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Life can be difficult and riddled with disappointments.

We all want a life of abundance—filled with happiness, friends, love, health and wealth.

But achieving that status can sometimes feel impossible for the average human.

It can often feel like that kind of a charmed life is only meant for the lucky, chosen few.

Marisa Peer has a different take on things and believes that health and wealth are meant for everyone.

If you’ve ever heard of hypnotherapy or wondered if it would work for you and your deep-seated struggles with lack and want in your life, you may be interested in my experience with Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

Having become extremely popular recently, Marisa Peer now offers a MindValley course for Abundance that is available online through the use of video and audio streaming.

About Marisa Peer

A renowned psychotherapist of fame and fortune, Marisa Peer has more than 30 years of experience in the world of therapy.

Peer is the creator of her own methods and online products, including the Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) method that is featured in the online course that I took.

Many people refer to Marisa Peer as the #1 hypnotherapist in the U.K, but she also seems to be known all over the world with something akin to celebrity status.

She’s notably been the therapist to many of the rich and famous.

In fact, Peer is specifically cited for her treatment of those who seem to have (or who want to obtain) quite a bit of money.

Her range is significant, however, as other areas she dabbles in include overeating, depression, childhood blocks, addictive tendencies and even acne.

Peer’s approach to therapy is hers and hers alone, seemingly not vetted by other practitioners or overseen by any governing body except herself.

And she is also endeavoring to train average lay people to set up their own RTT therapy practice just by completing a 12-day training course.

We can probably expect to see more and RTT therapist popping up all over the globe as the training is short and the payoff could be big.

While many testimonials can be found about Marisa Peer’s success, very little evidence of critics can be found online.

It’s hard to tell if this is because she’s really that good—or because her marketing gurus are geniuses at avoiding bad press.

So, I thought I would check it out myself to see!

About the Course


This course, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance, available on MindValley, is a five-week series of daily courses divided up into chapters.

Each week is a chapter with 35 days of practice in total, including what are referred to as “Implementation Days”.

The first four days of the series are comprised of a “warm-up” and then the sessions begin.

Each day’s tasks typically start by watching a video session hosted by Marisa, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

You don’t necessarily have to watch the videos and can simply listen to the whole thing on audio if you want.

Other tasks for the day may includehomework such as written exercises, journaling and sharing with your onlineMindValley tribe, which promotes accountability and is meant to seal in theprogress the participant is achieving.

One day of the week is set aside as an Implementation Day that allows you to practice what you’ve been learning all along throughout the course.

Plus, it’s a good day to catch up if you missed something earlier in the week.

In addition to the written work and accountability with your MindValley tribe, each week includes audio RTT sessions that actually practice the hypnosis, led by Marisa Peer’s voice.

These are available to be practiced on the day they are released, but some are recommended to be listened to every day for up to 21 days straight.

The sessions typically last up to 25 minutes and some are meant to be paired together.

As for the question of time commitment, if you’re serious about it, this course will probably come in between 45 and 90 minutes for each day’s work.

This is especially true if you listen to the hypnotherapy audio sessions multiple times as instructed.

Since repetition is a critical part of forming new maps and pathways in the brain, listening to the audio recordings repeatedly is meant to help seal in the new thoughts and ideas that will then change your behavior.

RTT Audio Sessions

The climax around which everything else in the course revolves is the selection Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) sessions that change each week.

These audio recordings are of Marisa guiding the listener into a state of deep relaxation and consciousness that is intended to address issues of regression as well as rewiring the mind for new things—specifically related to abundance.

Topics for RTT Audio Sessions include:

  • Limiting Beliefs—identifying your scarcity beliefs that may be holding you back  (guilt, discomfort, etc.)
  • Abundance Mindset—rewiring your mind to believe that you can have anything you want
  • Health—addressing issues such as overeating, body image, illness and addictions
  • Wealth—understanding how wealth is to be shared
  • Relationships—how to love yourself first, remove destructive patterns and attract what you want

While the audio RTT sessions can be listened to any time of day, it seems that many people particularly like to play the recording as the last thing they do at night before going to sleep.

My General Thoughts on the RTT Course


Just like in many online courses, this one gets started with some warm-up sessions.

And, as far as I can tell, these sessions are all about preventing buyer’s remorse.

The first couple of videos seems to simply be justifying why the participant should be in the course and how great it is.

I guess the idea is to help you know what to expect, but it seemed a bit redundant to me since I had already signed up!

Marisa Peer offers a message that many people probably want to hear—that they can have it all in their lives.

That there is a quick fix for everything that ails them.

