Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marisa Peer: A Review [Is it the next big thing in counseling & therapy?]

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a therapeutic treatment approach developed by hypnotherapist Marissa Peer.

RTT combines elements of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that together provide clients with a solution-focused, insight-oriented, self-reflective, and empowering form of treatment.

The RTT therapist applies interventions that help the client access information from the subconscious mind, which is considered a central aspect of this therapy.

Subconscious processes are beneficial in the client’s journey towards identifying areas of dysfunction, such as limiting thoughts and beliefs, and then discovering not only the underlying factors that fuel these thought processes, but also methods to replace these beliefs with more positive and adaptive alternatives.

RTT helps clients to free themselves from a constricted life, dictated by maladaptive emotional processes, and achieve recovery and true freedom towards a genuine and satisfying existence.

It is a brief therapy that requires as little as one session or in some cases, up to three individual sessions lasting 90 to 120 minutes per session.

The focus on brief and effective treatment makes RTT highly conducive to our present day, fast-paced life demands where people often do not have the time or financial resources to engage in talk therapy of 8 to 12 sessions or more.

The effectiveness of the limited number of sessions in RTT is based on a focus on the subconscious mind and accessing the subconscious through hypnosis.

It is believed that the subconscious has the answers to many of the struggles and problems in people’s lives.

The hypnosis sessions of RTT help people achieve a renewed understanding of themselves and their presenting concerns without the judgment and rigidity of the conscious mind.

The therapist then guides the hypnosis to help the client reprogram the mind and instill beliefs in the client of empowerment, courage, and confidence to confront life stressors.

RTT is effective in treating individuals of all ages struggling with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem or low self-confidence; people in need of problem-solving strategies to cope with financial difficulties; fears of public speaking; procrastination; and self-sabotage, among numerous other symptoms and presenting concerns.

It is believed that the quick and effective interventions are made possible due to combining the unique focus on the subconscious mind along with practical coping skills and other tools to combat troubling symptoms that inhibit individuals from living a fulfilled life where they can achieve their vision and maximum potential.


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance

In Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance, clients who are seeking an overall better quality of life, with abundance, a true feeling of fulfillment, and genuine satisfaction are guided in surpassing the mental barriers that they have carried for years, sometimes even for a lifetime.

These mental barriers have become part of many people’s most fundamental beliefs and ideas of themselves and how their life should be lived and are often strongly held notions influenced by upbringing, parental influences, the media, and even friends or mentors.

This therapy guides clients as they break through these mental barriers to discover that they have control over living the life they want and a life that they choose for themselves.

All it takes is tapping into the beliefs, thoughts, and habits that have been holding them back.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance is a guided hypnotherapy delivered through a series of micro lessons that effectively reprograms the client’s firmly held thoughts and beliefs so that the client can be open to developing their own, new ideas of themselves, others, and the client’s role in their environment.

rapid transformational hypnotherapy for abundance masterclass by marisa peer


Uncompromised Life

There are numerous factors and facets of life that will contribute to emotional health and wellbeing.

This is why the interventions of the Uncompromised Life are such a critical part of the therapeutic process in RTT.

The RTT therapist guides the client as both the therapist and client collaborate in targeting business/career/work-related concerns, financial issues, interpersonal relationships, and health, as achieving success and optimal functioning in these areas is central to emotional health.

The Uncompromised Life extends even beyond these areas, as your therapist guides the client in developing greater self-love and confidence, two qualities that will help the client initiate the change process as they pursue their life goals.

When the client is able to examine their life not as one or two problem areas that are causing dysfunction, but instead, taking a more holistic approach and identifying how various factors impact wellbeing, the client will be able to discover their best self.

In the online coursework for RTT there are three separate modules with corresponding exercises, which are completed throughout a span of 8 weeks.

In Weeks 1 to 3, the user focuses on developing a ‘winning’ mindset similar to how successful people think and behave to reach their utmost potential.

During Weeks 4 to 6, the user identifies and begins to implement the 3 key habits of successful people with specific exercises that can be completed and are said to be procrastination proof!

In Weeks 7 to 8, the user develops emotional wellbeing, works on their self-esteem, builds confidence, and strengthens self-love and confidence in the self.

During weeks 1 to 6, the foundation for building the core individual strengths is established, helping the user to develop greater self-awareness and making the user able to progress through working on the more deeper insight-oriented work.

This is where the lasting change takes place, as the development of self-love and self-esteem are the foundations of happiness and quality of life.

uncompromised life masterclass with marisa peer

If you want to learn more about Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy For Abundance & Uncompromised Life, click here and here.


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