Lucid Dreaming Techniques You Can Try to Have Your First Lucid Dream

How to Implement Lucid Dreaming Techniques


Lucid dreaming can occur spontaneously, but it typically works better if you have a plan to follow. When you can see successful outcomes happen after you take specific steps, then it opens up the possibility that you can consistently recognize when you are in a dream state.

After you adopt one of the five lucid dreaming techniques into your routine, you will want to focus your approach toward increasing the amount of recall you have after waking up each night.

When you can remember what your dreams were from the night before, then it becomes easier to have clarity and consciousness in the future.

Here are some ways that might help you to reach this state.


1. Boost your melatonin levels.

A melatonin supplement can help you to achieve this result quickly, but there are natural ways to improve the quality of your dreams and their recall as well. Set a consistent schedule, eat foods like flax seeds, almonds, or cherries, and avoid taking NSAID medications whenever possible.


2. Reduce the stimulants that you use each day.

Sunlight exposure reduces the amount of melatonin that your body produces. Artificial light can adversely impact your sleep time as well. Some recommendations say that you should not have any electronic devices in your bedroom because of this issue. You’ll want to reduce or eliminate caffeine consumption too, especially after lunch.


3. Switch your sleeping position.

The way that you sleep can impact the types of dreams that you have. Sleeping on your right side can reduce the number of nightmares you experience. If you sleep on your stomach, then the intensity of your dreams can increase. Back sleepers often struggle to lucid dream because their snoring can wake them up.


4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep the night before.

It is easier to sleep when your body is conditioned for the experience. If you are only getting about six hours per night, then the length and quality of your dreams can suffer. Lucid dreaming sometimes needs the last, lengthy cycle of REM sleep to create the experience you want. Set your room to a cooler temperature, darken the space, and then turn off the alarm if possible.

If you must wake up at a specific time in the morning, then go to bed at least 7.5 hours before you need to get moving.


5. Give yourself time to relax before going to bed.

Don’t go straight to bed if you want to improve your dream recall. Try to give yourself at least 10 minutes to relax in a quiet space instead. Focus on your breathing, consciously relax each muscle, and push away any feelings that make you feel stressful, anxious, or angry.

If you can remember a dream when you wake up, then write down your memories or speak them into a recording app on your phone. Recall every detail you can. Following these steps will help you to become more conscious of what happens while you sleep, which can eventually lead toward more lucid dreams happening.


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Lucid Dreaming Techniques You Can Try to Start Dreaming Tonight


Are you trying to experience a lucid dream?

If you have not experienced a state of dreaming and been aware of that fact, then there are some techniques you can try to create this result.

Some lucid dreams are vague. Others can be quite intense. That is all part of the fun of this experience!


Option #1: Wake-Induced Lucid Dream Method

Lay down with your eyes closed in bed. You can practice this option while falling asleep or waking up. Relax every state of your being. Then pursue whatever images you may encounter while in the visual darkness. This process can lead you into a state of lucid dreaming.



Option #2: Counting Method

Start counting back from 100. You will want to add a positive mantra between each one to increase the chances of a successful experience. You might say, “100… I will have a lucid dream. 99… I will have a lucid dream.” Keep doing this until you fall asleep.”

Here’s a pro tip: if you can have someone gently massage your temples in counter-clockwise movements while you count, it can have a profound impact on this method.



Option #3: Autosuggestion

This technique is all about your belief system. If you think that you can start this process, then you will. Repeat to yourself throughout the day that you will have a lucid dream that night. When you lie down in bed, keep saying that phrase in your mind as you fall asleep. It works exceptionally well.

If you try to force this method, then your success rates will go down. Do your best to eliminate whatever doubts you have in your mind about lucid dreaming. When you expect it to happen, it will materialize.



Option #4: Third Eye Method

The Chakra technique is a form of meditation that you can use to induce lucid dreaming. Your third eye location is between your eyebrows, so focus on this point as you lay back on your bed to rest. Then begin to slow your breathing, feeling the changes to your body as the air moves in and out.

As you fall asleep, try to visualize the lucid dream that you want to have that night. You might find yourself going straight from the real world into a place of fantasy!



Option #5: Wake Back to Bed

This option requires you to wake up after a minimum of four hours of rest.

Then stay as calm as you can. Feel your muscles relax. You can then practice either Option #1 or Option #4 to induce a lucid dream. You will interrupt your sleep cycle intentionally with an alarm. When it sounds and you wake up, stop the audio cues. Make no other movements.

You can also get out of bed for a few minutes after your alarm sounds. Keep the time to 30 minutes or less. Then return to bed to practice the techniques mentioned above.

Use any or all of the techniques that you feel will help bring you closer to a successful lucid dreaming experience. Everyone tends to have their favorite option. Then stay consistent with its implementation to see what happens!

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