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7 chakras colors

Chakras and Their Meanings: A Guide to the Colors of Life

  Many are interested today in Chakras and their meanings. These centers of spiritual energy are named after the Sanskrit word for “wheel” because that is essentially how they work. The spiritual energy we all have in 7 specific areas will spin to provide a vital component of good health. When the wheel slows down, […]

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health benefits of meditation

When To Use Brainwave Entrainment – Health Benefits of Meditation

Some may see the practice of meditation as a spiritual form of communication, or maybe a means of speaking with one’s creator. For others, meditation is the practice of self-exploration, to get to know themselves in a better way. Still others look at meditation as a way to problem-solve difficult situations because it allows them […]

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Brainwave Entrainment and Meditation

These Meditation Techniques Could Save Your Life!  Why focus on meditation techniques? After all, the amount of stress that we encounter hasn’t really changed over the years, but the circumstances that create those stresses. We’ve gone from needing to protect our families and property from invaders to needing to protect our children when they are […]

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A Lot of Buddha Statue

How Will the Brain Evolution System Help You?

  The Brain Evolution System is one of the most advanced brainwave entrainment programs in the world today. Featuring 3D-DEAP technology (read below), this program uses specific sounds on specific frequencies to help your brain become tuned, much like the practice of meditation is able to do. The only difference is that with the Brain Evolution […]

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