What is Remote Viewing and Is It Dangerous?

What is Remote Viewing

Have you ever had a dream or a vision where you were some place that you never visited before?

This is the basic definition of what remote viewing happens to be.

As a perceiver, which is often called a “viewer,” individuals are given specific details about a physical location that is some place in the world.

The perceiver then takes that information to find those details and then describe the environment that they see.

What is remote viewing? It is an enhanced version of clairvoyance. It is more than telepathy because instead of distinguishing thoughts, perceivers are distinguishing environments.

Is Remote Viewing Real? 

The intelligence community has been using remote viewing for information gathering purposes for over three decades.

Although the Psi Tech projects were initially kept in top secret files, some of the information about these classified projects has been coming to light.

The most important information that has come to light has been a specific set of criteria that was used to help remote viewers be able to distinguish real facts from their imagination.

Everyone has the ability to be a perceiver. The human mind is an amazing tool that can be used in a wide variety of ways.

People often have dreams where they sense premonitions or travel to distant locations that they’ve never been before.

Sometimes these travels are even taken to different planets.

We often dismiss these visions or dreams as being something that has been personally manufactured.

This is probably an accurate dismissal in many instances. There are times, however, when the remote viewing has proven to be very real.

How Can People Access Remote Information? 

how to do remote viewing

If you looked at the DNA of our planet, you would find that we are all interconnected. The trees, ground, animals, and humans all have elements of each other included within their design.

Some may call this evidence of God. Others may say that it is proof of evolution. What it does prove, no matter what an individual perspective may be, is that we belong to each other through the sharing of information.

This is why information is the trigger for the perceiver.

The viewer is able to access the flow of mutual energy that resides within the world today and locate the specific information that has been presented to them.

This specific information is an attractant which allows them to transfer their energy to that environment in a conscious manner so that it can be directly observed.

Think of it like this: your brain is Google. The specific information is a search term. Once that term is entered, the perceiver displays the results on their mental screen.

Remote Viewing Is a Skill That You Can Learn 

In order to make remote viewing work, you must be able to come to a place where your conscious and your unconscious mind are able to work together cohesively.

As your conscious mind writes down the details that are being observed, your unconscious mind is traveling along the ebbs and flows of the universal energy that encompasses all of us.

Once this happens, life is never the same. New horizons are opened and allow people to explore virtually anywhere.

It’s easy to be skeptical of this process. Researchers have checked on remote viewers in the past to determine the accuracy of their work.

In one instance when a remote viewing of the planets Mercury and Jupiter were examined for accuracy, just 1 out of the 65 facts that were listed by the remote viewers could have been obtained from any science book. Their success rate: 54% in total.

Now imagine what a trained remote viewer would be able to provide. If untrained individuals can provide people with half of the information that is needed, what could someone trained in distinguishing imagination from reality be able to provide?

This is the power of what remote viewing is to the universe at large.

Are People Just Seeing What They Want To See? 

remote viewing techniques

The problem with remote viewing is that the people who are providing the information to the perceiver generally already have extensive information about their target.

This means they have a certain bias in wanting to see in the text and images that a perceiver sketches during a remote viewing session.

If you are expecting to see a butterfly that is sitting on a flower, then vague images that slightly resemble this mental image will be seen in the response.

Because of this fact, the idea of remote viewing is often highly criticized. Clairvoyance by itself seems far-fetched and brings with it a question of privacy invasion.

This still cannot explain, however, the natural ability for untrained individuals to be able to accurately describe environments they have never visited.

When the mind is in a restful state or even in sleep, the hidden abilities of that person can be put on display.

There are no conscious barriers in place. The mind at this relaxed point is truly open.

People have described not only environments and activities that occur in real time, but even had premonitions of the future during remote viewing events.

The implications of this are profound: instead of time being linear, time is able to be manipulated for personal observation and benefit.

Is Remote Viewing Dangerous? 

Although the idea of sending energies to a remote location seems like it could be dangerous, it really isn’t at all.

You are tied to your physical body at all times. There is no possibility of interception. You simply observe and then write down those observations to describe the environment around a specific target.

The details of remote viewing can be remarkably precise. Imagine being able to view the work you are planning to do for tomorrow, except that you’re sleeping tonight.

Could your mind craft these images and the environment on its own? Of course it can. Will it be able to replicate the environment so that it feels very real? Absolutely.

