Lucid Dreaming Supplements That Will Help You Have Vivid Dreams

lucid dreaming supplements

The history of lucid dreams dates to at least the mid-19th century.

Author Marie-Jean-Leon Lecoq, Baron of Hervey de Juchereau, and Marquess of Hervey of Saint-Denys published a book about dreams and how to direct them in 1867.

His interest in lucid dreaming came from his interest in different world cultures.

Now called the Father of Lucid Dreaming, even early psychologists like Sigmund Freud came to view his work as part of the foundation of their own work.

That is the publishing history of lucid dreaming.

If we use oral traditions and storytelling to research lucid dreaming, then the first known descriptions come out of India around the 10th century BC.

Ancient Hindu tracts, such as the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, help to describe how individuals can direct their consciousness within a dream state, creating vision states while they sleep.

The fact is that lucid dreaming has been a component of human existence, in some way, for thousands of years.

Some might think you need to be spiritual or religious to embrace lucid dreaming. That is not the case at all.

When you build a foundation that encourages lucid dreaming and work to practice dream control, it is possible to have your first lucid dream in 3 weeks or less after your first efforts.

One way to enhance that process is to include lucid dreaming supplements as part of that foundation.

A note about supplements:

Supplements are items that you take at your own risk. Before taking any supplement for the first time, you should speak with your doctor about what you intend to take and why you wish to take it. Although many supplements have the ability to provide numerous benefits, some may also interfere with current medications you are taking or create other bothersome health issues. This content is for informational purposes only.

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What Is the Best Supplement for Lucid Dreaming?


Probably the best supplement to take if you wish to experience lucid dreaming is Claridream Pro.

It offers a proprietary combination of ingredients which are designed to enhance your personal dreaming experience.

It works by creating a release of GABA.

GABA is a neurotransmitter which works to block the impulses that occur between your nerve cells.

If you have low levels of GABA, you may experience issues such as chronic pain, mood disorders, or increased anxiety.

Taking GABA may improve your mood, treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and improve sleep.

Claridream Pro will then reduce ACH breakdown within the body.

ACH, or acetylcholine, is a chemical message released to your nerve cells, allowing them to send signals to other cells of the body.

The combination of these two outcomes may create 4 specific benefits over time.

#1. You are able to remember more of the dreams you already have.

#2. Your dreams may become more vivid, intense, or pronounced.

#3. You may experience more lucidity within your dreams.

#4. Your sleep experience may improve.

To be clear: there is no specific supplement, medication, or lifestyle activity you can use or implement which will create a lucid dream.

It takes practice to control your consciousness within a dream state. You must have the mindset in place that lucid dreaming is something you accept and wish to experience.

When you are willing to take those steps, then adding a product like Claridream Pro will increase the chances that a lucid dream may come your way in the near future.

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Additional Supplements for Lucid Dreaming

Claridream Pro is just one option to consider if you’re exploring the concept of lucid dreaming.

These additional supplements have been known to encourage deeper dream states, better sleep, and reduced anxiety, all of which may be necessary to begin lucid dreaming.

#1. Melatonin

Melatonin is naturally produced by your pineal gland. It is a hormone which is responsible for controlling your sleep-wake cycles.

Healthy melatonin levels may provide a protective role against neurodegenerative disease.

It helps to regulate fat cells and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Receptors are present in the brain, liver, kidneys, and digestive system, and cardiovascular system.

About 3.1 million people in the United States currently take this supplement, which is widely available at most retail locations that offer pharmacy products or over-the-counter medication.

That equates to a usage percentage of 1.3% in the population, which is similar to what other developed countries see.

Taking melatonin will often encourage a faster, deeper state of sleep. That, in turn, creates more potential for a deeper dream and lucid dreaming.

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#2. Pyridoxine

This supplement is commonly known as Vitamin B6.

When it is present in healthy levels, it helps to detoxify the liver, promote healthier skin, reduce anemia symptoms, and support a healthy cardiovascular system.

It also helps to support memory function. This feature is so powerful, in fact, that it is known to help with mild cognitive symptoms that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking it can help some individuals be able to recall their dreams more often.

You can find pyridoxine in most general Vitamin B series supplements that are widely available at retail locations. Some stores may sell Vitamin B6 supplement separately.

Changing your eating habits may improve pyridoxine levels in your body as well.

Foods such as chickpeas, avocado, sunflower seeds, and pistachio nuts are all high in this supplement.

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#3. Calea zacatechichi

This supplement comes from a medium-sized shrub that is found in Mexico and select areas of Central America.

It is known to increase dreams and how often they can be remembered.

It works by causing the shallower REM sleep patterns to lengthen, which then causes the body to wake up from sleep more frequently throughout the night.

This interrupts the dream state being experienced, which allows the dream to transfer over to the memory centers of the brain.

There are several ways you can take this supplement.

The leaves can be crushed and smoked through water filtration. Powdered Calea zacatechichi may be available in capsule form. It is also available in the form of an herb-based essential oil.

This supplement can be somewhat difficult to find.

The easiest way would be to find a reliable supplement manufacturer offering it online.

Some limited store availability is possible if you have a vitamin or supplement store in your community.

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#4. Galantamine

Galantamine was first used in modern medicine in the 1950s within the Soviet Union.

It was isolated from the bulbs of the common snowdrop flower, then processed into a supplement in 1959.When taken as directed, it can be effective in the treatment of moderate cognitive declines associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is currently approved in the United States as a treatment option for mild or moderate dementia.

