What Is Levitation: Go Beyond the Cables and Camera Tricks

What is Levitation

What is levitation?

Levitation has been a popular illusion for Hollywood and street magicians for generations. From Criss Angel to that famous scene in Ghostbusters when Sigourney Weaver is levitating in bed, there isn’t anything paranormal involved.

Most of the time there are just good camera angles, some video editing, and a planted audience to make everyone believe the illusion is real.

Even with a good illusion, levitation still requires cables or visual angles that make it seem like someone is levitating.

Real levitation has been a concept in meditation for centuries. Some say that human beings are actually designed to levitate when their internal energies are properly balanced. But is levitation possible?


Does Criss Angel Levitate? 

One of the best tricks that Criss Angel ever performed was to levitate at the top of the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Even the biggest skeptics who saw this trick were a bit puzzled by it. How was he able to float within the light of the Luxor pyramid?

It was a wire trick, like almost all levitation tricks are today. Anything becomes invisible to the human eye when it is far enough away.

By performing the stunt on top of the building at night, it would be virtually impossible to detect any wires at all. The light from the top of the Luxor pyramid seems to give the stunt credibility, but it is just another part of the stunt.

So how did Criss Angel get up in the air? Helicopters. When an audience is some distance away, a black helicopter is not going to stand out against a black night sky. If you place spotlights on the audience, it will eliminate any possibility of someone’s eyes adjusting to the silhouette of a helicopter in the night.

If you can’t see a helicopter, then you’re definitely not going to see the 1/16 inch stainless steel cables that are supporting Criss Angel in the sky.


What About the Criss Angel Levitation Videos? 

Videos are an easy thing to fake. When Criss Angel is performing in front of three or four people on the street, there’s a good chance that those people are just “plants.”

In other words, they’ve been compensated to act shocked when they see levitation in action. Just outside of the camera frame, there’s a crane with a wire, a harness attached to a building, or a number of other support mechanisms.

The concepts that Criss Angel uses for his illusions are some of the same concepts that are used in Hollywood to get the amazing scenes and stunts that are in modern film.

You don’t get to see the full wire harness that an actress is using to levitate because it gets edited out of the picture during the final edit. Computer graphics can replace certain colors automatically in a film.

What we see today as entertainment is real to our eyes, but not real levitation. Most people know this and so they are skeptical of anyone who claims that they can really levitate.

Meditation masters for almost all of time, however, have claimed that one of the side effects of balanced energy is the ability to use telekinesis to levitate.

Have all of these meditation masters been trying to pull a scam on everyone just so they’ll follow a specific philosophy and gain a following? Or could levitation be real?


It Is Important To Distinguish What Type of Levitation Is Being Used 

How to Levitate

From a meditation or spiritual sense, levitation occurs in both a physical and a psychological sense. Many of those who practice the spiritual arts will combine these two phenomenon and simply call it levitation.

If you are lifting prayers or chants or just lifting your eyes to the sky because you need help, in a way that is real meditation. You are pushing your spiritual energy toward something greater than yourself. Toward something that you cannot physically obtain on your own.

Sometimes spiritual levitation comes in the form of visions or out of body experiences.

Many people have reported that they have seen themselves sleeping in bed or been above traffic accidents where they were critically injured, yet have felt no pain.

How could someone be able to provide specific details about emergency personnel when they haven’t regained physical consciousness?

There must be at least some truth to levitation. That’s why transcendental meditation is looked at as a very unique experience for the human body and mind.


Can I Achieve Levitation From Transcendental Meditation?


 If you’ve already decided that levitation isn’t for real and that all of this talk about meditation and spirits is just another Criss Angel illusion, then you’ve already blocked yourself from the unique experience of levitation.

Some people will not ever physically levitate without the help of a wire. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Some people will experience a sort of out of body experience that lets their spiritual energy find a certain level of peace and tranquility.

If someone wants to call that “levitation,” then there’s no harm in doing so. They are doing this in the privacy of their own home or with others they trust immensely and are cleansing their thought process and reducing stress in the process.

We could use a little less stress in life.

Physical levitation is a different story. We’ve got to define that there are three types of levitation that come from Yoga, meditation, or other spiritual practices. Let’s call them stages.

  • Stage 1 Levitation. This involves being able to hop or bounce in movements while staying in the Lotus or preferred meditation pose.
  • Stage 2 Levitation: Instead of bouncing or hopping, the person who is able to levitate would be able to hover for some time in place before dropping down again to the floor.
  • Stage 3 Levitation: This stage of levitation allows you to fly in the sky, all on your own, without any cables or wires. You defy gravity.

In 1976, the concept of Yogic Flying and modern levitation came to light thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Using the Vedic tradition, the idea of levitation became part of the Transcendental meditation program.

In watching this video on competing in Yogic flying, it is important to note that the participants consider what they are doing to be levitation.

If you watch what they are actually doing within the video, they are using their legs to create leverage that pushes their body up into the air.

It is a muscle-based activity, much like modern versions of Yoga that include poses and stretching.

Is it levitation if you are pushing your body into the air? Most people would say that is not levitation at all. Not everyone, however, agrees.


Does Anyone Actually Practice Stage 2 or Stage 3 Levitation? 

It has been said that it takes close to a lifetime to practice the perfection of Stage 1 levitation in order to achieve the more advanced stages.

This is actually in line with Yogic traditions, which say that perfection along one chosen path must be attained in order to pursue a second path. Each stage of levitation would feasibly be a different path.

To sit and hover while in a full meditation pose is not something that is often visually seen.

There are certain monks who have been known or have claimed to have been able to hover, but the visual evidence of this fact has never been verified. It’s all word of mouth or through the use of cables or wires, like you’ll see with Criss Angel.

It is very rare for anyone to even claim that they can perform Stage 3 levitation. As with Stage 2, no actual evidence exists.

What is levitation, though, but a state of mind that you’re aiming to achieve?

If your goal is simply to levitate while you meditate, then you’re missing the point. Meditation is about getting to know yourself and the world around you to find peace.

If levitation happens as you seek out your primary goal, then so be it.


Is Levitation Possible at Stage 1? 

Anyone can begin levitation at Stage 1. At its very core, it is simply a more advanced form of Yoga that you’d practice in a studio.

Instead of stretching into various poses, you simply propel yourself up into the air. If you propel yourself high enough, it could be said that the moment you reach your peak height before coming back down is hovering or levitation.

For most people, however, levitation will always be something out of Hollywood or a neat illusion that can be seen. Helicopters, cranes, and cables put on a spectacular show!

That doesn’t mean the goals of achieving levitation should be ignored.

Research has proven that meditation has numerous benefits.

What is levitation going to be like for most people today?

Using brainwave entrainment products, guided meditation, positive affirmations, or even simple white noise can all help someone achieve a more enlightened state where they can let their problems float away.



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