7 Lucid Dreaming Benefits: Here’s Why You Should Learn Lucid Dreaming

How to Create Lucid Dreams for Their Benefits


Most people will experience a lucid dream at least once in their lives. Something unusual will happen in this fictional world, you will recognize this face, and that event snaps you into a state of conscious awareness.

Once you become aware that you are dreaming, it is not unusual for your brain to wake you up immediately. That is normal.

If you want to pursue the benefits of lucid dreaming, you will need to know how to create them when you sleep. Then you must understand how to stay asleep during this event. Here are some tips that may help.


Tip #1: Practice Mindfulness Every Day

The practice of mindfulness keeps you in the present moment for as long as possible. It is a way to embrace the sensations that occur in real life. By performing reality checks during this stage, you can work to condition your mind toward a higher state of awareness.


Tip #2: Use Affirmations

If you struggle to remember your current dreams, then consider using positive affirmations as you fall asleep to trigger this experience. If you believe that a lucid dream will occur as you drift off to sleep, then you will increase the chances of making that happen.


Tip #3: Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

Audio triggers can help you to have lucid dreams at night as well. When two different frequencies are playing, one in each ear, then the difference between them can create the results you want. It helps to use a formal program designed for this benefit instead of a long YouTube video to avoid interruptions or Internet lag. [Best Binaural Beats]


Tip #4: Take a Nap

If you take a nap during the day, then you might go directly into a REM cycle. Because there is less time during the transition between wakefulness and sleep, you increase the chance of experiencing a lucid dream.


Tip #5: Dietary Changes

It is easier for the average person to start a lucid dream when they are eating whole foods, fresh produce, and avoiding caffeine. If you struggle to achieve this state, and you consume a lot of packaged items, a few changes to your diet could help you to take advantage of the benefits that lucid dreams provide.


Tip #6: Want It

The most common reason why people do not experience a lucid dream is that they don’t really want to have the experience. If you think this practice is dangerous, then your brain will stop it from happening. Try to make it a top priority as you go to bed over the next couple of weeks to shift your mindset. This option might remove the obstacles you might not even know are in the way.


Lucid dreaming can be exciting. It provides several potential benefits to explore. Get started today to begin creating your own world of discovery.


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​Video transcription

Lucid dreaming creates an alternative reality that looks and feels like real life. It is a place where you can become free of your fears or inhibitions. You can have the confidence to be anything or anyone.

It is the only form of authentic liberation that you can experience in life. Even though the dreams might take place in a fictional world, what you learn from them can change your reality.

There are some incredible benefits to lucid dreaming that you will want to consider if you’re taking a closer look at this practice.



1. You Create the Dream

Lucid dreamers can create whatever scenario they want when they recognize their state of sleep. You get to try whatever you want. You can be whomever you want to be. This benefit helps you to experience real freedom.


2. Your Creativity Gets a Boost

You can use lucid dreaming to practice specific skills, brainstorm ideas, or speak with your personal heroes. Imagine having a conversation with Einstein, Lincoln, or Churchill. What would you say? There are no limits here.


3. Explore Intimacy

Most people go into relationships expecting to be with their partner and no one else. When you encounter an intimate moment in a dream, it becomes an instant trigger that creates clarity. This benefit can help you to work out issues that you and your significant other may be having as well.


4. Encounter New Dimensions

The rules of physics do not apply in a lucid dream. Flying is a common experience that people have in this state. You can travel through time, find yourself on other worlds, or become part of a video game. There are no rules here except for the ones that you create.


5. Discover Yourself

A lucid dream allows your conscious and subconscious minds to have a conversation. You can discover who you are and what your purpose is for each new day while you sleep. It is a way to connect with your true self.


6. Overcome Fear

Lucid dreams can also help you to overcome many of the fears that you have. You can expose yourself to the phobia trigger in a safe environment, manage your feelings and reactions, and then apply the lessons learned to real-life situations.


7. Process Grief

Losing a loved one may be one of the most difficult moments in life that we all encounter. Grief can be profound because it can arrive without warning. Lucid dreams give us a chance to connect with those we have lost too soon, providing an opportunity to process these challenging emotions safely.


Lucid dreaming can have many unique individual benefits as well. You can experiment with this resting state whenever you want. Be patient with the process, keep an open mind, and there is no limit to what you could experience.


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