What Is an Enlightenment Intensive? The Power of Dyads in Achieving Enlightenment

what is an enlightenment intensive

At its core, it is a group gathering that helps each attendee be able to experience an epiphany of some sort.

It’s a place where real life can be ignored for awhile so that a focus on self-realization can be had instead of a focus on the worries of the average day.

It’s usually just for a short period of time, up to 3 days, but longer enlightenment sessions are often available for those who are seeking a deeper satori.

In order to truly achieve a deeper enlightenment, however, it is important to do more than just clear a mind of the modern rubbish that clogs its pathways or find a way to open up communication lines with loved ones.

There must be a selfless component to an Enlightenment Intensive where loved ones are removed from the contamination that each one of us creates every day.

That’s where the power of Dyads helps with the achievement process.

How Does an Enlightenment Intensive Work?

The first thing that every participant in an Enlightenment Intensive will be asked to do is to set aside all of the distractions of the modern lifestyle.

That means no computers, no mobile devices, and no distractions of modern convenience that can affect the results that are wanted.

In many ways, the intensive requires a monastic lifestyle in order to achieve success.

In many ways, it is a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself that others are able to witness and encourage.

It’s like creating a cord of three strands that will not be easily broken, even though two of the strands come for your inner and outer being.

That third strand, the non-judgmental party who is observing and contemplating with you, becomes the foundation of the Dyad that is absolutely necessary in achieving true enlightenment.

What Is a Dyad and Why Does It Help With Enlightenment?

Think about the last conversation that you had with someone.

There’s a good chance that even if you employed perfect active listening skills, you contaminated that conversation in some way.

You attempted to put in your own positive or negative spin and probably did so in a well-meaning way.

That influence, however, takes the neutrality out of that open line of communication and that’s what ultimately spoils a relationship!

A Dyad is the core of the philosophy where two become one – not in the Biblical sense, mind you, but in the place where roots are placed in a relationship.

It’s how friendships stay secure. In order for that security to be obtained, an atmosphere of safety, without judgment must be achieved.

This is why an Enlightenment Intensive almost requires the power of Dyads in order to be truly successful.

There’s a good chance that you’re judging what a friend is going to say before the words even escape their mouth!

The Dyad process helps each person recognize these preconceived notions so that a truly pure cycle of communication can be achieved.

The result? Each person is allowed to have a positive or negative point of view without influence.

In return, because there is no judgment or contamination involved in the cycle of communication, each person is free to discover the true nature of their inner being and the meaning of the life they are living.

What Should You Expect With an Enlightenment Intensive?

What is a Dyad

In many ways, the first impression of an Enlightenment Intensive that people get is the same impression one would have when seeing a group therapy session somewhere.

You’ll see some aspects of meditation incorporated into an Enlightenment Intensive as well because contemplation is an important part of the whole process.

What is contemplation meditation? It is a way to keep asking yourself the important questions of life that are often ignored.

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • What is life?

These questions can sometimes become quite frustrating because there’s no defined answer to them.

The goal is to keep probing.

Through the use of a Dyad and a full Enlightenment Intensive, the purpose is to keep seeking, to keep knocking, and eventually you will find locked up items in the doors of your inner being.

What makes a Dyad so unique is that you are essentially unlearning what you have already learned for so long.

Instead of asking people to fill in the details with questions, participants are instructed to tell others to fill in the gaps.

A natural reaction to something that is unknown might be, “Could you tell me more about that?” In a Dyad, a partner will instead say, “Tell me more about that.”

It’s a simple change, but an important one.

Why? Because it eliminates the contamination of misunderstanding from the equation.

By asking a question, one person naturally becomes a superior in the encounter, which results in the other person becoming an inferior.

That action creates judgment and in that judgment is contamination that affects the quality of the encounter!

By shifting it into a command structure, the Dyad becomes a natural back and forth without judgment that helps both parties find a higher level of inner personal enlightenment.

Why Is Dyadic Communication Stressed in an Enlightenment Intensive?

We often think of dyadic communication as a method of neutral communication with open lines, but it is much more than that.

It is communication that provides the foundation of an ongoing relationship that has continual influence on both people who are involved.

It’s a transfer of ideas that becomes reflective of that person’s moral constant.

You’ll find dyadic communication every day if you’re really looking for it.

If your spouse doesn’t like to have conversations about politics, for example, and this causes you to avoid watching political commentary on the television when your spouse is around, this is the result of dyadic communication – but only if your spouse is also willing to engage in a political conversation every now and then because they’re influenced by you.

What is a Dyad? It’s ultimately a place where two journeys come together to become one with each other.

Rather than have two people walking the same exact path, however, it would be more accurate to say that the two paths being walked are parallel to each other.

This is reflective of many religions and philosophies as well.

Jesus, for example, told his followers that the path to salvation was narrow and not many would find it.

Buddha talked about a need to understand a middle path that was outside of optimism or pessimism.

The Qur’an speaks of being a community of the middle way so that all might bear witness to the truth before mankind.

It is because spirituality has always been part of the human condition in some way.

Even those who place their faith in science and fact first follow a certain process to establish fact in a non-judgmental way – another form of dyadic communication.

What Is a Dyad Going to Do To Help You?

what is a dyad

The benefits of meditation are proven.

The benefits of having an open line of communication with others is also proven.

Now imagine being able to combine the two in a safe manner and you’ve essentially got what a Dyad is during an Enlightenment Intensive session.

As you practice contemplative meditation, you’ll be facing your partner and communicating whatever comes out of your inner being.

In return, your partner simply watches and listens. Then you change roles alternatively throughout the session.

It is an unquestionably difficult experience for people, especially if this is their first opportunity to experience the power of a Dyad.

When so much focus is placed on the internal, a natural consequence of this action is to bring up the items, thoughts, feelings, and sensations that have been buried over time.

That’s why chances to utilize coping skills are also built into the schedule of an Enlightenment Intensive.

Break periods, chances to take a walk, have a meal, or just rest are all part of the overall experience.

You also aren’t going to walk through this experience by yourself.

As you seek out personal epiphanies, there will be a master alongside you for the journey to help in whatever way that is needed.

These guides provide some insight into who you are because they have discovered who they are already.

When someone has already found a path toward their own inner peace and ultimate truth, it is a lot easier for others to replicate that journey.

If you’re ready to seek out a new epiphany or want to find personal enlightenment for perhaps the first time, then an Enlightenment Intensive is an excellent way to achieve these goals.

Lasting from 3 days to 2 weeks, you can select the length of time that you need to open up communication with yourself, with others, and seek out who you truly are as a person and what life holds in store for you.

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