Grounding Meditation Script: 15-minute Guided Meditation For Grounding

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Grounding Meditation Script

Welcome to this
grounding meditation. Today you focus on connecting to mother earth below.

So make sure you are in
a very comfortable position, in a place where you can fully enjoy your time. It
is best if you have your feet planted on the floor without shoes or socks for
this grounding session but if you would rather lie down with your feet
elevated, that is fine, too.

First become aware of
your breath and when you do so you might take a nice deep breath in. Breathing
in as much as you can and when you exhale feel your body relax.

If you haven’t already,
allow your eyes to close.

And let’s become aware
of the bottoms of your feet as well as the tips of your toes.

Your feet have been
taking you so many places over the years and they deserve to fully relax and
let go. So, allow relaxation to amplify in your feet by simply placing your
awareness on them. Breathe in deeply feeling comfortable and relaxed.

All of your attention
on the soles of your feet.

Imagine that this is
what connects you to mother earth.

Each step you take has
made a difference in your life and moved you through hard times as well as

Breathe in deeply and
send your feet love and respect for everywhere they have taken you…

Now imagine the earth
below you supporting your every move…

The ground is your
place of connection and no matter how high up you go or how long your feet are
elevated, you always become grounded once again.

Become aware of the
ground below you wherever it may be and know that it is a source of pure
connection to all there is.

Imagine now that from
the bottoms of your feet, the roots of your soul are growing and extending down
towards the earth….

They make contact with
the soil below wherever it may be, and you feel the instant connection and
security filled with unconditional love.

So relaxed as you feel
this amazing connection with the earth.

Feel these roots strong
and unbreakable.

They are now going into
the earth and taking root allowing you to feel ultimate relaxation…

See these roots however
they appear for you, they could be your favorite color or look like roots from
a plant.

Feeling them grounding
you… the soles of your feet are strong and resilient…

You have found the link
between you and the earth…

This is a bond that
cannot be broken, you came from the earth and we are always connected to it….

Feel the union between
you and the soil…

By becoming grounded on
a daily basis, you are strengthening the alliance between earth and human…

Now, allow the earth
and all her love to teach you anything you need to know, and listen with an
open heart and mind…

Familiarize yourself
with the messages you hear…

Allow the earth to
introduce you to the power of true connection…

You have made a strong
alliance with the earth… grounding you in soul and body…

Now, breathe in deeply
again, imagine that you are drawing this powerful experience of connection up
your legs, feeling this bond relax your body as it releases any tension along
the way…

Breathe in again…
feeling the union of earth and body traveling up into your hips and pelvis…
deeply relaxing you…

Breathing fully and
passionately, feel the partnership between humans and earth traveling up into
your abdomen and ribs…

Noticing how being
grounded is such a blessing…

Feel the connection
travel into your chest and lungs… gracing your heart with love…

The earth loves
unconditionally, she forever gives and only hopes for care and respect in

The deep bond of love
is traveling up your neck, deleting any tension here…

This relaxing sensation
goes into your entire head, training all of your muscles and bones to become
fully relaxed…

The alliance between
you and earth travels all the way to the very top of your head…

Notice how you feel
right now…

You are fully grounded…
a perfect combination between earth and flesh…

There is a deep
relationship between you and the earth, one that cannot be broken and must
always be nurtured…

You and the earth have
formed a partnership… one that makes you feel completely loved and cared for…

Now hear yourself
saying these positive words reflecting true connection to the ground below…










Imagine again those
roots coming from the soles of your feet, they have now grown deep into the
earth, that you can feel the connection to others around the world…

Begin to slowly draw
your awareness to the present moment, returning your thoughts to your current

Breathe in deeply
again, feeling forever connected to the earth and all of her wisdom…

Whenever you are ready open your eyes and give thanks for the earth and your connection…

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guided meditation for grounding

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