How To Lucid Dream – Part I

lucid-dreams-140Would you like to learn how to lucid dream Exploring the world of dreams and tapping into the unconscious mind has gained much attention lately.  Thanks to Hollywood and its productions, dream states and what they are capable of has become the topic of research and debate. 

Science has long tried to unlock secrets hidden deep in the mind to find answers.  Making the connection between what is real and what is not has been pursued through lucid dreams.  Lucid dreaming is one way in which many look to enrich their lives, both conscious and subconscious.  What is lucid dreaming?  Here we will discuss what it is and also give a synopsis of how to lucid dream.

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What is a LUCID DREAM?

Every time you fall into a deep sleep, your brain goes through several stages of activity.  REM (rapid eye movement) ‒ it is during this time that you dream.  Whether you remember your dreams or not, you are having them.  Lucid dreams are when you are conscious of the fact that you are indeed dreaming. 

Most everyone has experienced this at one point or another in their lives.  You realize that while what is around you seems real, it is not.  This consciousness during a subconscious state is lucid dreaming.  The art of controlling your dreams is what those who practice lucid dreaming strive for. 

Why would anyone want to control their dreams?  There are different reasons for this, some to tap into a surreal world to look for inspiration, others for self-awareness or to resolve issues within themselves.  There is a long list of reasons.  Here are some of the benefits we will explore and then we will go on to discuss how to lucid dream.

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