Neptune’s Cave: Level 5 of the Brain Evolution System



There are four overall types of meditation. These can help you find more energy, happiness, and help you deal with stress in all-natural ways.

Individually these forms of meditation all have specific methods that, when followed, can help you unleash your full potential. That’s what brain entrainment helps you do – easily achieve your preferred meditative state.

What if you could combine all four of these meditative states together so that you could experience the benefits of all 4 at the same time?

That’s what Neptune’s Cave by the Brain Evolution System, begins to help you do.

Neptune’s Cave Focus On Delta Wave Brain Entrainment

Delta waves, like all brain waves, are detected by electroencephalography (EEG). Delta waves were originally defined as having a frequency between 1-4 hertz, although more recent classifications put the boundaries at between 0.5 and 2 hertz. They are the slowest, but highest amplitude brainwaves. These waves begin to appear in stage 3 sleep, but by stage 4 nearly all spectral activity is dominated by delta waves. Stage 3 sleep is defined as having less than 50% delta wave activity, while stage 4 sleep has more than 50% delta wave activity. Via Wikipedia

These waves are some of the deepest brainwaves that the mind produces, which means they also have the greatest effect on your restorative state. Neptune’s Cave begins to entrain these delta waves in a unique way by helping them tune to the specific meditative states your mind need to access in order to find the deepest sense of peace.

Can this level of meditation be achieved without brain entrainment? Certainly! The difference is that in just 5 months, you’re beginning the process of fusing these meditation techniques together so that your mind can access whatever it needs during a meditation session to find true inner peace.

In comparison, those who practice meditation traditionally may not reach this level of skill in 5 years! That’s why brain entrainment (the Brain Evolution System) is such a beneficial tool for so many people.

Are You Ready To Accomplish More In Less Time with the Brain Evolution System?

Think about what you could do by merging the first 4 levels of the Brain Evolution System together. Think about all you could accomplish! With a greater focus, you can get work done faster.

By accessing each thought individually, you can be more creative. By examining your inner consciousness and dismantling your ego, you can find a true level of awareness and peace.

You could just stop at Level 4 and then utilize each audio session based on what your needs are… or you could let your mind have access to everything all at once!

This isn’t a fast process. Your mind must learn how to pick out what it needs, when it needs it, and that’s why Level 5 focuses on the delta waves.

With Neptune’s Cave, even when you are resting, your mind will still be at work, in some level of meditation, creating the foundations of a healthier, happier you.

Track 5 by the Brain Evolution System is the Most Difficult Level of All

Here’s the problem that many people experience with Neptune’s Cave: they don’t notice any difference in their daily sessions of brain entrainment. That’s because this level approaches the reorganization of your mind in a different way.

You’re not experiencing relaxation for the first time or unlocking the potential of your ability to focus. The Brain Evolution System is instead reorganizing the foundations of your mind through brain entrainment to multi-task your ability to meditate every single time.

Neptune’s Cave is the ultimate key that will unlock your full potential. Are you ready to begin?

Let the Brain Evolution System help you achieve that!

“I’ve played with various types of entrainment tools for years. Some of them have worked amazingly well for me. Some of them had no effect whatsoever. BrainEv was one of the few that worked amazingly well. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot.” – Mark Joyner, #1 best-selling author of “Simpleology”   – Via




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