That they can turn into a magnet for money and happiness.

That by the literal snap of her fingers, she can make all of your problems go away.

I’ll readily admit that this is a really pleasant thought and I would truly love for that to be true. So I’m keeping an open mind about it!

My Thoughts on Marisa Peer

When I take a course that provides videos for me to watch or audios to listen to, I find that the course flows better when I feel like I can bond with the person who is presenting the material.

While I am sure that Marissa Peer is a lovely human when in person, I struggled a bit with her demeanor on the recordings.

While her British accent has the potential to be charming and clear, her deliberately slow speech felt a bit unsettling to me.

Of course, that might be her intention. It could be that a bit of discomfort is critical for the therapy to work.

But when participating in the audio sessions, it felt like her speech rhythms were unnatural—and I think it acted as a barrier to keep me from going deep enough in the sessions.

One thing that really turned me off to Marisa Peer was her regular rhythm of touting her achievements and credentials during the videos.

She seems to be obsessed with reminding the listener of how great she is and how much she has achieved in her life.

Although I’m sure this is meant to instill confidence in her as a successful teacher, it often seems to simply come across as bragging.

This was a bit off-putting to me, although others might not feel the same way.

My Experience with the RTT Audio Sessions

During these audio sessions, Peer aims to get at the subconscious and leads the listener back to times in their childhood when they developed problematic beliefs.

And while this might be useful in a real-life hypnosis session, in the audio session it didn’t seem to be effective for me.

First of all, Peer moved so fast in asking the listener to dig back into the past that I felt like couldn’t keep up.

I was not able to come up with these scenes from my childhood that she wanted, which meant that typically she was moving on without me.

Although I tried to connect, I usually became an observer instead of a participant since I simply wasn’t in a place where I could dig into the inner reaches of my mind.

So, while I appreciate the attempt, I’m not sure that the RTT sessions changed anything for me personally in the way my subconscious is mapped and wired. (But maybe that’s because I was already a positive and abundant person?)

In addition, while I understand that the audio RTT sessions are intended to create a place of hypnosis, my experience was more that it was simply a good way to get started on a really nice nap.

I’m a big fan of meditation and relaxation methods and, in my opinion, this was almost the same as other mindfulness recordings I have listened to.

Afterwards, I did feel relaxed and comfortable and sleepy, that’s for sure.

The only difference I can see between regular meditation and this hypnosis technique that Peer uses a clicking of the fingers and counting during the session in order to guide the listener.

I don’t really see a whole lot of distinguishing factors otherwise.

And I’m not sure what the clicking was really meant to do.

Of course, I’m not a professional but I just found it to be a bit distracting.

Concerns about Rapid Transformational Therapy

Though I’m not a professional psychologist, I do know a little bit about life change and how it is accomplished.

The knowledge that change takes hard work and dedication creates a bit of skepticism about the entire idea of RTT.

The fact that the first word is “rapid” lends itself to the idea that this might be a quick fix for them, able to circumvent the slower progress of growth and healing that happens over time.

In fact, Marisa has a reputation for “healing” people in just one personal session.

And while that could be true for some people, it also could be one thing in a list of many that turns out to be a disappointment—especially in our culture of already pervasive instant gratification.

Another concern about this program is the one-way, top-down feeding that is inherent in only listening to a recording rather than interacting with a live person.

Therapy is intended to be about relationship.

It is a two-way situation in which both participants are involved in observation, listening and healing.

It is meant to be practiced within the confines of trust and is designed to work at a slow pace as we learn and grow along the journey of life.

We have to be careful when we try to replace relationship with something we can find online—that’s why the accountability portion of the Tribe is so important.


The truth of it (at least in my case) is that I ended the course knowing and feeling pretty much the same as what I did going into it.

Nothing really changed for me.

But just because it wasn’t especially impressive for me, doesn’t mean that it might not work for you.

If you struggle and fight against negative, limited thinking and can’t get past it through your own personal meditation and self-talk, then hypnotherapy by Marissa Peer might just be the key for you to find freedom in the way you live your life.

You might find that your experience with Marisa’s methods and persona are beneficial to balance out your limiting beliefs and put forth abundance.

Plus, Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy in-person sessions with one of her trained counselors can cost over a hundred dollars, or even up to $400, for each 90 minutes.

Keeping that dollar figure in mind,  the online course could be an excellent way to check out the method (for five whole weeks) without breaking the bank!

Tapping For Money & Success

103 Disempowering Beliefs About Money and Success

The Tapping Solution For Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment

Click Here & Download Your ebook Click Here to Learn More
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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