OmHarmonics Review: Is It Quality Meditation Music?

what is omharmonics

OMHARMONICS is no longer available for sale, so you cannot buy it either here or anywhere else. But don’t worry, if you’re interested in meditation music, there are some great options available. 

There are at least two brainwave entrainment programs that I can recommend you to try.

  1. Profound Meditation Program 3.0 [free track]

  2. Brain Evolution System

  3. Best Meditation Music

  4. The M Word

In the world of brainwave entrainment, there are a lot of different products that offer people the chance to enhance each meditation session.

The idea is that you will work to condition the mind to better accept a meditative state, enter into a deeper meditative state, and even be able to sleep better at night by using the product.

Omharmonics has a new form of brainwave entrainment that can help you experience the benefits of deep meditation in just minutes.

Does this sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the program to see if it provides realistic outcomes or is just a scam.

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If you would like to try out something better than Omharmonics then check out The M Word:

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How Quickly Can Meditation Begin?

The issue that many people face when beginning the practice of meditation is one of discontent. As they sit in the poses that they see others using, they can’t seem to find a state of bliss whatsoever!

You have the kids down the street who are playing and yelling. There’s the fly that’s buzzing around the room. There’s the invariable phone call that interrupts what little headway you have been able to make.

Meditating as a beginner can be extremely frustrating.

What is Omharmonics? It is a program that is able to eliminate distractions so that your mind can focus on the tasks at hand.

No longer does your mind focus on the distraction because it is instead focused on the sounds that are provided by the brainwave entrainment in your headphones!

Music has the unique ability to engage all facets of the mind at once, which means once you start listening to music in your headphones, all of the thoughts that were once racing will start to slow down.

Omharmonics capitalizes on that effect by introducing the classic binaural beats into the audio that you hear as well. Heard as wave patterns, your mind recognizes the alternating frequencies that occur and interprets them as a beat.

This is the primary method of how meditation can be achieved in a short amount of time because the beats mandate that your brain starts to meditate as the beats progress.

Binaural beats are something new, however, so what is it that sets Omharmonic apart from the rest of the brainwave entrainment products that are on the market today?


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Omharmonics: A Short Review

The foundation of the OmHarmonics program is binaural beats.

This element of brainwave entrainment is found on many audio tracks which are designed to help someone meditate with better focus.

What differentiates this program from the many others which are available, all for about the same price, can be broken down into three specific categories.

#1. It is designed to create an optimal zone for meditation through a process called NeuralSync Technology.

This is a blend of breathing sounds, heartbeats, and binaural beats.

For people who struggle to meditate successfully, listening to the sound of a heartbeat is an effective way to change their point of focus.

#2. Another process, called Intelligent Guided Flow Technology, will align itself with your current brainwaves to provide an immersive environment.

This removes many of the resistance barriers that are put into place when trying to learn how to meditate.

#3. Mind Tunes is the final category, which removes sounds that are unpleasant to the ear.

This prevents the mind from being able to focus on the unpleasant sensations, which makes it easier to begin the meditation process.

To maximize the effects of these categories, OmHarmonics operates on a frequency of 440 Hz.

When you work with the program, which is called “OmLife,” you will receive 5 different tracks with audio meditation support.

Unlike other programs, OmLife encourages you to listen to each track at specific points during the day.

You are not asked to listen to the same track for every meditation session for a specific time period.

The first track is called “The Awakening.”

It is designed to be used right away in the morning.

Instead of waking in a tense state, worried about what may happen during the day, this audio is designed to keep your consciousness in a state that is engaged, relaxed, and ready to conquer a challenge.

The second track is called “The Focus.”

When you first get to work or start tackling chores at home, it can be difficult to stay on-task.

This audio sets the stage for ongoing focus by calming down the senses which are looking for a distraction.

With the third track, you’re starting, “The Spark.”

For me, creativity is the first thing that disappears when I encounter a stressful situation.

This audio track makes it easier to focus on a project instead of the stressful feelings the project creates.

I’ve found that it helps me discover new ideas, even during moments when I don’t feel especially creative.

That brings us to “The Balance.”

The fourth track is designed to provide audio which restores your mental balance.

Many people need some time to transition from work to home.

I really enjoy this track because it provides me with a sense of peace.

Instead of racing thoughts or self-critical emotions, I get the chance to embrace my second wind.

The final track is called, “The Deep Rest.”

The perfect time to play this audio is when you begin your bedtime routine.

Instead of focusing on the worries of tomorrow, you’re able to find a place of quietness where the mind and body are able to embrace rest.

This helps me sleep better at night, feel rested in the morning, and have more energy throughout the day.

You have two options from which to choose with each track.

A fast 15-minute version is perfect for those times when you can’t slow down during the day.

Then a longer 30-minute track is offered to help you meditate successfully, find inner peace, or embrace the focus and creativity you may need in a specific moment.

This makes it possible to get more out of each moment – a chance to find small instances of perfection.

The Four Benefits of Omharmonics

There are two essential forms of brainwave entrainment that you’ll find on the market today: compositions that sound like they were made in the future or compositions  that focus on sounds from nature.

What you’ll find with the Omharmonics system of meditation encouragement is a natural combination of light music and classic entrainment methods that will help the outside world get blocked out so you can focus on the inner self during your scheduled meditation time.

