How to Lucid Dream Tonight [Start Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming]

What Stops Me from Having a Lucid Dream?


Most people who pursue a lucid dream for the first time can experience one within 21 days. Some can even encounter one on their first attempt!

If you are struggling to achieve this result, there could be an unknown obstacle in the way that prevents you from enjoying all of the benefits of lucid dreaming.

These are the steps that you’ll want to take if you’ve followed all of the tips to have a lucid dream and have yet to experience one.


1. Speak to your doctor.

If you don’t remember your dreams, then there could be roadblocks caused by health concerns of which you may not be aware. It takes time for your mind to transition into this state, so a consistent pattern of tossing and turning may be stopping you from achieving the rest you require. Issues like sleep apnea may also be an obstacle that prevents your progress.


2. Change the sheets on your bed.

How much do you love the feeling of having fresh sheets and blankets on your bed? Lucid dreaming triggers occur with greater frequency when you feel relaxed and comfortable. Try to swap out your linens at least once per week.


3. Set the thermostat to a lower temperature.

Some people prefer to sleep in a warm environment, but it is not usually conducive to the lucid dreaming process. Lower the thermostat for your bedroom by at least five degrees. If it is hot outside, then run a fan in your window or keep the air conditioning on during the night. It works better to be colder and have a blanket than to be hot and sweaty.


4. Caffeine and alcohol can interfere with your dreams.

Having too much caffeine or alcohol can increase your physical levels of stress. These items can enhance your feelings of depression and anxiety as well. If you are struggling to get to sleep at night, then cut these out as much as possible. If it is still a problem, then speak with your doctor about medicines that could help or use cognitive behavioral therapy tools.


5. Restless Leg Syndrome can stop a lucid dream.

People who have RLS can kick hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of times during the night. If you struggle with this issue, then regular exercise, caffeine reduction, and alcohol limitations can help. Medication is prescribed for severe cases.


6. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is another common issue.

If you wake up because of a sudden or intense movement, then there is a disconnect between your dream state and the physical responses of your body.  It is like sleepwalking, but on steroids. Medication is usually advised to treat this issue.


7. Bruxism

Some people wake up from their dreams prematurely because they grind their teeth. The cause of this problem is usually anxiety and stress, but it can also be due to a physical habit. Wearing a mouth guard at night can generally help with this issue.

Once you correct any medical issues that might be interfering with your sleeping patterns, it is possible to start moving through the necessary steps that will take you to the lucid dream you want.

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How to Lucid Dream Tonight [Start Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming]


Imagine that you are walking up a staircase. At the top is your goal: to have a lucid dream. There are 10 steps that you must take to achieve this accomplishment. Are you ready to begin the journey?


1. Remember Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming requires dream recall for it to be a successful experience. Start using a dream journal or dictate notes about what you remember to encourage more clarity.


2. Stay Aware

Dreams feel like a bridge between our memories and reality. You must get into the habit of staying aware at all times in every state for your consciousness to recognize dream triggers. Practicing mindfulness meditation for 20 minutes each day is an effective practice when trying to have a lucid dream.


3. Learn to Relax

If you struggle to fall asleep at night because of stress, anxiety, or racing thoughts, then take a deep breath. Take another. Then look for a way to let those feelings go. Learning to relax can detach your mind from the rest of the world so it can focus on your dreams.


4. Embrace Spontaneity

If the sky suddenly shifts from day to night, then such a strange event in your dream can trigger your consciousness to recognize the state. Then embrace the moment to see what else can happen.


5. Explore the Hypnagogia

When you close your eyes, do you see anything? Shapes, colors, or patterns? Follow them as you begin to drift to sleep. They can lead you toward a lucid dream.


6. Dreaming Supplements

Products like Claridream Pro can help you to have colorful, vivid dreams when you take them regularly. This outcome makes it more likely for your conscious mind to recognize that it is dreaming. Before adding a new supplement to your routine, you should consult with your doctor to see if it is appropriate for your treatment plan.


7. Go Back to Bed

If you get up too early in the morning one day, then go back to bed. Try to fall asleep immediately. Before you go back to bed you may try to write in your dream journal the dream from the night before. This process will encourage lucid dreaming.


8. Stay Calm

It can be exciting to find yourself inside of a dream. That moment of clarity can also cause you to wake up. Try to rub your hands together in that fictional world to stimulate your mind and stay in control of your emotions.


9. Control the Dream

Remind yourself that you are dreaming. Continue to look for triggers so that your conscious mind can stay in control.


10. Master Sleep Paralysis

It can be scary to lie in bed and not be able to move. If you experience this state, then you are also close to a lucid dream. Your body experiences this condition to avoid physically acting out a fantasy while you sleep.

Lucid dreams are possible if you are willing to climb the staircase. Begin your journey today.

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