific dream, the more it seems to slip out of your grasp? By working to recall your dreams, you are exercising your mind’s muscle to be able to employ the MILD lucid dreaming technique. If you struggle to remember details of your dreams, try keeping a dream journal next to your bed so that you can jot down the things you remember as soon as you wake up. Then, when you go back and read through your journal entries, there’s a much better chance of memory recall.

Step #2: Check For Reality Constantly

In order to learn lucid dreaming techniques, you’ve got to be able to distinguish reality from fantasy. Dreams are extremely vivid and seem real when we are having them – as real as life itself! To condition your mind to be able to determine if it is dreaming, it is important to check for reality on a consistent basis throughout the day. Doing something you normally would do, like place a hand on a wall that’s close. Ask yourself if that wall is real. When you’re awake, of course it’s real! When you’re dreaming, however, that wall can become anything. That’s how you can begin separating reality from dreaming.

Habits can take up to 21 days to establish, so be patient with yourself as you work through this step on a daily basis. The more you do it, the stronger the habit will become, and eventually you’ll establish the conditions for lucid dreaming.

Step #3: Affirm To Yourself That You Can Dream Lucidly

Strangely enough, the biggest obstacle that people who are trying to have a lucid dream face is a disbelief that they can actually achieve their goal. If you have a negative perspective, then chances are you’ll have a negative outcome! That’s why positive affirmations as you’re falling asleep can be a powerful tool create a lucid dream.

To utilize these lucid dreaming techniques, simply repeat one of these affirmations to yourself as you fall asleep repetitively:

  • I will remember I’m dreaming when I dream.
  • My next scene will be a dream.
  • Tonight I will dream a lucid dream.
  • I’m going to dream a lucid dream now.

Step #4: Visualize Your Lucid Dream

As you enter the world of lucid dreaming, visualizing what you want to dream and how you want to dream it is critically important. You must be in control for your dream to be lucid, so just like a good business plan can help a business become successful even before it opens its doors to its first customer, visualizing your dream sets the conditions for a lucid dream. Daydreaming, brainwave entrainment, and imaginative visualization exercises as you fall asleep can all help with the implementation of these lucid dreaming techniques!

The Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dreaming Technique [WBTB Method]

Have you ever woke up to your alarm, only to fall back asleep right away? Did you have a dream when you fell back asleep that incorporated all of sounds and smells of the environment around you? Maybe the television was on and the news report from the television became a radio news report in your dream? When you wake up, just to fall asleep right away again, you have a better chance of having a lucid dream because you are still in a heightened mental state.

Here’s why this is one of the best and most reliable lucid dreaming techniques: it almost always works! Set your alarm so that you wake up a couple hours earlier than you normally would. Once the alarm goes off, make yourself get out of bed and do something fun, but relaxing for at least 20 minutes, but no more than an hour. You can’t just lay in bed for these 20 minutes and watch the TV!

After those 20 minutes are over, come back to bed and let yourself relax. Sometimes your mind will stay alert [maybe from the anticipation of having a lucid dream?] and it seems impossible to be able to get back to sleep. Using meditation, brainwave entrainment, or other mental relaxation exercises can really help to quiet the mind so that you can re-enter sleep.

Are you ready to learn lucid dreaming for yourself? Then try these two lucid dreaming techniques today so that tonight your chances are better than ever to have a dream that you control!

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