Tapping World Summit 2023 [Here’s Why You Should Attend]


If you’ve never tried EFT before but you’ve heard that it is a very effective self-help technique that can help you improve your life on the mental and physical levels, then it’s a great time to start learning it now during the Tapping World Summit. And if you already know EFT and have been using … Read more

Tapping Scripts For Weight Loss & Anxiety [Do They Work?]


The idea of using EFT tapping scripts for weight loss or anxiety may sound too good to be true, but many people have had success by doing exactly that. In fact, in the book, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence, Jessica Ortner shares the stories of thousands of women who lost weight … Read more

What is Faster EFT? Try it out and change your life!

What is Faster EFT? Try it out and change your life!

If you’ve ever tried EFT tapping, then you may already know how slow the process can be at times. For severely stressful items, you may find that several tapping cycles may be required in order to achieve the results that you want to see. What Faster EFT does is take a different perspective. Instead of … Read more


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