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In order to begin lucid dreaming, you’ve got to actually start remembering your dreams. Many people consider dreaming simply something that happens when you get a decent night’s sleep, but when you’ve learned some lucid dreaming techniques, the dreams you have can be a much more powerful tool.

Lucid dreams can help you work out problems, cope with stressful situations, and even help you run potential scenarios for difficult choices you might have in the upcoming days. If you’re ready to take advantage of your dream time, then here’s some places for you to start.

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DILD Lucid Dreaming Techniques

DILD, or dream induced lucid dreaming, is the place to begin practicing the concept of using dreams to your advantage if you’ve never done it before. Have you ever been in a dream and then realized that you were dreaming because the reality of your dream seemed altered?

That’s the beginning of starting a lucid dream! As you are starting to practice this, or entrain your brain to accept lucid dreaming, you can begin to test each dream to determine if you are really dreaming so that you can start the lucid process. You can do this by:

  • looking for signs of unreality within your dream,
  • changing your sleep cycle to have more morning REM sleep, and by
  • using other lucid induction methods, such as SILD or MILD.

Through meditation, positive thoughts, and self affirmation, you can easily begin creating the environment your brain needs to accept these lucid dreaming techniques. Even for well practiced lucid dreamers, almost three quarters of them experience a majority of their lucid dreams through the DILD technique.

When you’ve begun to master the ability to dream lucidly through this method, you’re ready to move onto other lucid dreaming methods.

WILD Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Though some people might call a waking dream a hallucination or simple daydreaming, a lucid dream that you can initiate when you’re awake can become one of your most powerful coping and strategizing mechanisms. A WILD dream, or a wake induced lucid dream, is based on the concepts of “dream yoga” that date back to several centuries BC.

It is actually one of the most instinctive ways to enter a dream state. Think about the last time you had a daydream… what would it be like to be able to control exactly what you do and how you do it? In order to induce a wake lucid dream, you need to follow the basic pattern of meditation:

  • First you must relax both your body and your mind, pushing away any intrusions;
  • Then you must begin to follow your mind toward whatever dream state it is headed toward, using colors, clouds, or whatever pictorials your  brain is giving you;
  • As you are beginning to enter a full dream state, you must then begin to construct the dream scene for yourself;
  • You can then explore the lucid dream within your own discretion to work on solving whatever purpose you had in creating the dream in the first place.

The best part about WILD is that you control the circumstances around the dream.

You control when you enter the dream and when you exit the dream. You control what happens within the dream so that you can accomplish specific goals. That is why wake lucid dreaming techniques are some of the most powerful skills you could ever develop in life.

DEILD Lucid Dreaming Techniques

DEILD, or dream exit induced lucid dreams, are a very condensed version of the WILD technique. When well practiced, you can literally slip into a dream state from an awake state and have the power of a lucid dream at your mental fingertips.

Many people have actually had DEILDs before and haven’t realized it – this is especially so if you’re a light sleeper or you hit the snooze button a lot in the morning. Those dreams you have during those periods of time are actually dream exit lucid dreams – you’ve just got to learn how to control them so that you can use them for your own benefit!

If you’re a heavy sleeper, you may need an alarm or other method that can briefly wake you up, but not get you fully awake. You’ll be in a semi-conscious state where you may hear things that are going on around you.

Stay still and visualize the dream that you wish to have… or have again. Recall or think of everything you want your new dream state to have, including smells, tastes, and even touch.

The more construction you can put into your dream beforehand, the more likely you’ll be able to have the dream you want!

When your body is ready to go back into the dream state, you will automatically re-enter it. It is not guaranteed that you’ll get everything you planned on when you were constructing your dream, but the more you practice at these lucid dreaming techniques, the better your dreams will be.

Are You Ready To Try Lucid Dreaming?

There may not be a more powerful tool than a lucid dream.

When you’re practicing these lucid dreaming techniques, you’ll be able to have a better ability to cope with stress, have more chances to strategize difficult situations, or simply relax to a greater extent.

Lucid dreams are a great way to be able to experience reality in a different way, yet also experience the sleep and peace your body needs on a daily basis.

Whether you are just starting and want to practice DILD techniques or you are more advanced and need to practiced WILD techniques, your lucid dreams are a key to your future success. All you’ve got to do is turn it and open the door to your mind!

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