What is the Best Meditation Music?

Below you will find four programs created by two different companies: Inspire3 and iAwake Technologies.

Thousands of people have already taken advantage of the benefits these programs offer.

Today you could be the next one!


brain evolution system

The Brain Evolution System

Probably the most powerful self–development technology on earth

6-level brainwave MP3 program

Virtual gym for your brain

Listen for just 30 minutes a day – it may change your life

Great results within days of starting the program

BrainEv Huge Discount


The Profound Meditation Program 3.0

Increase your energy and flow

Enjoy effortless focus

Recover quickly from stress

Discover how easy it is to meditate

Experience Deep and more restful sleep

zen12 meditation program

Meditation Music


No rules, no tricky sitting positions,

no headphones. 

Just hit play and listen.


Revolutionary Lambda Brainwave

 Meditation for Entering Transcendent Consciousness

This revolutionary program guides you into

the Lambda state, propelling you to new

heights of transcendent consciousness,

ineffable stillness, and radiant insight.

Music that will change your mood and make you feel at peace.
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Music that will change your mood and make you feel at peace.
Yes, I want to listen to it
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