You’ll also find that there are these four unique points that help to make this product stand up to the competition:

  • It provides synchronization. Omharmonics has developed an entrainment product that includes breathing sounds and audible heartbeats that will work to bring your body into sync as the binaural beats and other components of each track help to bring your mind into sync.
  • It provides key oscillation points. With a wide range of different frequencies included on each track, it is much easier for the mind to begin generating Alpha waves.
  • It guides you in the comfort of your own home. Guided meditation can be a wonderful addition to any lifestyle, but it can be difficult to find a good guide or it might be far from home. Omharmonics allows you to self-guide your journey with each track in a specific way that will meet your needs.
  • It is a fully customized system. Whatever your needs are for any given day, that’s the track that you can play so that your meditation time can be powerful and strong.

Some people prefer silence in their meditation sessions so they can work on the actual skill of pushing stray thoughts away.

Others really enjoy engaging the chaos of their inner self that the outer world brings upon it!

For others, however, sounds and guides help to relax the mind and bring about the communication between the conscious and sub-conscious mind that is really at the core of what meditation is all about.

You’re attempting to have a conversation with your core self.

That’s what Omharmonics will help you do.

It will help you recognize your current mental state, help you to shift that mental state toward one of peace and tranquility, and then help you stay there for as long as your schedule allows.

It’s that place of rejuvenation where the benefits of meditation can really begin to kick in!

What Is Intelligent Guided Flow Technology?

One of the interesting components of the Omharmonics program is that it claims to be able to recognize and align with your current brainwaves.

Is this actually possible since this is a recorded track that you’re listening to when you put on your headphones and start a meditation session?

Although there is no possible way for a recording to be able to actively recognize your current state of mind, you can use the brainwave entrainment technology found in this program to your advantage by selecting the perfect product at the perfect time.

Unlike other programs, there is no step-up necessary to get to the next level of the product. You simply choose what you need, when you need it, and then you play it. It’s as simple as that!

Here is a brief overview of what to expect with Intelligent Guided Flow Technology when using the 5 different tracks provided by this program.

  • Awakening. You are guided toward the start of a perfect day. If you wake up feeling tired or frustrated, this track will gently guide you toward a more positive morning routine. When the anger is reduced, your natural creativity shines with renewed energy.
  • Focus. How often do you get distracted by something during the day and it robs you of maybe 15 minutes of productivity? Four distractions and you’ve lost an entire hour out of your day. This track guides you through the process of tackling any project, reducing distractions, or staying on-pace with the work that you need to do.
  • Spark. Everyone tends to hit the wall at some point during the day. Your mind is tired, your body is exhausted, and you’re ready to call it a day. This track guides your creativity to an alarm clock. It helps the mind wake up and begin to tap into its inspiration centers once again, so that you can fight through the mental fatigue with its encouragement.
  • Balance. This track guides you toward a transitional state. It can be difficult to shut off “work mode” or embrace “home mode” after a difficult day. You will find that a life that is balanced is one that experiences less stress.
  • Deep Rest. The start of tomorrow begins with the rest that is had the night before. A good night’s rest will provide more energy, which is what this track guides you toward during your bedtime routine.

Each track comes in a standard 30 minute session, but also includes a shortened 15 minute session for when you could use a quick session of meditation during a break at work.

You must listen to the entire track to experience its benefits. Listening to half of the 30-minute track is not as beneficial as listening to the whole thing. Choose the 15-minute track instead if time is running short on you.

With this kind of structure and with these benefits, what you can do is give your own life an intelligent, guided flow because you can recognize what it is that you need.

You then play the track, reap the benefits, and then proceed with your next task – even if that next task is sleeping!

How Much Value Can You Get in 90 Days?

The best part about the Omharmonics tracks is the fact that you get 3 full months to try them out to see if they will work.

The human body is a unique creation and because we are all individuals, there are individual treatments that are required in order to find a maximized level of success in almost any field.

What works well for one person might not work at all for someone else. You see that everywhere in the medical field and you’ll see that with meditation products such as these.

Just because it doesn’t work for someone doesn’t mean that the product is a scam.

That would be like saying an antibiotic that doesn’t work for someone because of their unique biology is a scam too… and we know that not to be true!

Omharmonics has created a wonderful product that you can try on your own time to see if it will give your times of meditation a boost.

If you find that it helps, then you’ve invested into a great product that will help you achieve even more every day!

A Final Thought About OmHarmonics

If you’re looking for a product that will provide you with instant gratification in the world of meditation, OmHarmonics will leave you feeling dissatisfied.

As will any other product.

You see, the goal of this program (and others like it) is to provide you with a tool that you can use to engage your full potential.

What makes it unique is the fact that it is divided into 5 different elements that are used throughout the day.

Instead of trying to push the envelope with a single moment of meditation, OmHarmonics encourages you to embrace a different lifestyle altogether.

It is a lifestyle where meditation, binaural beats, and comforting audio are used as a coping mechanism.

Using each track strategically offers the potential of a powerful result over time.

You may experience improvements in your meditation after your first session.

It might also take 2-3 weeks to begin noticing meaningful changes in your life.

I can only speak for myself when describing OmHarmonics.

I have found it to be a useful tool that helps me bridge the gaps in my life between my schedule and my meditation practices.

A quick 15-minute session feels restorative.

It gives me energy and it helps me stay focused.

Give OmHarmonics a try.

You might be surprised at how it may change your perspective as well.

If you would like to try out something better than Omharmonics then check out The M Word:

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Learn more about the M Word here

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