Can your mind insert specific tasks that must be accomplished and the decisions that others will take while you are observing the environment in real time? No.

Your mind can insert a replication of its perceptions, but it cannot mimic real life. If you are in a dream state, it becomes very difficult to see certain details.

When you look down at a paper, the text seems blurred or signs seem incomprehensible. In comparison, remote viewing puts these details into a crystal clear format for you.

Although rarely mentioned, there is one element of danger. Have you ever felt like someone was watching you, but you couldn’t see anyone around?

People have this experience if they are part of a remote viewing exercise. Sometimes that feeling is so profound that they can sense specific details of the consciousness that is present.

When they encounter that consciousness again, they will recognize it, even if that happens in the physical realm instead of the remote viewing realm.

Aren’t the Images Drawn By Remote Viewers Vague?

remote viewing training

Yes and no. The problem with remote viewing is that everything is reliant upon the perceiver. Their skills are going to be reflected in the final results that are offered.

Some perceivers may see extremely detailed environments and be able to describe them, but their artistic skills may be… lacking.

Others may have incredible artistic skills, but need to enhance their overall observation skills.

Many people compare remote viewing to the idea of a TV psychic.

There is someone in your life that has the letter R in their name.

You have someone in your life that you love very much, but don’t talk to them often.

There are times at night sometimes when you feel very sad.

If you make enough generalized statements, someone is going to shoot up out of their seat and yell “THAT’S ME!” at some point.

It’s easy to see why people would see the same concepts in remote viewing. There are lots of desert landscapes. Many communities have mountains that can be seen from there. There can be a unique smell in the air virtually anywhere.

The difference between true remote viewing and surface level viewing is in the details. Instead of seeing just a desert landscape, the full description of that landscape will be available.

One can look out to the horizon and describe the mountains, lakes, wildlife, sunsets, and other aspects of the view that can pinpoint a specific location.

That specific smell? They’ll tell you want it smells like, such as a spring rain or the rotting egg smell of sulfur.

Do You Want To Try Your Own Remote Viewing Experiment? 

Are you ready to see if you’ve got the skills to provide military grade intelligence?

You’re going to need to bring together 3 or 4 of your closest friends to give this experiment a try.

Have one person travel to a series of different locations within your community and make detailed observations about what they were able to see. Have these observations placed in a sealed envelope.

Now you’ll need someone to randomly select one of those locations. They’ll need to head out to the location because they’re going to be the sender.

The perceiver is going to be making the observations in private that the sender is seeing at the physical location. Set a specific time limit of 60 minutes at most for this experiment.

It helps to have a fourth person on hand to be the information giver, but that isn’t 100% necessary.

The person who scouts out the locations can act as the target communicator. The sender will make detailed observations about the random target location and the viewer will attempt to sketch those observations down based on their connection with the energy that is flowing around them.

Once the job is done, have everyone return and have the work evaluated by an independent judge. Give them the work of the viewer first to see if the specific location can be identified without any knowledge of where it was.

If this can happen, then you have successfully passed the experiment. If not, you can always try again!

What Could You Do With Remote Viewing? 

The military has been using remote viewing for intelligence gathering for over three decades.

Although spying on a micromanaging boss might be a fun thing to try to do with your remote viewing efforts, the practice isn’t really designed for purposes like that.

Your goal should be to gather information in real-time about a specific place or individual.

The benefits of this are pretty clear: you can determine how safe an environment may be before entering it. You might be able to find places to explore that are interesting.

You’ll know where the dangerous places are before you arrive so you can avoid trouble whenever possible.

What many people discover is that failure often occurs when attempting to be a perceiver. After one or two failing attempts, it is not uncommon for people to give up.

It is imperative that you keep trying because remote viewing is a skill that must be practiced.

Most people can’t type 100 words per minute the second they sit down at a keyboard or typewriter for the first time. Give someone enough practice, however, and they can become an elite typist over time.

There will be growing pains when attempting to remote view locations. There will likely be many unsuccessful attempts.

At the end of the day, however, it is important to remember that practicing a skill is never really failure. It is just another step on the journey toward finding success.

Remote viewing is an amazing skill that all humans have the ability to perform if they keep an open mind and are willing to practice it on a repetitive basis.

Try your own experiments and see what you might discover. Who knows? Maybe your skills might become the next classified government project.

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