65 Workout Affirmations to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone. Michael John Bobak

If you’ve ever tried to exercise regularly in order to lose weight or get into a better shape then you should know that your state of mind plays a big role in this process.

Many people think that the physical aspect is the most important in maintaining a consistent exercise routine.

However the truth is that your mental barriers can stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Sometimes they can stop you in the middle of your fitness journey and sometimes at the very beginning of it.

I know what it’s like because I practiced weight lifting for a long time. What’s more I practiced alone, so it’s even more challenging than training with a partner.

I had no one to motivate me and no one to force me to go to the gym. And most of the days I didn’t feel like training at all. So how did I manage to keep training for a long time? I watched motivational videos on YouTube, I was disciplined and I also practiced affirmations.

It’s important to discipline your mind, to become mentally tough before you can discipline your body. And affirmations can help you in this process of disciplining your mind. The body follows the mind not the other way round!

Mindset is very important not only when you’re trying to achieve your fitness goals but in life in general. When you start to think during a long run that you’re not able to run one more mile then probably you won’t be able to do it.

However if you tell yourself that you’re going to finish the run no matter what there’s a chance that you will be successful.

Affirmations are very helpful when we need to do something consistently for a long period of time. And working out for health and fitness is definitely something that you need to do much longer than just for one week or one month.

At every stage of your fitness journey toward better health and better shape you should use different affirmations. For example at the beginning you may feel discouraged, you may feel that you will never achieve your goal.

That’s why repeat affirmations that will encourage you to take small steps, that will make you believe that it’s possible to accomplish your goals. 


Once you start working out you need to do it consistently for a long period of time. At this stage choose affirmations that will keep you going, that will make you appreciate small changes that you start to notice e.g. you’re losing weight or gaining more muscles.

And if you still see no progress remind yourself that anything worthwhile takes time to build. Example affirmation: I’m patient and I will not stop on my way towards better health.

Now you just need to stay disciplined because you’re in it for the long haul. Say affirmations that will help you stay disciplined. Example affirmation: I know what I’m doing this for and nothing will thwart my plans. Or I have to stay hard.

You can treat the affirmations below as just an example and on the basis of them create your own affirmations.

It is always recommended to create your own affirmations – they should be the most effective because you know best what’s going on in your life and can adjust the affirmations accordingly. Create phrases that are meaningful to you.  

Or if you prefer not to write your own affirmations, pick a few from here that really strike a chord with you.

One more important thing to remember. When you repeat your affirmations pay attention to the words you’re saying, focus on them. Don’t do it mindlessly.

Your affirmations should carry emotional weight and strong feelings. Thanks to the emotions the message is amplified and the effectiveness of each affirmation is increased. Good luck!  


Workout Affirmations That Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

1. I am full of energy, power and optimism. 

2. After a workout my mood always improves. 

3. My family appreciates me for my efforts to stay in good shape.

4. My body will thank me in the future for exercising today. 

5. No obstacles that I will face today can stop me from working out. 

6. Every exercise and every repetition bring me closer to my goal. 

7. Working out helps me stay in good mental health. 

8. I am motivated to achieve my fitness goals. 

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9. Giving up is not an option. 

10. My hard work in the gym starts to bear fruit.

11. A short workout is better than no workout. 

12. I feel fitter and healthier every day. 

13. Working out at the gym gives me a lot of pleasure.  

14. I’m ready to wait for results. I’m patient. 

15. My body demands movement. 

16. Each day I become stronger and stronger. 
17. By exercising I give good example to others. 

18. I am very motivated to exercise today. 

19. I deserve to be fit, healthy and in a great physical shape. 

20. The harder I work out the greater results I achieve. 

21. I always find time for working out. 

22. I feel awesome in my body. 

23. I work out every day not because I have to but because I choose health. 

24. I like the shape of my body when I look in the mirror. 

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25. Thanks to exercising I fall asleep easily every night. 

26. Today is a great day for a workout! 

27. I achieve all my fitness goals. 

28. I’m going to have an excellent workout today. 

29. I’m losing weight consistently and I’m very happy about it. 

30. I am thankful to my body for letting me exercise every day. 

31. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my fitness goals. 

32. I like working out because it improves my physical and mental condition. 
33. I’m proud of myself that I work out and eat healthy every day.

34. I want to exercise to feel good and look good. 

35. Achieving my goals is second nature to me. 

36. I’ve never been in a better shape. 

37. I love exercising. This is my passion. 

38. I started to work out because I appreciate my body. 

39. I am disciplined and never skip my workouts. 

40. I feel strong motivation to work hard in the gym today. 

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41. I can achieve anything I set my mind to. 

42. I always find strength to do another workout. 

43. I like my body when I look in the mirror. 

44. My body is becoming stronger and stronger with each workout session. 

45. I’m good at sticking to healthy habits. 

46. My fitness goals are attainable and I will attain them. 

47. I may be tired and discouraged but I’m not going to stop taking care of my health.

48. Each time I go to the gym I’m getting stronger and healthier.
49. I feed my body with the proper nutrients to keep it strong and fit. 

50. I have no problems with losing weight. 

51. I‘m going to have a fantastic workout today. 

52. I always remember why I started that’s why I never think about quitting. 

53. I am ready to invest as much as is necessary to stay healthy and in good shape. 

54. I feel strong and motivated.

55. I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to stop. 

56. I always find time to exercise for at least 30 minutes. 
57. I feel lighter and thinner every day. 

58. I can do it! 

59. I love trying out new exercises and cook healthy meals.

60. Hard work now. Rest later. 

61. No struggle, no progress! 

62. I don’t even think about giving up. 

63. I’m very excited each day when I’m going to workout in the gym.

64. I take care of my body because I want to stay healthy and fit. 

65. I am resilient, I am tough, I am not going to give up. 
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