The Hara Chakra [Activating the Power of Your Sacral]


Article at a Glance The Hara chakra, also known as the sacral Hara chakra, is an energy center located in the pelvic region of the body that holds our relational, creative, and sexual energies. The hara line is an invisible axis that anchors the flow of energy within us, and it is responsible for directing … Read more

The 8th Chakra [How to Awaken Our Soul Star Chakra]


  Most of what we encounter when we hear about chakras are the 7 major chakras, or 7 energy centers, within the human body. While this system is not wrong, there are additional energy points within and beyond the human body that we don’t often consider. Upon deeper exploration of the energy systems within and … Read more

Chakras and Their Meanings: A Guide to the Colors of Life

7 chakras colors

Many are interested today in Chakras and their meanings. These centers of spiritual energy are named after the Sanskrit word for “wheel” because that is essentially how they work. The spiritual energy we all have in 7 specific areas will spin to provide a vital component of good health. When the wheel slows down, then … Read more


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