What Is An OOBE: Are They Just a Dream?

What is an OOBE

Having an out of body experience, which is sometimes just called an OBE, is more common than you might think.

In basic terms, it is the sensation of being able to move outside of the physical body.

Many report being able to be in the same room as their body. Others report being able to go places that are far beyond anything that is local to them.

Many out of body experiences tend to happen at night when people are asleep.

Any time that the mind is experiencing supreme rest, however, such as a time of meditation or even a simple daydream can provide an OBE.

Lucid dreaming is an especially powerful form of being out of the body as well.

If many of the instances of an OOBE are during times of sleep or rest, an important question must be asked: are they just a dream?

There Is a Link Between Dreaming and the OBE

 It was a bright, sunny afternoon. My car was parked outside of a building that I didn’t recognize.

I didn’t know why I was waiting there either, but I did have this strange sense that I was supposed to be meeting someone.

Soon enough, someone came out of the building and immediately recognized me. The day instantly turned to night and I was suddenly parked in the car, by myself, just off of a mountain pass.

The change in reality startled me enough to make me realize that I was dreaming. It was time to take control of the dream.

I began to manipulate the dream so that I could have an environment that wasn’t seemingly put together.

As the shaping process began, I felt myself begin to rise into the sky and there I was, looking down on my physical body, as I was lucid dreaming.

Experiences like mine are actually pretty common. Lucid dreaming and the OBE hold a common link.

Some people would swear that they were up and working while at home when they wake up from a dream, but no work was ever completed.

Others say that an intense urge to go to the bathroom made it seem like they woke up, but as they explore their world, they soon realize that they are not quite at home, even though it seems like they are.

Doesn’t this sound a lot like a near death experience?

Being out of the body occurs in both the out of body experience and the near death experience.

The difference is this: the near death experience is tangible and in real time.

It’s a place where someone believes they are actually dying.

The OOBE, on the other hand, is more of a coping mechanism that helps the yin and yang of your personal universe find peace with itself.

Physical Conditions Can Trigger an OBE 

It doesn’t need to take almost dying to trigger an out of body experience.

Greg Schultz, 23, has a medium-level case of Down’s Syndrome.

He struggles at times with his ability to communicate and has a particular love for waving string in the air, but otherwise Greg lives life just like the rest of us.

One day, Greg came up to me and started pointing at his visual communication chart.

It was the word for flying. I naturally assumed he wanted to go onto an airplane, so I pointed to the airplane.

He shook his head very emphatically to tell me that I was wrong.

Then he held out his arms and began to pretend floating around the room.

An OBE is also a chance for those with physical conditions to experience freedom. That’s what Greg was trying to talk to me about.

He was describing the freedom of being outside of a body that wasn’t able to do what he wanted it to do.

People with strokes, head trauma, epilepsy, and even drug abusers have all had similar experiences to Greg’s experience.

The OOBE becomes a place where one can be free.

Now here’s the good news: you can experience that kind of freedom too.

Astral Projection Isn’t Just Some Fairy Tale 

out of body experience

When you speak with someone about astral projection, you’ll get one of two general reactions.

The first is a few snickers and then a sarcastic remark that is meant to belittle you.

The second is an immediate embrace. “I’ve had that happen to me,” will be said in some form.

Astral projection takes the out of body experience beyond just the local.

You still have the experience of floating outside of the body to interact with the physical world, but it happens in a unique way.

The best way to describe it is that you become a ghost. Your soul becomes out of phase with this world, but it is still grounded to this world.

You can walk through walls, place yourself anywhere, and explore virtually anything.

Sometimes people associate a level of spirituality with astral projection.

This is because the different phases of the experience can provide different realities that seem surreal at best as the consciousness is surrounded by light, energy or both.

It is a uniquely powerful and fulfilling experience that might bring someone to encounter an angel, an ancestor, or even the god or gods that they prefer to worship.

What Connects Every Out of Body Experience?

All of these out of body experiences rely on what your expectations and feelings happen to be.

If you have a strong faith in a particular god, then when you explore the heavens, you’d expect to encounter this god.

If you believe that the spirits of your ancestors are guiding you, then you’d expect to meet up with your ancestors for coffee in the astral planes of life.

This means that you can control your OBE if you’re able to keep your emotions under control. Your imagination becomes a tool that you can use to go virtually anywhere.

It also means that you must be fully awake to have a true out of body experience.

They occur during dreams all of the time, but this is in a land that your mind is creating for you, whether the dream is lucid or not.

The vividness of being self-aware during the experience is what makes the OBE such an amazing thing when it occurs.

You must also have a need to be aware of your body and its location when you’re having an OBE.

If you begin your experience somewhere beyond where your physical body happens to be, then this may be more of a dream state than an out of body state.

Instant teleportation into an out of body experience is unique, but it could happen.

It all depends on what you’re trying to create.


Is It Possible To Create Your Own OOBE?

What is an OOBE but a tool for you to use for practical purposes?

These experiences have been debated for centuries because the out of body experience seems to indicate a higher level of consciousness that can be achieved by humans.

It also means that you can work on having your own personal experiences starting right now!

To begin, you must find a way to relax. Whatever way brings you to deep relaxation, use it.

The best times to do so seem to be when you’re just waking up or just thinking about going to sleep.

Get comfortable and just let thoughts come and go.

Begin some meditation if you prefer or listen to gentle music. The goal is simple: to keep the mind clear as the body goes to sleep.

Now just before you feel yourself drift off, shift your consciousness.

Think of it like one of those older slide machines that would project pictures onto a large screen. You’re pressing the button that will switch pictures.

Your mind is the machine and it stays put, but you’re in control.

You’re shifting what images that you’re choosing to see. This step is critical to the OBE experience because it makes the mind aware that you want to shift the phase perspectives that you’re wishing to experience.

From there, you must work to set yourself free from your body.

You might feel vibrations or pleasant emotions during this phase.

You might even feel yourself working free from your body at this point!

The experiences are different for everyone. Always remember that you are in control.

You can create a clear vision. You can go anywhere. It is your feelings and expectations that drive the experience.

Most importantly, don’t jump to any conclusions about how successful or unsuccessful your attempts happen to be.

An out of body experience isn’t a definition of how strong your faith or mental discipline happens to be.

It is simply something that happens when your mind and consciousness come together in a unique way to give you a new experience in life.

What is an OOBE?

Whether in dreams or in the present reality, it is a new adventure that is waiting for you.


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