Tips For Lucid Dreaming [8 Tips to Help You Experience a Lucid Dream]

Lucid Dreaming Tips: Your Brain Requires Exhaustion

When your day falls into the same old routine, lucid dreaming can feel like an impossible accomplishment.

Even with the best tips to start lucid dreaming available to you, an energetic mind is not one that thinks about a conscious state of rest. If you run through numerous to-do lists at night, stay somewhat sedentary, and do the same things you always do, then the chances of success in this area are slim.

Lucid dreaming requires exhaustion. It needs you to stay busy throughout the day performing multiple tasks until your only urge is to collapse into bed.

When your body is begging you to fall asleep, then your brain is ready to recognize the cues that are present while dreaming.


Good Exhaustion vs. Bad Exhaustion


Some people go to bed each night completely exhausted, but they never experience a lucid dream because they approach their evening routine in an unhealthy way.

Bad exhaustion can occur when you experience a crash from caffeine, the depressive effects of alcohol, or have tiredness because of a medication you take. It makes you feel tired enough to sleep initially, but then your body’s metabolism revs back up in the middle of the night.

Good exhaustion occurs because you are busy doing something that you love. You become naturally fatigued because you are expending your energy reserves without artificially boosting them in some way.

Then make sure that you are taking care of your body through proper nutrition and hydration.


Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Day


Most people do not get enough water to drink each day. When they do consume something, it is usually a sugary beverage or something that promotes a quick energy spike, and then a crash. Even sports drinks qualify in that category.

Did you know that a 32-ounce serving of regular Gatorade contains about 50g of sugar?

Water is the best choice if you want to start lucid dreaming as soon as tonight. The extra hydration will help to stabilize your metabolism, encourage better sleep, and even keep you closer to a state of consciousness while resting since you might wake up needing to use the bathroom.

How much water you need depends on how active you are and the unique physical requirements you must meet. As a general rule, if you feel thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated.

Only your doctor can tell you what the correct amount will be for your needs.


Are You Ready to Start Lucid Dreaming?


These lucid dreaming tips can help you to start having your first experiences as soon as tonight. Most people have their first encounter with one in 21 days or less when they stay consistent with their journey.

You must want a lucid dream to experience one. If you close your mind to the possibilities that they exist before you close your eyes to rest, then your brain will dismiss the idea automatically.

Believe in yourself, and you can make this happen. Tell yourself it is possible every day. Have confidence in your abilities. These lucid dreaming tips can help you to take the next step forward.


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​Video transcription

Lucid dreaming can be spontaneous for some people. It can also occur because of the preparation that you put into having a conscious dream before going to bed.

The best way to encourage a lucid dream is to develop a healthy bedtime routine. You’ll want to follow these steps to create that environment.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol after lunch.

Stop watching TV or using electronic devices 60 minutes before bed.

Create a dark, quiet room where you can rest.

Once you prepare this foundation for success, these tips can help you to have a lucid dream as soon as tonight.


Tip #1: Talk About Lucid Dreaming

When you start talking about lucid dreaming with your family and friends, then it turns from a concept into something manageable. Tell people what your intentions are. This process makes it easier to achieve the results you want.


Tip #2: Research Lucid Dreaming

Watching videos like these can keep the idea of lucid dreaming at the top of your mind when drifting off to sleep. Stay connected through blogs, social media posts, and other information offerings too.


Tip #3: Embrace the Journey

Lucid dreaming can happen as soon as tonight. It might take three weeks for you to achieve your first one. For some people, it can take even longer. Embrace your journey. Every step forward you make brings you closer to the desired result.


Tip #4: Find Your Inspiration

Do something every day that you love. Play music. Take out your photography equipment. These are the places where you can find inspiration, which can trigger a lucid dream.


Tip #5: Perform Reality Checks

Do a reality check the instant you wake up. Press your first finger into your thumb to feel the pressure. Then look for abnormal signs in the world around you.


Tip #6: Set a Recording Device

Some people speak during their dreaming sessions. Use your phone to capture this audio by setting it to record when it hears a sound in your bedroom. Then you can listen to what happened and recall your dream.


Tip #7: Create a Diary

Write in your diary the instant you wake up and remember a dream. If you don’t want to put pen to paper, then consider an app or audio tool that allows you to record your thoughts.


Tip #8: Encourage Rest

Let your body fall asleep in the most peaceful way possible. You can use herbs, incense, or white noise to reduce the distractions that might keep you awake. Although a lucid dream can happen at any time, they occur most frequently in the longest cycle of sleep that you experience right before waking up in the morning.


If you feel tired, then it is okay to take a nap. Allow your body to get the rest it needs. When your brain worries less about fatigue, it will focus on lucid dreaming for you.


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