What Benefits of Lucid Dreaming Could You Experience?

benefits of lucid dreaming

Even if you’ve never tried lucid dreaming before, you could be just a couple days away from enjoying all of the benefits of lucid dreaming. It really begins when you decide to make lucid dreaming a priority in your life, along with mindfulness, meditation, or even prayer because these are all associated with the process of communicating with your inner self. You can even incorporate helpful tools, such as brainwave entrainment, to help speed the process along as well.

Once you’ve made the decision to use these tools and make lucid dreaming a priority, you’ll begin to notice five distinct benefits that come from this practice. Though there are many other benefits that a focus on meditation practices can bring, such as stress and anxiety reduction, these five benefits are the most commonly appreciated benefits that people experience.

Benefit #1: Lucid Dreaming Brings More Restful Sleep 

Are you the type of person who tosses and turns a lot at night? Medical professionals will often say that people who do this suffer from a physical ailment, such as a blood pressure problem or sleep apnea. Even after treating underlying physical issues, however, the tossing and turning persists. Is this a psychological issue that requires a counselor then?

Though only a medical professional can diagnose specific health problems, many people can benefit from a better consciousness during sleep. Even just the simple awareness of realizing that sleep is occurring can help to improve one’s overall sleep! It is easy to zone out in front of the television or watch a good movie and think that this is relaxing, but it is actually distracting instead of relaxing. It’s a form of running away from problems!

That’s why one of the benefits of lucid dreaming is more restful sleep. It’s a scientifically proven coping mechanism for your mind to work out issues, problems or dilemmas you may be facing so that you can genuinely rest.

Benefit #2: Lucid Dreaming Provides More Internal Communication 

The consciousness is a funny thing in that it suppresses the subconscious mind while awake whenever something comes up that it doesn’t like. It could be a stewing anger with a loved one, problems at work, or even a simple distaste for something in the environment. The subconscious struggles to get through the walls that the conscious mind puts up and this takes energy – lots of energy! Do you hit the wall every the afternoon?

The benefits of lucid dreaming include a better communication line between the conscious and subconscious mind. A lucid dream helps them work together in a more harmonious way, allowing for a better understanding of total internal needs. The suppressed emotions, issues, and desires of the subconscious mind can become relevant and understood by the conscious mind during a lucid dream, and in return, the subconscious mind understands more about why the conscious mind suppresses certain urges, emotions or desires.

This is also where the tool of brainwave entrainment can lend some very critical assistance. Because the brain tunes to specific frequencies, entrainment will help the mind more quickly adapt to the concept of lucid dreaming, accept it, and make use of the communication lines that are being opened.

Benefit #3: Lucid Dreaming Allows You To Take Control of Your Dreams 

Have you ever had a very profound dream that stuck with you for days, weeks, or even a lifetime? These dreams are just an inkling of what a lucid dream can be! These profound dreams are “leakage” from the subconscious mind that is trying to come out. It is essentially forcing the conscious mind to listen to it while you are sleeping and it comes out through these vivid dreams that create alternative, realistic worlds to explore.

What if you could take that profound dream and manipulate it while you are sleeping? How much more profound could that dream be? Because dreams incorporate all of the senses, the benefits of lucid dreaming include the ability to take full control of a dream and experience it the way you want to experience it. Conjure up a nature scene, go exploring through a jungle, or become a secret agent – nothing is off-limits!

Benefit #4: Improve Your Memory 

One of the first things to evaporate from your mind when you experience a lack of sleep in your memory recall and your short-term memory retention. You know the joke about forgetting what you ate for breakfast that day? That actually happens and it is because so many people aren’t getting enough of the deep, restorative rest that they need!

The mind is like a muscle and it is going to get tired. When your legs are tired, are you going to be able to go on a long hike somewhere? The mind is the same way. It doesn’t store memories and it prevents recalling them because it is tired too. The benefits of lucid dreaming include restoring the energy the mind has and solidifying the memories of each day and each dream so that they are more profound, easier to recall specific facts within them, and ultimately more beneficial.

Benefit #5: Improve Skills Overnight 

Do you have some weight that you want to lose? Maybe you’d like to start playing the piano or the guitar? The benefits of lucid dreaming include visualization exercises where you can literally practice one skill over and over again throughout the night. Lucid dreaming also has an influence on desires, which means if you tend to eat when you are feeling lonely or sad, your emotional state can stabilize through the dreaming process and give you more physical control over your urges.

By incorporating brainwave entrainment with your desire to experience lucid dreaming, you can literally experience these benefits for yourself by this time next week! For some people, it can take as long as 3 weeks to fully experience a lucid dream, but never fear – any effort in the field of meditation will help your body be healthier and happier. Begin the process yourself today!

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