What Is an NDE (Near Death Experience)? Can Science Explain It?

what is an nde
Does it involve flying towards a light?

Or are there loved ones that become present who encourage a person to come back to physical life?

There are numerous near death experiences that happen every year and we are both fascinated and influenced by the stories that come out of them.

Although every near death experience is unique, almost all of them have common ground in one unique aspect: time.

Does Time Slow Down Near Death?


It’s been said that the only place where time stands still on the planet is in your bathroom.

There’s some truth to this statement because as you relax in the shower or even meditate, you lose the rhythm of your internal clock.

Your focus is no longer on the fact that time is linear, but that you are suddenly at peace with the world as it is right now, where you are, in this perfect moment.

Only 2% of people in near death experiences actually say that time moves normally for them.

For the rest of those who have an NDE, time begins to be perceived very differently.

Now time doesn’t actually stop, of course, but it poses an interesting question: is time as linear as we think it to be?

More importantly, if time isn’t linear, then is there a way that we all could take advantage of this discovery that is brought about by near death experiences?

What Can We Learn From a Near Death Experience Stories?

Mary was a university student, studying to become a nurse.

She’d met the love of her life there, but just as they were about to get married, her fiance broke off the relationship for good.

Heartbroken and lost, Mary flew home to Boston where her brother picked her up from the airport.

It was a cold, snowy day and as they left the city, her brother hit a patch of ice and crossed the center line.

The impact was at 60 miles per hour.

Mary’s brother was instantly killed.

As for Mary, she said that she could feel herself floating outside.

As she gained an awareness of the situation, she discovered that she was above the accident scene.

She could see firefighters using the jaws of life to pry her body from the wreck.

At that moment, as Mary tells it, she realized that she was dead.

There was a warmth that she felt with this realization.

It was a peace that she had never felt before.

And then, just as soon as it had happened, Mary found herself waking up at a Boston hospital with a broken leg, three broken ribs, a broken jaw that had been wired shut, and a feeding tube that had been drilled through her teeth.

She’d been in a coma for three weeks and according to emergency rescuers, had never regained consciousness throughout the entire experience.

Yet Mary to this day can describe every firefighter who worked to pull her out of the car to the smallest details.

How could this happen if time itself doesn’t change in some way at key moments?

How could this happen if there isn’t a spiritual component to the human experience?

Can Science Explain What Happens During an NDE? 

out of body experienceOne of the most revolutionary concepts that Albert Einstein put forward came in a series of papers that were published in 1905.

His thoughts on time were pretty simple: that the barriers we see between the past, present, and future are simply barriers of our own design.

We put them in place because the true understanding of how time works would completely baffle the mind. In a sense, time is simply an illusion.

If Einstein is correct and that time is completely relative, then it is possible for hours to pass for one person while years pass for another.

According to Einstein, this would happen as a ship or vehicle was able to travel near the speed of light.

What if time is more relative than Einstein ever believed and that the barriers between each aspect of our existence can be torn in two?

Is this what happens during an NDE?

If time is relative, then time can be manipulated.

If it can be manipulated, then we can allow time to serve our own purposes.

Time can become a tool that we can all use to be able to explore ourselves, cope with stress, or enjoy the company of a loved one.

By manipulating time, there would no longer be the stressful need to schedule meditation or plan for the future.

We could simply point ourselves in the direction we want to go and then allow ourselves to travel.

What If You Could Create a Perfect Moment?

Having an NDE is probably not the way to experience this phenomenon of nature.

This extreme change in time where it seems to exist and linger for an eternity could be powered by a number of different things that go on in the human body.

There is likely adrenaline pumping through the body as the fear of an impact and death itself come through.

The mind may try to cope with extreme fear by creating a fantasy world.

There might be supernatural influences.

No one honestly has actual facts about near death experiences.

What we do have are stories like Mary’s.

We have impossible truths that are related in some way.

How can someone fall and not be aware of time?

Or how can someone see their spiritual self standing in a hospital room at the point in time when their heart stops beating?

Although there should be fear in these moments, these near death experiences are all described as perfect or nearly perfect moments.

Some even describe them as a struggle because there is a desire to live, but there is also a desire to explore the warmth of the perfection that they are feeling.

Here’s a radical thought: what if you could replicate this with your own mind right now?

It’s not something that comes from science fiction.

It can be fact.

If you can sleep so soundly that when you wake up, you believe only 5 minutes have passed when it really has been 8 hours or if you can experience a lifetime while living in a dream that you can remember for the rest of your physical life, then you can use your mind to carve out a perfect moment where time literally stands still for you.

How Can You Carve a Window Into Time? 

What is an NDE

Einstein came up with a theory that says time will begin to run slower when there is more gravity associated with an environment.

It has been proven that light can be bent because of gravity.

You’re likely sitting right now to read this article, but you’re traveling at roughly 1,000 miles per hour as the planet rotates you through space – even though it doesn’t feel like you are moving at all!

To carve out a window in time without an NDE, you’ve got to eliminate the negative energy of life.

When stress is present, then time speeds up.

There is no stress in the near death experience at some point because there is an acceptance of fate.

That acceptance allows for a great amount of peace to be had and it is in these moments that time begins to elongate or even stand still in that person’s perception.

To replicate this, you must be able to find a way to be at true peace with yourself.

Those hidden worries must go away.

There must be a complete release of everything that is pent up.

There must be total surrender and contentment in the circumstances that you have facing you.

A taste of this occurs sometimes in the bathroom because the focus is on you.

Your time in the share. Your routine. Your time to get ready for work.

That’s why time can stand still there and nowhere else for the average person. 

Now take that philosophy and put it toward any given task you have.

What if you could focus solely on you during your next session of meditation or prayer?

Or what if you could be so taken by a video game that you don’t realize 6 hours have actually passed by?

This happens to people every day and it can happen to you. 

In these perfect moments, true peace can be found.

It is in this peace that the body can recharge itself, toughen itself up, and be able to fight off stress like never before.

What is an NDE?

It is an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves so that we can eliminate the barriers of time between the past, present, and future so that every moment we experience can be our next perfect moment in time.

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