Tapping for Money [Find Out How to Use EFT for Financial Success]

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Does it always seem like the promised land of wealth is just beyond your reach?

The desire to change one’s financial circumstances can lead people to make some crazy decisions about their money.

Scams, get-rich-quick schemes, and all of the pyramidal efforts that promise riches are almost always empty.

Instead of relying on luck or instant gratification, your mindset could become the foundation of your future financial success.

This change is what EFT offers if you are willing to put in the time to alter your thinking. EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique. It features tapping as a mechanism to change your perspective on money.

​Tapping uses the energy meridians in your body in the same way that an acupuncturist approaches health and wellness.

You can use EFT for money help, success perspectives, and financial security.

To be clear, EFT is not a magical cure for poor money management. You will not see instant cash in your bank account.

What you will find is that by taking a different approach to wealth, you might have a better chance to discover the financial success you want.

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What Are EFT and Tapping?

Tapping is like a form of meditation. It allows you to change your mental focus point so that you can stop thinking about failure.

You get the chance to tap into the energy that flows through your body to unlock blockages that disrupt your thinking patterns.

There is nothing magical that happens. As with acupuncture, EFT allows you to activate the self-healing functions of your body.

Tapping for money works when you allow your mind to be open to the possibilities that something greater awaits you in the future.

You should also be skeptical of any claim that suggests there is a transformative cure-all method that can make wealth appear immediately.

EFT is one tool of many in a comprehensive approach to solving your financial problems.

Here is how you can incorporate the Emotional Freedom Techniques into your daily routine.

1. Remove your jewelry, glasses, and other items if possible.

These items can interfere with your tapping technique. Some things can alter the magnetic fields around your body, disrupting the process before you even begin.

2. Think about your goals.

EFT allows you to pursue specific monetary goals by changing your mindset about money. How do you define financial success? Then apply that information to your current situation to see what needs to change.

3. Create a positive affirmation.

Each EFT session begins with a positive affirmation. This step makes it easier to clear your mind of adverse thoughts. When you are tapping for money, an option might be, “Despite my current circumstances, I accept my financial position.” Be as specific as possible to name the root cause of your situation.

4. Use only your fingertips for tapping.

There are meridians in your fingertips that let you access the vital energy points in the body. Tap using one or both hands with firm, but not painful, pressure on the primary EFT locations up to 9 times. It can help to repeat your positive affirmation here.

5. Follow the primary EFT sequence.

You will want to tap the endpoint of the primary meridians to begin this process. You’ll start with your eyebrow, move to the side of the eye, and then target under the eye. Then you progress to under the nose, your chin, and the collarbone. The final two locations are under the arm and the top of the head.

It helps to take deep breaths throughout your tapping experience. 

Inhale slowly, hold the air for a moment, and then exhale while counting to four.

This process will help your body to start relaxing.

When you no longer feel apprehensive about your wealth, then you are ready to start addressing your financial issues.

That means the tapping for money process is prepared to help you proceed to the next step.


How to Restore Your Wealth

eft tapping for prosperity

Money doesn’t usually appear out of thin air.

Unless you win the lottery or receive a significant inheritance, it is up to you to solve your financial woes.

That means you must correct the problems that led you to this point in your life.

There are some practical steps that you can include in your life that coordinate with your EFT efforts to adjust your approach to money.

The first step is to live on cash for at least two weeks.

Using debit or credit cards for purchases can develop poor spending habits because the money doesn’t seem real.

Using currency for everything will tell you if you can afford something or not.

Then work to increase your spending awareness.

Did you only have enough cash to purchase your basic necessities?

Was there enough left over after meeting your needs to afford something that you wanted?

​Now track your spending for the next two weeks.

When you know where your money is going, then it is easier to see where you can start to make some corrections.

Once you have all of this information about your spending, it is time to create a budget that will improve your wealth.

Then you will need to follow the steps of this plan consistently to ensure you can achieve the results you want.

If there is an expense that needs to come out of your budget, then eliminate 50% of it immediately.

When you can successfully manage your day with only half of what you once had, it is easier to remove the remainder of the expense in the future.

EFT helps during this process because each unique step you take toward financial success will create new stressors in your life.

Even something as simple as a transition to home-brewed coffee instead of your favorite order from the shop down the street can be challenging.

Tapping for money will encourage your natural energy to give your willpower the resiliency it needs to continue pushing forward.

How Tapping for Money Works

Think about the last time that you didn’t get a lot of sleep.

When you got moving in the morning, you probably felt tired, lazy, or unmotivated.

When the brain experiences fatigue, then the lack of energy triggers a physical response.

Your body seeks out high-sugar, high-carbohydrate foods as a way to meet its needs because there wasn’t enough rest the night before.

That means your decision-making structures weaken because of the natural urges you feel.

When your energy levels are low, then there is a higher risk of making a poor choice.

Numerous beliefs and emotions can drain energy from your body throughout the day, impairing the way you make money management decisions.

Do you think that you are responsible for the way someone else thinks, acts, or feels in your life?

When someone you love makes a mistake, do you feel like it is your job to fix that situation because of your desire to help?

Is it a struggle to accept yourself as you are?

Do you experience shame because of your financial success when others are struggling to make ends meet?

Does it feel like what you do is never good enough?

When you start using the EFT approach, then the tapping process helps to release the blockages that drain you of energy.

​You will begin to notice less stress, more freedom, and on top of that other positive changes in your life start developing.

Tapping provides the same benefits that rest provides your body each night.

By restoring your energy levels, it is easier to make the sometimes challenging decisions that create successful results.

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Are Destructive Money Beliefs Ruining Your Financial Future?

There are many beliefs about money that people have that can destroy their financial future.

It is not unusual for someone to hold onto these perspectives without even realizing what they are doing.

Tapping for money changes your negative energy into a positive perspective.

Instead of seeing money as a spiritual responsibility, you can view it as the tool that it is to acquire necessary resources.

Some people see money as being evil, but tapping can help you to see the good that it can do in someone’s life.

If you think that you will never have enough money, tapping can help you to find moments of gratefulness and gratitude that help you to see that you might already have more than you need.

Instead of seeing wealth as the product of greed or dishonesty, EFT can help you to view it through the lens of hard work.

Most people don’t see the success they want in life because they either lack confidence in themselves or issues with low self-esteem hold them back.

By accessing the energy meridians in your body through your natural pressure points, you can start to reverse that process.

Changing your beliefs will not make your paycheck bigger or bring new investment opportunities your way.

There must be a plan you can follow so that your decisions and efforts will create the financial success you want in life.

Now is an excellent time to begin that journey.

Use EFT to begin tapping for money, and you can start the process of creating the future you want.

​To learn more about EFT & how it works, click on the images below. 

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