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improve dream recall

How to Improve Dream Recall, Clarity, and Colorfulness [7 Tips]

Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet. – Victor Hugo Click to Tweet ​Do you remember the last dream you had?Researchers, led by Perrine Ruby from the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, have discovered that there are two types of dreamers. For those who can regularly remember their […]

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how to lucid dream easily

Learn How to Lucid Dream Easily with Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

The first lucid dream I ever had was quite the experience. Although it only happened for a brief moment, the realization that I was in a dream and in control of it was incredible. Being able to repeat that experience, however, has been something that could easily be described as a “challenge.” Then I was […]

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Is Astral Projection Real

Is Astral Projection Real or Just Fantasy?

Is astral projection real? That’s a question that is on the minds of many these days because of the desire to explore more of the hidden world. We all live and breathe together, but part of the human condition is to ask if there is more to this life. The promise of astral projection is […]

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What is an OOBE

What Is An OOBE: Are They Just a Dream?

  Having an out of body experience, which is sometimes just called an OBE, is more common than you might think. In basic terms, it is the sensation of being able to move outside of the physical body. Many report being able to be in the same room as their body. Others report being able […]

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how to lucid dream

How to Lucid Dream – (13)

And now it’s time to put to rest an ugly rumor about lucid dreaming. You cannot die during a lucid dream.  It is impossible to experience your death in a lucid dream and actually die. You are quite safe. You can will yourself to role play. By using the same techniques that enabled you to […]

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How to Lucid Dream – (12)

Once you start lucid dreaming, what comes next?  Now you’re free to explore. Have some fun.  If you find yourself in a city, go for a walk.  If you look over and see a beautiful woman, go over and talk to her. What you will find in a lucid dream is that things are at […]

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how to lucid dream

How to Lucid Dream – (11)

It is highly likely that when you have your first lucid dream you will suddenly say, “Hey, I’m having a lucid dream,” and promptly wake up. This is a common occurrence for most of your first lucid dreams. Over time you will learn how to remain asleep. Dreams often last only a few minutes. Some […]

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how to have a lucid dream

How to Lucid Dream – (10)

Along with the habit of questioning moments throughout the day you will want to establish specific triggers that will force you to ask if you are dreaming or not. At this very moment think of a sound you are likely to hear before you go to bed. Perhaps it’s a dog barking or a plane […]

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