Do not take this supplement if you are currently taking antibiotics.

Although this supplement may improve memory recall and promote enhanced mood stability, it may also create bothersome side effects.

Gastrointestinal distress is very common with this lucid dreaming supplement.

It may also cause sleeping problems, including insomnia, in some people as well.

Headaches and dizziness are also reported frequently.

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#5. Mugwort

This supplement comes from a plant that is part of the daisy family. It has aromatic leaves that are colored from dark green to white.

Mugwort is prized for its numerous applications. You can form a yellow dye with it, create an insect repellant, and even include it with your favorite recipes.

The most common reason to take this supplement today is for stomach distress or gastrointestinal problems.

It can ease symptoms of colic, reduce bloating, or reverse diarrhea and constipation. It has also been known to ease headaches, chronic nose bleeds, and nerve problems.

Mugwort can also prevent insomnia, encouraging a faster and deeper state of sleep.

That is how it can support the desire to begin lucid dreaming.

One issue to consider with this supplement is that it can cause allergic reactions.

If you’re allergic to apples, peaches, celery, carrots, or sunflowers, you should not take this supplement for lucid dreaming.

Although it is available as an herbal incense, this product is commonly outlawed.

The most common form of this supplement is found in pill form and teas.

You can find this supplement online or at most stores which sell a variety of supplements and over-the-counter medications.

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#6. Choline

This supplement is very similar to Vitamin B6 in the way it behaves.

Choline is produced in the liver and is found in many common foods, such as fish, peas, spinach, and eggs.

As a supplement, choline is often taken to delay fatigue when performing some type of endurance activity.

It is very common as a bodybuilding supplement. It may also be used to counter liver health issues, including cases of cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.

From a brain health standpoint, choline helps to support the central nervous system.

It creates resiliency within the system, which supports a boost in information transfer when waking from a dream state.

Unlike some other supplements on this list, taking choline will not provide an immediate benefit.

It is a supplement which must be taken over time. As higher levels of choline develop within the body, then improved mental functions may occur.

It is important to take a choline supplement as directed.

Taking too much of it can cause an increase in sweating, digestive tract discomfort, and create a body odor which is often described as “fishy.”

Choline is often found wherever vitamins and supplements are sold.

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How to Induce Lucid Dreaming for Beginners

lucid dreaming tips for beginners

The idea of taking lucid dreaming pills, herbs, or other various aids is that you will receive extra support for your decision to pursue this practice.

These supplements will not induce a lucid dream on their own. You must first learn how to lucid dream.

Just as a supplement like Claridream Pro or the others listed above encourage the state of lucid dreaming, you must also create an environment which encourages it.

Begin by making sure that your bedroom is clean and organized. Clutter has a unique effect on the brain. It overloads your senses, which creates higher levels of stress.When you have high stress levels, you’re less likely to experience a lucid dream.

Your organization skills don’t need to be perfect.

You must simply reduce the amount of clutter in your bedroom to a level that is beneath your personal tolerance level.

Eliminate any light sources from the room. That includes any phones or tablets which may turn on to display a notification for you.

Then learn more about lucid dreaming.

Take an hour before your normal bedtime routine to read information about the topic. Consider adding your first lucid dreaming supplement here, if you wish. Talk to your friends about lucid dreaming. Think about what you’ll do if you experience a lucid dream. Visualize yourself having a lucid dream. This will help to focus your natural energies toward the dreaming process.

Then perform reality checks. When your consciousness is in the habit of checking for reality, it will do so in your dream state.

This is the easiest way to recognize that you are dreaming, which then allows you to create a lucid dream.

Consciously do reality checks while awake at least 10 times per day. There is no upper limit to the amount that you can set.

Then set an alarm for yourself to wake up at an earlier time.

The best results tend to happen if you wake up 2 hours before you normally need to get moving.

If you normally wake up at 7am, then set your alarm for 5am.

Make sure you have a secondary alarm set for your regular wakeup time.

Your early first alarm should sound once and then be shut down immediately to reduce a full awakening cycle.

Some supplements, such as Claridream Pro, encourage you to take a dose at this wakeup time.

Be sure to follow the instructions of your preferred supplement for lucid dreaming correctly.

Then allow yourself to drift back to sleep.

You may see certain light patterns or visual cues as you settle back to sleep.

Track them visually, exploring how they move or where they go.

Then wait for the dream. Try to stay in control. If you get too excited, you may prematurely wake from the lucid dream.

Are You Ready to Begin Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming?

lucid dreaming course

Lucid dreaming is a process that normally takes some time to develop.

Although a lucid dream is always possible on your first try at it, most people need about 2-3 weeks to have their first experience.

If you find that lucid dreaming feels like a struggle, then the best lucid dream supplements are one way to encourage deeper, more vivid dreams.

Products like Claridream Pro will not create a lucid dream. They may help you induce a lucid dream if you have been working toward this dream state already.

You may find it helpful to start a dream journal which tracks every dream you can remember.

Set the journal next to your bed, so that when you wake up, you can write down everything you can remember about the dream you just had.

Start your dream journal by documenting some of the dreams you already remember from the past.

Anyone can begin to experience lucid dreaming on a personal level.

It requires a commitment to the process. Lucid dreaming supplements may be a helpful part of that process for some.

Choose the supplement which seems to meet your needs the best.

If interested, you can purchase Claridream Pro and see how it works for you.

best lucid dreaming supplement

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